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3.generating ideas


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3.generating ideas

  1. 1. GENERATING IDEASNOMBRE: Eliana Pinza Tapia
  2. 2. “Even the most fluent writers in theirown language need time to generateideas and to plan what they are goingto write” (Harmer, J. 2004).
  3. 3. The buzz group Individuals, pairs, andFor and against groups GENERATING IDEAS Whole group Note making discussion
  4. 4. ACTIVITIESThe buzz groupThis is where Ss generateideas, reactions, or opinions quickly andinformally.It can be created instantly andfrequently leads to successful ideageneration.Example:Ask Ss to get into groups and come up withfive erasons why people prefer cars topublic transportation.
  5. 5. ACTIVITIESIndividuals, pairs, and groups Ss think about a topic individually and then discuss it in pairs and then in groups.
  6. 6. ACTIVITIESWhole group discussion The teacher presents a topic and then students are asked to share ideas which will be written on the bored.
  7. 7. ACTIVITIESNote making Effective making of notes can contribute to the generation of ideas. Expose Ss to a variety of making options and then let them choose the one they find most useful. Example: Spaghetti approach Spidergram or mind map
  8. 8. ACTIVITIESFor and against It can be used especially when writing is to be dircursive or will consider different arguments. Example: TOPIC: WATCHING TV The teacher might sepate the class into two groups. Then the first group has 5 minutes to think as many ideas as they can about why watching TV is a good thing and the second group has to give ideas about why it is a bad thing. Then they need to write their ideas on the board.
  9. 9. REFERENCESHarmer, J. (2004). How to teach writing. England: Pearson Education Limited.