Understanding the Open Graph


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  • What is the Open Graph? How to implement Facebook's Like button in a scaleable manner. How to get demographic data on Friends who Like your pages? How to communicate with Friends of your Open Graph objects.
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Understanding the Open Graph

  1. 1. - Gauge your Facebook “Like” growth across your web pages - Analyze demographic data on every page’s or product’s Friends - Retarget Facebook Friends based on the unique content or products they’ve Liked
  2. 2. A brief history of internet marketing In the history if Internet marketing, perhaps the most radical innovation is Facebook’s Open Graph and “Like button” for websites.
  3. 3. Facebook is re-indexing the web around people Every month, more than 10,000 new websites connect their content and visitors to the Open Graph via the Like button
  4. 4. Liking your web page triggers a Viral traffic loop New traffic generates new “Likes” as the viral loop continues The update is pushed to hundreds of friends’ Facebook newsfeeds, generating clicks back to your web pages. Visitors click “Like” which generates a Facebook newsfeed message
  5. 5. Being Liked = being discovered Coming soon: Open Graph data in Bing search Facebook Newsfeed Facebook Search
  6. 6. Putting like buttons on your web pages is easy… … but are you doing much more than passing off all your customers to Facebook? Why should Facebook have better data on your customer’s Likes, preferences and demographics than you, including the ability to market to them based on those data?
  7. 7. Before experimenting with Like buttons… … make sure you have the tools to: Track how many new Friends you’re making across your web pages Collect basic demographic data on Friends of your pages Communicate relevant offers to Friends of your various web pages
  8. 8. Scaling your Open Graph implementation Top 3 Technical challenges: •  Managing thousands of Open Graph objects and their associated Friends (it’s no longer about one Facebook page) •  Make sure changes to Facebook’s API, protocols, and uptime, doesn’t affect your site •  Combine data and insights across multiple touch points (Facebook, web metrics, conversions)
  9. 9. Scaling your Open Graph implementation Top 3 Strategy challenges: •  You need to think of your website as a destination and Facebook as a channel •  Social CRM: Treat your web site audience as your most valuable brand ambassadors •  Build a Friend engagement strategy at an Object (e.g. SKU) level
  10. 10. A web application that sits between your website and Facebook as a manager of your Open Graph objects Key benefits: - Gauge your Facebook “Like” growth across your web pages - Analyze demographic data on every page’s or product’s Friends - Retarget Facebook Friends based on the unique content or products they’ve Liked
  11. 11. The “PAGE VIEW” inventories a marketer’s Open Graph objects into product categories, site sections, etc. Object actions include metadata editing, object publishing and analytics
  12. 12. Open Audience Manager also includes an engagement module Preview
  13. 13. Publishes to newsfeed Message Fans/audience of your web page Drives traffic back to your site.
  14. 14. OPTIONAL: Automated messaging via API E.g. Whenever any product goes on sale, a newsfeed update is sent to its Friends
  15. 15. Analyze marketing performance and page demographics •  User engagement, virality and conversions from your messaging •  Demographic insights for each page allows you to refine your messaging
  16. 16. About Us •  Parent Company: DefinedLogic, West Long Branch, NJ •  Specializes in mission critical web technology •  10 years in business, 80 Employees •  The Open Audience Manager service was launched in beta on September 15, 2010 •  Open Audience Manager is the FIRST and ONLY enterprise deployment, measurement and engagement platform for the Open Graph, making it a “Best Social Media Platform Innovation” finalist in the 2010 DPAC awards. Savvy marketers like Verizon Wireless were quick to adopt our platform while still in Beta, and other online publishers and retailers have followed in their footsteps. Contact us: Vidar Brekke Business Lead, Open Audience Manager vbrekke@definedlogic.com (office) 732.222.4310 x299 (twitter) @social_vidar Learn more at www.openaudiencemanager.com
  17. 17. Appendix: Facebook redefines marketing (again) CRM redefined •  You don’t build customer lists anymore •  You cultivate thousands of audience segments based on their affinities •  You communicate directly with each audience segment via Facebook SEO redefined •  Facebook will become a new force in search •  Open Graph pages are already showing up in Facebook search equally prominent to ‘real’ Facebook pages •  Whoever get the most “Likes” rise to the top Branding redefined •  Brand building is now long-tail •  Make every web page (product, ad, campaign) “Likable” •  Infuse Facebook with “Like” updates whenever visitor to your web pages find something they like Lead Generation Redefined •  Every page that contains a “Like” button becomes a key lead generation mechanism •  Visitors who “like” a web page can be re-marketed to •  Friends of visitors who like a web page are enticed to visit that page as well, generating additional “Likes” When one can earn Facebook Fans and traffic from every web page, the implications for CRM, Branding, SEO and Lead Generation are radical: