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Social Selling for Inside Sales Teams


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65% of corporate buyers choose to do business with the company that was first to add value to their buying process. In this presentation we show you how to create content that positions your sales and marketing teams as valuable experts, which is key to earning the trust of the self-educating buyer.

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Social Selling for Inside Sales Teams

  1. 1. Fill Your Pipeline With Warm Prospects With Inside-­‐Based Social Selling
  2. 2. Content The missing piece to sales success While you have op5mized your marke5ng through CRM tools, content remains the missing piece in your sales strategy – leaving a vacuum filled by compe:tors whose valuable content pulls buyers into their funnel before you even see a buying signal. 2 82% of B2B decision makers think sales reps are unprepared. (Sirius Decisions) 65% of corporate buyers choose to do business with the company that was first to add value to their buying process. (Forrester Research)
  3. 3. Hack The Funnel Sell the way buyers are shopping 90% of C-­‐suite execu5ves never respond to cold calls or email blasts.* They will only spend 5me with sales people they believe will add value. Sales professionals with basic content marke5ng skills will have an easier 5me posi5oning themselves as experts and peers, which is key to earning the trust of the self-­‐educa5ng buyer. 60-­‐70% of the buying process is complete by the 5me a prospect connects with a sales person. Source: Aberdeen Group 3 *Source: Harvard Business Review
  4. 4. Content Can Be Easy Sales and marke:ng is changing As content becomes key to sales success, the roles of sales and marke5ng are converging more than ever before. Content crea:on is a challenge Meddle offers sales and marke5ng teams a simple tool to facilitate original content crea5on, and get that content in front of the self-­‐educa5ng buyer on social networks, search engines and corporate sites. 4
  5. 5. How Meddle Works Few professionals have the 5me or skills to blog or create “tradi5onal” marke5ng content in a consistent manner. With Meddle, any professional is able to create and distribute original content by simply commen5ng on industry news they’re already reading. 5 Meddle offers a browser plugin that allows professionals to turn their comments on industry news into marke5ng content.
  6. 6. Each comment is shared and op:mized for each social network 6
  7. 7. Each comment is also turned into a mini-­‐blog post on your corporate web site. The professional’s personal voice and exper5se -­‐ combined with the credibility of the organiza4on -­‐ strengthens both the personal and the corporate brands. 7
  8. 8. A Company Of Experts Insights from contribu5ng professionals across your organiza5on are curated into a real-­‐5me stream on your website, building your brand as a company of experts while earning you valuable SEO and new lead genera5on opportuni5es. Meddle = Thought leadership & inbound marke4ng at scale 8
  9. 9. Benefits of Anybody who should be crea:ng content, can now do so easily. 9 • Establishes your company as a place where industry experts & thought leaders come to work and serve customers • Drama5cally increases your exposure on search engines and social networks • Low cost of lead genera5on & customer acquisi5on • Beder customer reten5on and up-­‐sell • Improved employee sa5sfac5on, talent reten5on, and acquisi5on
  10. 10. More Social Stats You Can’t Ignore • 78% of salespeople using social media outsell their peers (Social Media and Sales Quota Survey) • 73% of IT decision makers have engaged with a vendor representa5ve over social networks (LinkedIn) • Social Selling has the highest lead to close ra5o of all prospec5ng methodologies (Sales Benchmark Index) • Sales reps using social media has 3.6X greater chance of mee5ng a decision maker (Sales Benchmark Index) • Subject mader experts ac5ve on social networks generate new business opportuni5es 7x more effec5vely than tradi5onal marke5ng (IBM) • 86% of IT buyers use social media in their purchase decision process (IDG Connect) 10
  11. 11. What Makes Meddle Different? • Meddle is the only solu:on designed to enable professionals to create authen:c content at scale • Meddle combines the credibility and reach of both professionals and employers • Meddle enables sales & marke5ng teams to: – Generate an unprecedented volume of valuable brand-­‐relevant, viral content. – Increase visibility on search engines (with high-­‐ volume, keyword-­‐ rich content) – Leverage sales professionals social networks as distribu5on channels – Showcase a diversity of exper5se – Generate new leads 11
  12. 12. For more informa:on or a demo, go here: hLp://­‐selling/ 12 Or contact: Vidar Brekke, Co-­‐founder & CEO, P: +1 646 465 2965