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Facebook Pages 101


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Facebook "Pages" represents an inexpensive way for organizations and brands to establish a social networking presence. Pages can be used to create brand awareness, generate leads, introduce a product/campaign, improve reputation, collect data/content, keep an ongoing dialogue with customers

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Facebook Pages 101

  1. 1.  Leveraging Facebook 2.  Demographics 3.  Facebook Channels 4.  Facebook Pages 5.  Example of a Page 6.  Creating Page “Fans” 7.  Marketing Your Page 8.  Tactical Considerations Facebook Pages 9.  Executive Team 101 Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008
  2. Facebook Pages represents an inexpensive way for organizations and brands to: Leveraging Facebook •  Create brand awareness •  Generate leads •  Introduce a product/campaign •  Improve reputation •  Collect data/content •  Keep an ongoing dialogue with customers What’s your Facebook Strategy? Organizations from the Humane Society to Dunkin’ Donuts have Facebook Pages Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 1
  3. •  Who’s on Facebook? Over 90 Million active users –  –  Approximately 1 million new users a week 250,000+ new users a day –  Demographics 5th most visited site –  –  57% of U.S. Facebook users are out of college –  Over 50% return daily and spend 20+ minutes Source: Facebook –  85 percent of US consumers believe companies should interact with them via social media Source: “Business in Social Media” 2008 Cone. Facebook demographics. Source Quantcast Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 2
  4. •  Marketing Channels on Facebook –  Facebook offers multiple ways for you to get exposure and connect with users. For marketers, the following are most impactful (take a deep breath): Facebook Channels   Pages (Provide brands and corporations a social presence)*   Applications (Custom functionality that can be added to a company Page or personal Profile Pages)   News Feed (Most valuable real-estate on Facebook - primarily furnished with stories about how friends engage with your Pages or Applications) Profile page (Intended for individuals)   Groups (Facebooks’s version of a discussion forum)   Events (Announce events, collect RSVPs)   Ads/Social Ads (Text based with a small image – highly integrated into the Facebook   interface – targeting based on users’ Facebook profiles)   Display ads (Low performance traditional banners)   Facebook Platform/Connect (Share Facebook login and social stories with your websites outside of Facebook) * In this presentation, we’ll focus on Pages Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 3
  5. Facebook Pages in a Nutshell –  It’s the easiest way to establish a presence within Facebook –  You may run promotions, polls and send updates to your Fans Facebook Pages –  Can be extended with custom applications (your own or 3rd party) for deeper, branded experiences and marketing programs –  User action will push a story to their friends’ News Feed, potentially generating thousands of free viral ads Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 4
  6. Example of a Facebook Page Upload Videos Develop a Fan Base Example Page Utilize HTML/ FBML Design Feature Applications Upload Photos Message Wall for Users Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 5
  7. Users who Fan* Facebook pages 1 – Supporters   Large majority (more than 80%). Becomes a fan as a social media statement – Creating Page Fans they want their friends to know that they like/support/endorse the page and/or the product/cause/brand. 2 – Ambassadors   Small group (less than 10%). These people regularly read and post new content to the page. Their engagement makes the community vibrant – and their involvement spreads through the News Feed of their friends – generating viral growth. 3 –Missionaries   Tiny group (about 1%). They constantly engage the community with discussions, original content and engage in advocacy outside of the group. Without these people the community on the page will lose credibility and wither. *Yes, it’s a verb Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 6
  8. How to drive more traffic to your Page –  Provide users with interactive options that generate News Feed Stories: Marketing Your Page   Contests, polls, discussions are great engagement ‘fodder’   Allow visitors to upload pictures and video to your page   Create Events that users can RSVP to within your page –  Post messages in related groups about the existence of your page –  Email the Page URL employees, customers and prospects and ask them to Fan the page and share the page with their friends –  Buy Facebook “Social Ads” Example of a News Feed generated as Vidar became a Fan of – and noticed by a Lana in her News Feed. The News Feed is the central real-estate found on users’ profile page. Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 7
  9. Let Social Intent Manage Your Facebook Initiative –  Is the goal for your target community to have a dialogue with Tactical Considerations you or with each other (or both)? –  What kind of user engagement are you seeking? How will you ignite the dialogue and keep your influencers engaged? –  What features do you enable? Is the built in functionality of the Page sufficient – or do you need a custom application? –  How are you going to engage/respond to the user activity? –  How do you measure success? How do you improve the Page? –  What is the lifecycle of your effort? When/how does it end - or should it? •  Social Intent will set everything up, provide custom designs and applications, monitor and engage the community as well as set up and manage your paid marketing programs Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 8
  10. Vidar Brekke, CEO –  Past positions: Strategic Planner at Ogilvy, VP Marketing at JPMorgan, VP Marketing Linkstorm, Strategist/Creative Director Kurani Interactive, co-founder Icemedia USA. –  Past Clients: Coca-Cola, IBM, Vonage, Cisco, General Motors, Executive Team American Express, Wal-Mart, E*Trade Vineel Shah, CTO –  Past positions: Senior Technical Yahoo at HotJobs, Manager of Software Development at MTV Online, Software Developer/ architect at iVillage, Citibank, ProgrammableWeb. Strategy - Application Design & Development - Marketing 30 Christopher St. Suite 4C. New York, NY 10014 +1 (646) 465-2965 Courtesy of Social Intent, LLC. © 2008 9