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YouGov Russia Victory

  1. 1. Victory for Partnership with YouGov – Online Research in Russia
  2. 2. What is ? “ Founded in May 2000, YouGov plc is a professional market research and consulting organisation pioneering the use of the Internet and information technology to collect high quality, in- depth data for market, opinion research ” and stakeholder consultation.
  3. 3. What is ? YouGov is a professional research and consulting organisation providing companies with a rounded view of their customers and brands as well as assessing opinion amongst the general public and the media. Through panel management expertise, flexibility and an innovative approach to recruitment, YouGov operates different panels around the world and in Russia, representing all ages, socio- economic groups and other demographic types. YouGov also specialises in growing and maintaining dedicated panels of specialist consumer and professional audiences and offers innovative and tailored market research solutions, quality service and insight.
  4. 4. Coverage Office

  5. 5. High Media Profile
  6. 6. High Media Profile
  7. 7. Panel Methodology Registration Each panel member completes a detailed profiling questionnaire and sets up an account name and password. This questionnaire enables us to select a sample of respondents – representing the universe that is the subject of the research . Recruitment & Incentives Our pool is recruited from a wide variety of sources. We proactively recruit our panel with targeted campaigns via non-political websites, to ensure an appropriate demographic balance. People can also join the panel through the open site. Although our pool is not an exact representation of the Russian public, it contains enough people in each major demographic group to draw samples that do represent the electorate as a whole. Respondents receive a small incentive for completing YouGov surveys. The purpose is to ensure that samples are as representative as possible, and that responses are not tilted towards those passionately interested in the subject of the particular survey.
  8. 8. Conducting Surveys When we conduct a survey, our first step is to select a sub-group of our pool that is representative. We then email the selected panel members and invite them to complete the survey by clicking on an Internet link. In order to complete the survey they must log in and provide their password. This ensures that the right people complete the survey, and enables their answers to be matched to the demographics they provided when they registered. Response rates of at least 40% are normally achieved within 24 hours and 60% within 72 hours. Little difference has been detected between early and later responses, once the data has been weighted to demographic and attitudinal variables. When fieldwork is complete, the raw data is adjusted, taking account of age, gender, social class, newspaper readership and past vote, to ensure that our published results represent the view of the pool as a whole. Naturally, we abide strict guidelines on confidentiality.
  9. 9. Research Quality Eliciting frankness of response Independent academic research has demonstrated that people respond more frankly through online self-completion than through person-to-person interviews. Furthermore, it is possible to present respondents with complex information online and expect a higher level of consideration, which is impossible in telephone interviews. Proprietary Technology We have developed our own advanced survey technology which means we can respond to client needs with greater flexibility and lower cost – and, crucially – which allows us to experiment and innovate to ensure we remain the leading-edge practitioners of online research. Experience in Panel Management YouGov accumulates years of longitudinal data on panels, it becomes ever more sophisticated in its ability to gain the most insight out of data and to understand the significance of trends as they develop.
  10. 10. Research Quality Accuracy The only way to demonstrate the accuracy of attitudinal research is to compare predictions with actual outcomes. This is why we have consistently published pre-election polls. We can use these experiences to fine-tune our methodology for representativeness. For quantitative research, YouGov generally delivers accurate data at greater speed. YouGov also uses online qualitative research tools to conduct live focus groups and consultation forums. Our data is of a higher quality and our cost base is lower than that required by the use of conventional market research techniques. This means that we can pass on these cost savings to our clients. Our unique methodology enables us to create representative samples through the Internet. It is a methodology of demonstrable superiority in terms of accuracy, frankness and depth of response – as well as speed and cost-effectiveness.
  11. 11. Track Record Our research is demonstrably accurate… [Average error = 1 point and most accurate pollster 8/10] 2001 British General Election 2001 Conservative Leadership Election 2002 Pop Idol (Gareth v Will) 2002 London Local Elections 2003 Scottish Parliament Election 2004 European Election 2004 London Assembly Election 2004 London Mayoral Election 2005 British General Election 2005 Conservative Leadership Election 2007 Scottish Parliament Election 2008 London Mayoral Election 2008 US Presidential Election
  12. 12. The Perfect Match + The Full Service The Interactive International Marketing Agency Research Agency of SUP – leader of Internet solutions in Russia
  13. 13. Objectives • To respond to the growing interest and business demand for innovative and alternative methods and technology-based tools in the marketing research and opinion polling space in the Russian market. • Thought leadership. • To provide evidence-based advice supported by transparent processes and business needs- driven professional service design. • To provide rapid and high quality quantitative and qualitative data. • To support client business planning and problem solving.
  14. 14. Seeing, Understanding, Improving We work in partnership with our clients across a range of sectors to achieve successful business results. To achieve this we... in the fields of Consumer, Organisation, Financial Services, Technology & Telecoms, Media and the Public Sector
  15. 15. The panel in Russia • Over 7000 registered panellists since June 2008 (target: 40.000 by end 2009) • Recruiting through: • online advertising on leading Russian websites • open surveys on general topics • highly active viral effect – a complete viral campaign currently in progress • A balanced split in demographics across the economically active population • A panel of internet users that secure accurate results • Several surveys run in Russia with full success • Local Victory and SUP dedicated staff are responsible fordetails on request) and communications, (more panel care research project management, client service and delivery • A consolidated YouGov team in the UK provides strong support for panel and project operations, development and analytics
  16. 16. Product Portfolio From November ’08, we can already propose the following: • YouGov Russia Products • Brand Tracking & Brand Relationship • 360° Communications • Innovation • Customer satisfaction, loyalty & retention • Policy development & evaluation • Qualitative Research • Tailor-made panel for your brand/your company
  17. 17. YouGov Russia Products • Brand Tracking, Brand Relationships and 360° Communications We work closely with clients to help design and implement the most effective way to understand and monitor consumer brand relationships. We tailor each study to the needs of the client and the holistic context for the brand. This helps our clients to assess ongoing and ad hoc brand- related activity and act on specific brand drivers in order to grow and/or reposition brands. From 100.000 RUR net / ad hoc survey (depending on scope of work)
  18. 18. YouGov Russia Products • Innovation: Innovation is notoriously difficult and getting harder. Decreasing customer loyalty, ever changing needs of consumers, very rapid technological advances, shorter business cycles, relative ease of launching copycat products and the need to show immediate results all mitigate against successful innovation. We have a variety of unique tools to help our clients at all stages of an Innovation Journey: Listening to Consumers Insight Testing Concept Development Concept Testing From 130.000 RUR net / ad hoc survey (depending on scope of work)
  19. 19. YouGov Russia Products • Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention: Enhancing and maximizing the perceptions and experiences customers have of your organization's service delivery relative to their expectations can help you build and retain a loyal and well-served customer base. We aim to adapt our models and analytical tools to cater for the needs and objectives of individual clients, including those who are focused on maximizing share of wallet amongst key customer segments and ultimately ROI through to non-profit making organizations who are more concerned about improving service delivery. Whilst we can focus on producing rigorous and benchmarked measures of satisfaction, we can add real value in helping to bed customer satisfaction measures into business processes and outcomes. From 110.000 RUR net / ad hoc survey (depending on scope of work)
  20. 20. YouGov Russia Products • Qualitative Research: Ever more savvy consumers, competitive markets, a hunger for better, deeper insights all place huge demands on qualitative research to evolve. The panel: • Increases access to authentic consumers, using appropriate media • Is eclectic in using different approaches and perspectives, effectively and efficiently integrated • Ensures that qual insight is brought to life in our clients’ businesses through inspiring deliverables and workshops The right consumers, at the right time, in the right place, using the right media. Authentic or specific consumers are increasingly hard to find, so we don’t rely only on traditional recruitment – we also make use of panels, online media for: • Early stage innovation when ideas need to be developed or where an expert's vision is required • Advertising development when we need to avoid cynical or rational response • Ethnography where we want deeper or longer term engagement • Niche category research • Inventive and eclectic approaches, effectively and efficiently integrated. From 110.000 RUR net / ad hoc survey (depending on scope of work)
  21. 21. YouGov Russia Products • Tailor-made Panel : Your brand needs a specific approach and you need to build-up on a long-term perspective. The identification of your objectives and a real survey strategy need will lead us to build a tailor- made approach for your brand. That approach is flexible as the panel is growing and the range of possibilities will become broader. Please contact us for a meeting to identify your needs and to propose you the best options. From 140.000 RUR net / ad hoc survey (depending on scope of work)
  22. 22. Summary: Why rely on YouGov Russia? • Time / Value for Money • Valuable results after the first day of survey submission (average classic qualitative research: 1 month) • Cheaper than to organize some focus-groups or to brief a call-center • Accuracy • No influence from the researcher (always raising question of validity) • Recorded response rate (on surveys to date): 50%+ • A real decision-making tool • Real answers from real people. Our input leads you to specific decisions for your brand • Classical qualitative research raise problems rather than solutions • Victory handle the process of your survey from the stimulus preparation to the results interpretation, assuring a perfect follow-up of your research
  23. 23. YouGov Russia and Victory The product portfolio, the panel structure, the price list and the possibilities we propose will change often to fit your expectations. To be updated and to choose the best options for your company and your brands, please contact Franck Vinchon (Managing Director, Victory) Andrew Kuzeev (Deputy Research Director, SUP) For more information, consult To be part of the panel,