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This is my social media marketing plan for Chiquita!

New Media Driver's License Course, MSU

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  • The image I want to provide in this presentation is one that is modern and simple. I want users to engage in the products more and by becoming more knowledgeable and interactive through the strategies I propose, they will hopefully be able to gain more loyal product users.
  • Chiquita Introduction of the brand: As a brand Chiquita has been around since the 1870’s, and at this point they have established a very good name for themselves. This includes their very well known Chiquita sticker, jingle, and of course, Miss Chiquita. They are a very successful branding company, and were the first to brand a banana. As a brand they strive to produce an image that represents high quality produce and they have been very successful in promoting their brand throughout the years. They have added a variety of products since their start with just bananas and one of the main things within my marketing strategy I want to emphasize the newer items that have entered the market-new product line.
  • This is an overview of the products offered by Chiquita: Chiquita wants consumers to feel good about the food they eat, and also make them quick and easy to go with any ones busy lifestyle. There are products that are quick to grab and go, those that are whole and simple, small to snack on, and smooth to go down in a sip. The main idea is that fresh healthy foods should always be at hand for the everyday consumer, and by creating a loyal customer you can have consumers loyal to your products specifically.
  • Within my social media campaign for Chiquita I am going to aim at middle aged adult women. I chose this target because many of them are mothers of young children, or still single and looking to stay young and healthy. They are in my opinion the most engaged in the duties of grocery shopping, and also in the realization of how important healthy eating is. Other than them picking up fruit and produce in the store, they are otherwise probably not engaged and aware of what the Chiquita brand specifically has to offer in its products that other produce brands do not
  • Main Goals and Chiquita’s main message: One thing that Chiquita does is to try to make a unique product for everyone’s convenience. My main focus is to have people distinguish what their “Chiquita” is in an attempt to bring them closer and more loyal to the brand. Some that they offer to focus on are shown above. One main goal I have for Chiquita is to encourage everyone to pick what their “Chiquita” is and explore the new and more convenient products from there. Personally I think a strong point that Chiquita holds at this point for their brand is not only their variety of healthy food items, but the VALUE that one person holds in relation to their products. I want to essentially embrace what value is behind each new product and get people talking about Chiquita through the use of Social Media. The main message will be that there is something for everyone, all it takes is figuring out what your “Chiquita” is. Basically- what value do you as a consumer hold behind the fruit products you buy? What do eating fresh fruits mean to you and why is it important to tell others about it.
  • Twitter: I will use Twitter as the main source of Social Media being used in this campaign, this will cover the area of Microblogging in my strategy. I want Chiquita to encourage everyone to express the type of person they are through the foods they choose to eat. It is very simple, but I want to bring across the healthy, tasty, and fresh flavors that Chiquita has to offer in their fruit and veggie products by getting consumers to talk about their experience. Word of mouth advertising! I think this is also a good idea because people like to read content generated by other users on a first hand basis. I want Twitter to be a way for consumers to share their experience with Chiquita as well as others, and start having people engage in what the products have done for them. Not only do I want consumers to be involved on Twitter, but Chiquita will also be writing on the site as a brand to get the conversations started.Facebook: I will also use Facebook to start a fan page for Chiquita. The key thing that I am looking for in terms of internet success is being able to not only have people engage emotionally with the Chiquita brand, but also lead them to a place that will give them more information ( in hopes to increase buying and build revenue in the long run. I want them to become more engaged and more eager to check out the Chiquita web site to learn about what products there are. Multimedia Forums: I want to create a creative aspect to this marketing strategy by having Chiquita become more frequently recognized on sites like YouTube. This will be a way for consumers to visually see and interact with Chiquita rather than just reading about it. On here Chiquita will post presentations, commercials, videos, etc.
  • These are all ways in which I will mainly measure success. Its not just about traffic, its about getting loyal users that care enough about your brand to share it with others.
  • Social media can be cheap if you do it right!
  • I plan to run this campaign for one year to start, since this is mainly a social media marketing campaign it is free to be involved in, and I plan to run it as long as it proves successful while making necessary changes along the way. Before a new product comes out, there will be two months of discussions brought up and mentions of it coming through the different media forms. One month after we will aim for a high amount of media coverage and PR news.
  • Everyone has a need for Chiquita if you want to be healthy, it’s just a matter of informing consumers about how they can engage more in the foods they eat, and how exactly they fit in with the Chiquita products as an individual. What’s your Chiquita?
  • Chiquita

    1. 1. Chiquita!<br />by Lauren Victory<br />NMDL Spring 2011<br />
    2. 2. It all started when Chiquita put a sticker on a banana and made it a brand.<br />How <br />It <br />Started<br />Then came the famous, Miss Chiquita. <br />A little jingle pulled it all together- <br /> and taught us everything we needed <br /> to know about bananas.<br />
    3. 3. New products that are made for specific users, means more users loyal to us.<br />. . . <br />Product<br />Loyalty <br />…There’s something for everyone.<br />
    4. 4. On average,<br />Spend more time at the grocery store than men. They also do more caretaking of children in the midst of their very busy lives. Healthy eating is very important to them and their families!<br />Target:<br />
    6. 6. us<br />Let’s Do It!<br />500 million+ Users<br />145 million+ Users <br />579 million+ Users <br />
    7. 7. Hopefully we see…<br />More followers, fans, and friends<br />More time spent on<br />Social mentions and PR news<br />An increase in repeat visits<br />Positive customer reviews<br />Brand recommendations <br />
    8. 8. More BANG for your BUCK<br />Generating talk is priceless!<br /> High impact social media campaigns are the main platform here...<br />Advertise for free on YouTube!<br />
    9. 9. When <br />it goes down…<br /><ul><li>Year round!
    10. 10. 2 months before a new product is released
    11. 11. 1 month after the product gets reviews</li></li></ul><li>What would you do for Chiquita?<br />