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Poster js eo-300dpi


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Poster of paper "An object-oriented library in JavaScript to build modular and flexible cross- platform evolutionary algorithms" presented at EvoStar 2014

Published in: Science
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Poster js eo-300dpi

  1. 1. An object-oriented library in JavaScript to build modular and flexible cross-platform evolutionary algorithms Department of Computer Sciences University of Jaen (Spain) Department of Computer's Architecture and Technolgy University of Granada (Spain) Victor M. Rivas Juan J. Merelo, Gustavo Romero, Maribel García Arenas, Antonio Mora García The GeNeura Team's Evolutionary Object Libraries Family 1990's EO C++ 2000's JEO Java OPEAL Perl C++ 2010's jsEO Javascriptnodeo “Any object that can be attached some kind of fitness value is a potential candidate for evolution.” √ Portability: 99,99% Navigator+OS √ Trivially “installed” and executed x Slow x Low amount of computer resources <<abstract>> jsEO <<abstract>> jsEOIndividual jsEOPopulation <<abstract>> jsEOAlgorithm <<abstract>> jsEOOperator Makes to evolve Uses Is composed of jsEO's Class Diagram: Core package jsEO GetIndividual jsEO SendIndividual Distributed island model X Server EAs are executed in many different navigators that run under many differents operating systems installed in many different hardware devices Best LOCAL individual Best GLOBAL individual Experiments and Results 256-bit Royal Road function 128-real terms equation Executed just accesing: Two problems Population size: 500 Tournament size: 2 Generations: 50 Crossover rate: 0.73 Mutation rate: 0.18 Requesting individual rate: 0.09 Genes affected by mutation: 1% Indiv. replaced per generation: 50% (Only for the 128-term equation problem) Range for new real values: (-10,10) A single configuration In about 24 hours, volunteer recruited from social networks visited the URL and ran the GA 256-bit Royal Road: 359 exec by 279 visitors, computing 3,952,000 evaluations 128-real terms equation: 304 exec by 271 visitors, computing 4,667,000 evaluations More than 300 executions Browsers Operating Systems