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Developing augmented reality applications for education @ mLearn 2012


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Presentation at the workshop on mobile augmented reality for learning, 11th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning, Helsinki 2012

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Developing augmented reality applications for education @ mLearn 2012

  1. 1. Awareness Edward Zwick’s “The Last Samurai”
  2. 2. What scholars say about AR Augmented Reality mixes thereal world with virtual objects to create a mixed reality. Augmented Reality Yes, yes.. but What is it about?
  3. 3. It is about freedom..
  4. 4. Augmented Capabilities and Ideas ..awareness..Ambient-awareness Event-awareness Self-awareness
  5. 5. and redefining our experience feelSpace University of Osnabrück
  6. 6. Augmented Capabilities and Ideasbut let’s start from the beginning Stanley Kubricks “2001: A Space Odyssey”
  7. 7. Developing augmented reality applications for education mLearn 2012 Helsinki Víctor Álvarez, Alejo Miguel Hernández A Day Made of Glass 2: Corning Incorporated
  8. 8. Asturias University of Oviedo Asturias Spain
  9. 9. University*of* Oviedo* Students working in a classroomSchool of Engineering University of Oviedo
  10. 10. Teaching)&)Researching) mobile)development)and)e6learning)Mobile Augmented Reality Multimedia
  11. 11. MoodleDroid, Mobile Moodle
  12. 12. Educational software for childrenColors, numbers and shapes Sami Music learning
  13. 13. Mobile developmentAndroid Development Environment
  14. 14. Augmented Reality Wikitude AR browser
  15. 15. Design concepts Physical Points of Virtual Users ActivityEnvironment Interest Objects
  16. 16. Interacting with reality: devices & sensors
  17. 17. Exercise Supported SensorsDetermine which sensors, and sensor-types, are available on a given mobile device
  18. 18. Exercise Handling SensorsMulti-sensor context awareness in mobile devices
  19. 19. Interacting with reality: virtual information
  20. 20. First AR apps: working withsensors and virtual objects light sensor daytime nighttime
  21. 21. Augmented Reality Browsing
  22. 22. Augmented Reality Browsing Wikitudeworlds Junaio Layar
  23. 23. How will these technologiesmake an impact in learning? The Musical Instruments Museum - Brussels
  24. 24. Exercise Music Learning Combine context-awareness withaudiovisual features to support the learning of musical instruments Sight-awareness Multimedia
  25. 25. Music LearningLearning activities Images Videos
  26. 26. Ariane “Ariane, Augmented Reality in Education”
  27. 27. International collaboration Open University of the Netherlands University of Vilnius University of Stockholm