How to be a pick up artist


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How to be a Pick Up Artist
This show goes over 10 necessary steps to becoming a pick up artist. I really look at it as the necessary steps to becoming a master seducer, rather than some guy who tries to pick up on beautiful women you become the object of her desires, her fantasy. In order to become a fantasy man, master seducer, and pick up artist you need to begin to work on yourself and then begin to get good with women.
Included in the 10 steps are Core Self Confidence, becoming attractive, atarting a conversation, having a conversation, learn to build a connection, learn to read women, learn to escalate sexually, learn to please women sexually, learn to understand women, and learn to be in a relationship
There are links and videos along the way to help you with your development into a pick up artist.
If you have any questions to help with your development email me at

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How to be a pick up artist

  1. 1. 10 steps on How to be a Pick Up Artist• How to be You and get the girl is the basis of this• This is actually more about how to be a Master Seducer than just how to be a Pick Up Artist.• This goes through the 10 steps to becoming a Pick Up Artist• Throughout the slideshow are 19 tips to help you become a pick up artist
  2. 2. How to be a Pick Up Artist – Step 1Core Self Confidence• In Order to get good at women you must learn to being good at yourself• Your first step is gaining Core Self Confidence which entails: High Self- Esteem, Self Confidence, Body Language, Style, Awareness, Going after what you desire (especially women), and HappinessTip 1: Find a good Self ConfidenceProgram (that extends to self-esteemand awareness), self confidence coach,or book - FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! NoAction, NO Result Check Out the Core Self Confidence Program Here
  3. 3. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 2Become More AttractiveA good Self Confidence Program shouldactually include this stuff but:• Work on having Attractive behaviors• Dress Right• Work Out• Eat RightTip 2: Find a good female friend or familymember have them help you shop for a stylethat fits youTip 3: Gain a healthier overall Lifestyle –Work out and Eat Right
  4. 4. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 3Learn to Open a Stranger• Pretty simple Learn to start a conversation with a stranger• Start talking to EVERY woman you are attracted to• Understand the basic Body Language of Pick UpTip 4: Follow the 3 second rule, if you want totalk to a woman you have 3 seconds to act, donot hesitate!Tip 5: Articles that can help you: • Body Language during an Approach • The Perfect Natural Open • Art of the Compliment • Lownes Perfect Pick Up
  5. 5. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 4Learn to Carry a Conversation• Learn to have a conversation about more than the “where you from?” “What do you do?” genreTip 6: Pay attention to what someone rightsthat evokes passionTip 7: Play the noun game – Ask for them toexpand on any Nouns in the last sentenceTip 8: Good Conversations are about listeningNOT talkingTip 9: Repeat what they last said and they willexpand on it
  6. 6. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 5Learn to Build a Connection:• Learn rapport tactics• Part of learning a conversation leads into creating a connection• Pay attention to who your talking to and where they are coming from (emotionally)Tip 10: Try reading this Article onhow to build rapport or how tobuild a connection
  7. 7. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 6Learn to Read women:• Learn to read body language – Learn to respond to her attraction and comfort level by her body languageTip 11: For reading attraction try my low budgetbut Content and video clip heavy Does She LikeMe? ShowTip 12: For learning to read overall body languageread a book or this thread I wrote on a forum thathas been given a lot of love on how to read bodylanguage and human interactionNote: If you would like a book recommended emailme at
  8. 8. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 7Learn to Escalate Sexually• Learn to escalate the situation sexually• Learn on the natural steps to the courtship process• Learn to build Sexual Tension• Learn to kiss a womanTip 13: Go read this article on how to buildSexual TensionTip 14: Go watch this video on the NaturalCourtship ProcessTip 15: Go read this article on Cieran’sShock and Awe
  9. 9. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 8Learn to please women Sexually• Much of our confidence with women is underlying in our subconscious in how to please a woman• Learn the anatomy of women• Learn to perform oral sex• Learn to be good at sexTip 16: Find a good book or program on sex andlearn all about pleasing women. You’ll end upcurious to use the tactics and try picking up evenmore women as wellTip 17: Try reading these articles: How to PerformOral Sex, Woman’s orgasm’s are purely Cerebral,Signs of an Orgasm , and Anchoring women to Note: If you would like a book recommendedOrgasm email me at
  10. 10. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 9Learn to Understand Women and aConversation with Women• Learn how women communicate• Learn how they think• Learn how they are different• Learn their motivations for SexTip 18: Go read a book(s) on the psychologyof women (they’ll always be an enigma butyou’ll understand them more) Note: If you would like a book recommendedTip 19: Read this article on how to talk to email me at Victor@TheScienceofNaturalGame.comwomen seductively
  11. 11. How to be a Pick Up Artist –Step 10Learn to be in a relationship• Learn to be in a relationship, picking up on women is also about learning to maintain a long lasting relationship. This includes friendshipTip 20: Find a good book onrelationship so you’ll understand howto be a productive in a relationship Note: If you would lie a book recommended email me at
  12. 12. How to be a Pick Up Artist – End Thank you for Watching How to be a Pick Up Artist If you have any questions please email me at This is a production of Science of Natural Game Producer of the Core Self Confidence Program