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Spanish tech company making offline activity and online amplification much easier with our system DoitSocial.
Trespassing experiences from the offline to the online world just with a simple gesture. Engagement and virality is the added value we can give to your company, shall we try?

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Products services intelify - DoitSocial

  1. 1. Products & Servicesmultimedia social point (msp)
  2. 2. In this presentation you can find the different products and services thatIntelify can offer to your company in Dubai. With a wide range of addedvalues and awarness through all our portfolio.1.  Tools:-  MSP (multimedia social point): photo station to promote and generatepictures and leads to your social networks or website in real time.-  DoitSocial: NFC technology to implement on your campany’s corporateevent strategies, for message amplification & viralization, gamificationand loyalty programs.Welcome2.  Outsourcing Services:-  Social Media Marketing-  Gamification Strategies-  Web & Social Analytics-  Loyalty Programs-  BigData & sCRM
  3. 3. Tools rather than…Products
  4. 4. MSP Multimedia Social PointIs your company Going Social ?Make it fun & easier with us… Gamification & EngagementMSP Multimedia Social Point
  5. 5. Make your business go Viral…meet the multimedia social pointMSP Multimedia Social PointLet the people interact with your business
  6. 6. MSP Multimedia Social PointUpload pictures in real time to Facebook withjust a clickInclude any predefined image in the picsbeing uploadedEasily setup the album where the pictures willbe uploaded
  7. 7. Sponsorship & media partnersY o u c a n c u s t o m i z e t h ewatermarks choosing picturesfrom your devise.You will only have to chooseone picture from the devise andattache as many as you want.Once uploaded you are able toplace it in any point from thepicture, just dragging.The picture will be send to theiremails and publish on the site,going as ads through socialnetworks, search engines andexplorers.More places to show up – More value added
  8. 8. Watermarks normallyincluded in the bottoms. thetop can clog up the faces ofthe people who appear inthe images.Only need to drag theimage to the area you want,and enlarge and shrink withyour fingers.Start making SEO through images, leads to your businesssocial network pages, websites, blogs and many more.Sponsorship & media partners
  9. 9. MSP Multimedia Social PointHow it works – engage your community with SIP  Take  pictures  branded  In  Real  Time    -­‐  Upload  pictures  branded  with  company  logo  or  sponsors  automa:cally  to  your  album  in  the  Facebook  Fan  Page    -­‐  Set  up  a  :mer  that  you  prefer  to  avoid  collapsing  :melines  -­‐  Allows  the  visitors  to  introduce  their  email  adress  once  the  picture  is  taken  -­‐  The  email  can  be  branded  as  well  and  includes  Links:  Ø  Tag  yourself  on  Facebook    Ø  Share  your  picture  on  TwiCer  
  10. 10. MSP Multimedia Social PointHow it works – engage your community with SIP  Welcome  to  SIP  –  SEO  Image  Posi:oning  -­‐  Generates  traffic  in  real  :me  to  the  Fan  page  and  TwiCer  profiles  -­‐  Sharing  and  amplifying  the  event  trough  their  networks  -­‐  Obtaining  data  from  visitors  and  poten:al  ones  -­‐  Use  this  data  for  future  events,  mailing  &  promo:on  -­‐  People  talking  about  it,  sharing  and  commen:ng  will  increase  impacts  on  targeted  &  segmented  customers    
  11. 11. Resume  -­‐  Middle  East  Film&ComicCon    Dubai  2013  1  Mul:media  Social  Point  +70  Likes  on  Shop  and  Ship  Facebook  Page  +630  pics  uploaded  to  Facebook  +700  mails  sent  to  users  +800  users  talking  about  this  (Share  of  Voice)  +24.000  interac:ng  users  (Virality)  +60.000  impressions  on  Facebook  (Virality)  +3.000.000  friends  of  Fans  saw  the  ac:on  (Virality)    Multimedia Social Point – Case Study
  12. 12. EBE  –  Mayor  Spanish  Blog  &  Social  Media  Event  2012  1  Mul:media  Social  Point  +462  picks  uploaded  to  Facebook  +650  likes  +100  comments  &  interac:ons    Multimedia Social Point – Business Cases
  13. 13. Hard  Rock  la  Mercé  -­‐  Barcelona  1  Mul:media  Social  Point  +150  picks  uploaded  to  Facebook  +480  content  likes  +10.700  impressions  in  Facebook  Multimedia Social Point – Business Cases
  14. 14. Mall`s  Opening  Party  -­‐  El  Faro    Córdoba,  Spain    3  Mul:media  Social  Points  +600  picks  uploaded  to  Facebook    +1.400  content  likes    +500  comments  &  interac:ons  +3.500  users  +110.000  impressions  in  Facebook  Multimedia Social Point – Business Cases
  15. 15. Evento  Days  1  Mul:media  Social    Point    +110  generated  picks  +1.950  impressions  in  Facebook  +70  comments  &  interactions  Multimedia Social Point – Business Cases
  16. 16. eShow  Madrid  2012  1  MSP  mul:media  social  point  +100  picks  uploaded  to  Facebook  +180%  impressions    +40  comments  &  interac:ons  Multimedia Social Point – Business Cases
  17. 17. DoitSocial – NFC TechnologyDoes your business have a loyalty program ?Let us take your business to the next level and reducecosts & efforts… as well as advertaining your customers! Make your customers GoSocial
  18. 18. You only need cards, wristbands, tokensor keyrings and DoitSocial with NFCpoints/boxesJust tapping your item to the DoitSocialdevices, it will be shared your activity inyour social networks in a snap. Besidesyou can automate other type of tasks likesending:-  Emails & Newsletters-  Mobile SMS-  Free e-books-  PollsDoitSocial – NFC TechnologyEngagement
  19. 19. The system works in the same wayfor all type of technologies.Platform works based on inputs:-  NFC-  RFID-  QR codes-  Bluetooth-  WiFi-  BarcodesBased on a Business Inteligenceplataform, all works through CloudComputing.The key is to read itDoitSocial – NFC Technology
  20. 20. DoitSocial – NFC TechnologyNFC & RFID TechnologyWorks with cards, bracelets,wristbands, rings or key chainsInteractions is a must in theGamification process…How customers interact dependson your strategy.
  21. 21. DoitSocial – NFC TechnologyDidyou think about….…just with an interaction
  22. 22. DoitSocial – NFC TechnologyFull Strategy for Events,Congresses & Concerts-  Tickets Sales-  Event Acreditation-  Email confirmation & email marketing-  Social Networks integration-  Gamification process-  Marketing off&online-  Online Polls
  23. 23. Activate your item in url•  have the customers/users go to•  customers will filled their data (agency will choose mandatory data)•  website optimized for mobileDoitSocial – NFC Technology
  24. 24. Sync your item with socialnetworksusers will authorize their preferred socialnetworks to share with othersDoitSocial – NFC Technology
  25. 25. EBE  –  Mayor  Spanish  Blog  &  Social  Media  Event  2011  +3.000  e-­‐mails  sended  +600.000  impressions  in  social  networks  +500  followers  +1.500  check-­‐ins  @Foursquare  +1.000  updates  @Linkedin  +20  Spanish  Trending  Topics      DoitSocial – Business Cases
  26. 26.  EBE  –  Mayor  Spanish  Blog  &  Social  Media  Event  2012  –  3er  in  EU  for  nº  visitors  6  Totems  –  DoitSocial  NFC  Technology  +100.000.000  Impressions  on  Internet  +2.900.000  Impressions  in  social  networks  +1.558  e-­‐mails  sent  +3.000  Checkins  in  social  networks  +1.400  Magne:c  cards  accredita:ons  +650  Integrated  social  networks  DoitSocial – Business CasesThis is Social MediaOptimization
  27. 27. MULA  FEST-­‐  MADRID  6  Totems  do  it  social  560  bracelet  accredita:ons  +6.500  interac:ons  585  e-­‐mails  sent  DoitSocial – Business Cases
  28. 28. iCongress  –  Madrid  Spain  2012  3  Totems  do  it  social  164  registered  users    +150.000  impressions  in  Social  Networks  439  emails  sent  DoitSocial – Business Cases
  29. 29. EBEuskadi  3  Totems  do  it  social  115  registered  users    +347.000  impressions  in  social  networks  +300  followers  for  @iberia  profile  DoitSocial – Business Cases
  30. 30. Services
  31. 31. DoitSocial – NFC TechnologyWe can offer ad hoc services in…-­‐  Community  Management  -­‐  Social  Media  Customer  Care  -­‐  Social  Media  Management  -­‐  Content  Marke:ng    -­‐  Blogs  &  Websites  -­‐  e-­‐Commerce  Plajorms  -­‐  Social  Media  &  Marke:ng  Plan    -­‐  Web  &  Social  Analy:cs  -­‐  Gamifica:on  Strategies  -­‐  Loyalty  Programs  -­‐  BigData  &  sCRM  -­‐  Social  Media  Trainings  -­‐  e-­‐Learning  Virtual  Plajorms  
  32. 32. Víctor MadueñoCountry Manager UAE – DubaiProject Director Birdie CommunicationsMobile: +971