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MSP multimedia social point - gamification

MSP is the social and digital photo booth to engage your community, clients, visitors, guests or attendees. Integrating social media and advertaising campaign with the pictures. Sharing branded pictures automatically. Including hashtags.

The Multimedia Social Points is the next step into the social media communication and advertising strategies for businesses. Gamification implementation for Events, Hotels, Retails, and Restaurant, increasing customer experience and engagement with the brands.

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MSP multimedia social point - gamification

  1. 1. With the MSP Corner you have the opportunity to socialize your event in a highly viral, and original way being user-powered with just a click. Recording sensations with just a click
  2. 2. MPS Mobile gives organizers the possibility to complete the experience with extra reach to every place un your event MSP Mobile, to bring fun to your whole event
  3. 3. MSP Benefits 1. Original experience, amusing, attractive and participative. Easy transport and setup 2. The MSP image is so attractive that incentive the user to use the product 3. It generates a positive and extrovertive brand perception from users using the product 4. It can be completed with post-actions after picture taken, like user polls, prize-draws, lotteries, and any kind of needed promotion 5. It operates versatilly: Wifi or 3G 6. Branded content is easily distributed throughout users´ walls and brand´s Facebook wall 7. It generates users´ database in the easiest and frictionless way
  4. 4. MECHANICS Customer touch the screen and wait for a 5-second countdown 1 Once the picture is taken, the picture is automatically publish in the brand´s facebook wall. 2 The users receive an email with buttons to share in their social networks 4 The user can introduce up to 4 emails to send the pic already taken 3 All the steps are customized to meet customer´s global campaign
  5. 5. Making the experience more special Real time projections of taken pictures in any device or url Engagement complements
  6. 6. Proposed strategy Instalation and setup Customized MSP to be setup in the venue´s most crowded place with an attractive photocall Hostess dinamization Thru hostesses, user engagement is accomplished maximizing later viralization on social networks Loyalty incentive It can be completed with a branded freebie
  7. 7. Product support and all offline and online materials used in the action can be customized to meet brands requirement for the campaign. 100% Customizable
  8. 8. Some of the brands and events that trusted in our MSP. They offered to their users a unique experience, as well as obtaining an efficient and highly profitable reach in social networks and a highly segmented database MSPed CUSTOMERS
  9. 9. COMMERCIAL CONTACT Víctor Madueño Intelify - UAE Country Manager The Multimedia Social Point is an exclusive technology deowned by Intelify