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Here is the first draft of my speaker brochure. If you have a knack for marketing, please provide suggestions.


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Victor Lund Speaker Brochure

  1. 1. Victor Lund Engaging Ideas f o u n d i n g Pa rt n e r WAV Group L e a d C o n S u Lta n t a n d a n a LY S t WAV Group 805-709-6696 c 805-748-6825 Skype/AIM: vicwavgroup eMAIl: F o l lo w M e . . . t w I t t e r : S u b S c r I b e to o u r b lo g :
  2. 2. Fresh Ideas . . . InventIng the Future “Breakthrough PersPectives . . .” Victor Lund is one of the industry’s most prominent young speakers and bloggers. Through his extensive consulting work with agents and brokers, Victor brings breakthrough perspectives that can help real estate professionals adapt their practice to the needs of today’s real estate consumer. Victor is a high demand speaker appearing at every Group major real estate conference in 2008 including NAR, NAR Midyear, RIS Media, Inman, Real Trends, Council of MLSs, and many private conferences. Trends research, Knowledge ... “getting a Plan of action” Epiphanies Mr. Lund enjoys speaking on a very diverse set of topics, often combining WAV Group research into his presentations in a way that and allows the audience to take away knowledge and action plans that Info that will are useful in growing their business. Few people in the industry have Lund’s first hand experience working with leading brokerages, MLSs Raise and technology vendors coast to coast. Your Potential e X P l a I n I n g t h e I M P o rta n c e o F . . . “Business strategic assessments” As a consultant Lund specializes in a variety of services. He provides business strategic assessments, business development, product launhes, PR strategy, marketing 2.0, competitive research and positioning. Recently he has supported his clients in managing radical changes in their businesses ranging from process re-engineering help desks to supporting brokers on mergers, acquisitions, and mass recruitment. t e c h n o lo gY. . . c u t t I n g e d g e t r e n d s “offering industry leadershiP” Last year WAV Group published most of the industry’s groundbreaking research reports. The company also writes one of the industry’s most prominent blogs. This year WAV Group is staging research on many of the key issues that face businesses in real estate today. WAV Group can also prepare custom topics to meet the relevant needs of your audience based off research involving your company. Victor Lund addresses his topics to three key groups of audiences – MLS, Agent, and Broker. All of his presentations are customized to your event and no lecture is repeated except by special request.
  3. 3. Innovative, Inspiring . . . Relevant! Group saMPle toPIcs: saMPle toPIcs: associations & mls agents o DATA Sharing . . . o Leveraging Virtual Office Websites . . . Is data sharing a strategic fit for the goals in your business for New Customers, Buyers, of your MLS? Sellers and Past Clients. o The ABCs of Social Networking . . . o Operational Efficiency ... Building your business through social networking What should you be doing to provide more – blogs, twitter, facebook and linkedin services to your membership/subscriber base for less? o Listings, Listing Everywhere . . . How listing syndication works for you – o MLS Consumer Websites – friend of foe . . . Sellers want their listings advertised everywhere How to determine if your MLS consumer online – With proper listing syndication, website is right for your organization. you can overachieve in online property marketing. o Best Sources for Online Advertising . . . o Virtual Office Websites . . . How online advertising works, terms that are What you need to know, what you need to do: used, prices that you will pay, and returns on A simple, easy to understand explanation advertising vs. print. of the NAR/DOJ Settlement impact – This is a highly complicated shift of o Don’t Let the Client Get Away ... government intervention into the data rights How to leverage the growth of mobile of MLSs and Real Estate Brokers that will to capture new customers change the way property data is accessed and displayed. o Top 10 Ways . . . to work smarter with your smart phone o Your Secret Weapon – Your Reputation . . . How to sell more real estate by promoting your successes
  4. 4. Tech & Business . . . Strategies for Success: Group saM Ple toPIcs For BroKers saM P le wav g ro u P wh Ite PaP e rs 200 8 o Leveraging Virtual Office Websites . . . o Your Reputation – Your secret weapon for in your business for New Customers, Buyers, selling more real estate Broker Website Sellers and Past Clients. Effectiveness – an analytic survey of one million visitors to broker websites o Broker Survival Techniques . . . o Midyear Technology Review – a brief Discussion about methods for reducing costs, overview of more than 200 real estate while capitalizing on the down market. technology products o Down Market Opportunities ... o MLS Consumer Website Study – Building your business with Mergers and A combination of consumer research, broker Acquisitions – the “Walk Over” strategy research, and mls research on why MLS in today’s market public websites work o On-target Online Strategies for o Mobile Search Whitepaper – Broker Websites . . . How Top Producers sell more real estate Top 10 ways to make your website using smartphones. work harder for you. How to set it up to drive business to your website that turns into sales. saM P le c lI e nt wh Ite PaP e rs o Online Advertising Review of . . . o Data Sharing Yahoo, Google, Trulia, Zillow o NNRMLS Listhub listing syndication study and different products, o Roost third party website listing different prices, different target audiences, different strategies. accuracy research o Voicepad mobile search whitepaper o Building a Tribe . . . With your agents to reach more customers – o Blackberry Smartphones for Real Estate How to structure and develop a social media policy for your company.
  5. 5. Speaker Endorsements: Group John Mosey . . . Chairman, Council of MLSs John Featherson . . . CEO RIS Media “Victor Lund’s expertise and vast knowledge of all CMLS and Executive Officer of Northstar MLS “I want to thank you again for your participation on things MLS and technology make him a highly valued the “MLS of Choice and the Changing Definitions of speaker. From research to consultation, Lund and Core Services and MLS Content” panel at the annual his WAV Group partners bring the ultimate level conference of the Council of Multiple Listing Services. of professionalism, prestige and experience to every The session itself has been one of our top post-conference event in which they participate. Lund’s understand and requests for program materials and/or video. Your comprehension of the real estate industry and all its inner contribution, particularly on the subject of new players workings would be a welcome addition to any speaking who use better consumer focus and superior technologies to panel.” get between the broker/agent and the consumer, was very shelley speCChio . . . CEO NNRMLS highly regarded.” February 2009 – The Board of Trustees for the Craig CheathaM . . . President and CEO Realty Alliance Northern Nevada Regional MLS recently invited Victor “Thank you for your tremendous presentation to our Lund of the WAV Group to address our membership as information technology directors, electronic lead department the deadline for VOWs approached. We were confident managers and our marketing directors during our pre- that Victor would lend a national perspective and clear NAR conference. Our members are on the leading edge explanation to what many of our members faced with of information; so finding speakers who can tell them apprehension. We were not disappointed. Many of our something valuable that they don’t already know can be members came away excited by the opportunities afforded quite a challenge. You came prepared with meaningful by Virtual Office Websites rather than focusing on the data and presented it in a compelling way. And, you did perceived restrictions and changes caused by the parity well during an active Q&A session. Thanks for adding issues. Victor Lund gave an excellent presentation, such great value to our gathering. We are hopeful you stayed until every question was answered, and exceeded will be able to join us again to share the insights you are our expectations. We recommend Victor Lund with the gaining through your current research and analysis on highest assurance. today’s most relevant issues.” Meghan Barry . . . EVP Luxury Real Estate “Working with Victor Lund and the WAV Group is always a pleasure. The depth of knowledge that they bring to our company and to our clients is unrivaled in the real estate industry. We are so glad to have Victor in our ‘rolodex’ of speakers as he is always popular at our conferences.”
  6. 6. Bio vIctor lu n d F o u n d I n g pA rt n e r – wAV g r o u p l e A d c o n S u lt A n t A n d A n A ly S t Victor Lund is a founding partner of the WAV Group. WAV Group consults with Multiple Listing Service providers, technology companies that serve MLS, provides strategic planning for all types of corporations, and is a senior researcher and analyst for the firm. In addition, Lund is a leading industry speaker on technology in real estate, having spoken or moderated at NAR, NAR Midyear, CAR, CMLS, RIS Media, REAL Trends, Luxury Real Estate and Inman Connect.