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How sand spears work and about them


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Sand Screens to suit your budget and Your Project
From the Budget Sand spear to the Highest quality Stainless Steel Sand Spears that will Give you the maximum yield your Bore will deliver
These Sand Spears have been designed around the Person who has the need for a small bore but does not have a budget like the mineral exploratory have

Dear Friend,
By Putting in a Spear Point in the right ground conditions is not that difficult for you to do yourself with some simple backyard tools or if you are so inclined take the simple road and engage a driller who has had experience in putting these small bores down quickly.
These screens are designed for ground conditions where water can be extracted from a depth of approximately 1.5 to 3.0M in sandy conditions.
SCA: Is the only Manufacturer and Supplier of such a complete range of Sand Spears
Please Note that some Country Laws state that you can only drill a hole to below 3M or a drilling permit is needed, so if necessary please check your local rules before drilling as every state and countries have different rules.
Sand Spears are used for several reasons, there main use is to extract clear clean water from aquifers in sand formations.
Uses are:
Clean water when camping on the beach- Temporary supply
Holiday House near the beach - Permanent supply
Watering the garden
Water supply when water bans are in place.
Water supply for temporary work Sites
In our FAQ presentation you will have all your questions answered
You will find out things like
What is a Sand spear point bore,
How does a Sandspears work,
Can I install this myself,
What other names is a Sandspear called,
What sizes do they come in,
What materials are they made from,
Do I need a License to install my sand spear,
What size sand spears are available,
What Installations methods are there,
What’s the best Sandspear,
Will they remove salt,
How do I install my Sand spear,
Difference between PVC Sandspear and the Stainless sand spear,
Do I need a license to drill a Sandspear,
How much water can I pump from a sand spear,
How much do they cost,
Do my Sandspears come with a guarantee,
How to I get the water out of the screen,
Can I drink the water,
Where do I connect my pump to my Sandspear,
How deep do I set my sand spear,
How do I develop my bore,
Have you sold many Sandspears,
What accessories do you sell,
What accessories do I need for my Sandspear installation,
Can I buy my Sandspear online,
Do Sandspears and installation tools come in a kit
Do you deliver and where,
Where do I get help on my Sandspear issues?
Can I access water from a beach,
Is there a situation where a Sandspear cannot be installed,
Is there any other costs with having a sand spear bore,
What are the benefits of having a Sand spear installation,
Do I have to pay for the water I use from my Sand spear bore,
What else can I use this water for,
Is there anything that will need replacing,
How long do they last in the ground,

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How sand spears work and about them

  1. 1. How Sand Screens Work
  2. 2. Manufactured and Supplied In Australia
  3. 3. There is One To Suit Your Project & Budget
  4. 4. Fresh water can be found in shallow Sand Aquifers and gravel all around the world
  5. 5. Sand is a Natural Water filter
  6. 6. Sand Spears are Known by Many Names. Sand Screens Spear Point Piezometer Water Spear Drive Point Wash Down Screen
  7. 7. Also. Drive Spears Well Screens Lowering Spears Spear Sand Blocker Screens Water Screen
  8. 8. UPVC Materials used in Construction Stainless steel Wire Mesh
  9. 9. How Do They Work
  10. 10. Water In Outlet Here is How it Works
  11. 11. Screen Water Only! Wedge Wire - Non Blocking Gravel
  12. 12. PVC Slotted - Can Block Gravel Screen Water
  13. 13. Screen Gravel Water
  14. 14. Types of Sand Spears
  15. 15. Slotted Pvc Suits –Bail Installation
  16. 16. Slotted Pvc Suits – Push in Installation ( Not Highly recommended)
  17. 17. Slotted Pvc Suits – Wash down Installation
  18. 18. Pvc Wire Wedge
  19. 19. Wedge Wire Suits – Bail Installation
  20. 20. Wedge Wire Suits – Drive in Installation ( Not a Highly recommended method)
  21. 21. Wedge Wire Suits – Wash down Installation
  22. 22. Stainless Steel Wire Wedge
  23. 23. Wedge Wire Suits – Bail Installation
  24. 24. Wedge Wire Suits – Wash down Installation
  25. 25. Mesh wrapped Screen
  26. 26. Where Can You Use Them
  27. 27. Camping
  28. 28. Your Garden
  29. 29. Your Farm
  30. 30. A dry River Bed or a Shallow Sandy Creek
  31. 31. Your Beach House
  32. 32.
  33. 33. Do you have sand Decide on drilling method Screen size to match Gravel Check on Council regulations Choice the best position Decide on amount of water needed When purchasing or Install your Sand Spear…
  34. 34. Mud Soil Driving of PVC Screens Deeper than 3M Air leaks Screen set above the Aquifer And try to avoid…
  35. 35. Put Clean water in your hands Deliver the Sand Spear you need Manufacture to your requirements Deliver anywhere in the World A price that will surprise you Guaranteed
  36. 36. Yours are much stronger than the imported ones we are using at the moment. When we push down these imported ones, they flex yours don’t, I’d much prefer to use yours. JYE South Australia
  37. 37. Great products and well packed Dustin Currie
  38. 38. Great product, great price, great service, delivered straight away Attack Drilling
  39. 39. We prides ourselves on our solid relationship we build with clients like yourself and the high quality maintained on the products delivered.
  40. 40. Visit our website at Or email us at – Call us – 0438 746 894 For More Information