SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Marlins


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SFSU ISYS 363-1 Fall 2013-group: Marlins

  1. 1. Project #1 SFSU ISYS 363-01 Fall 2013 Marlins
  2. 2. Project #1 - Group Collaboration tools Purpose Throughout the semester we will be working in a large group with incompatible schedules. We will need to establish use of tools that: ● Will allow us to work-group independent of location or device ● Will satisfy the needs of each project (communication, word processing, presentations, etc.) ● Will be easy to use and access for all group members Criteria for Consideration: ● Tools must be innately collaborative--we hope to send no large files across email ● Tools must be free ● The more members using the tool already, the better ● Must be easy to use ● Tools should not use excessive memory on mobile devices ● Tools should make collaboration simple and stress-free
  3. 3. Tools Evaluated ● iLearn - an online learning environment for SFSU students. ● Google Drive - a file storage and synchronization service. Drive is also the home of Google Docs, a suite of productivity applications. ● Facebook Groups - a forum of sorts, a way of enabling a number of people to come together online to share information and discuss a specific topic. ● Wunderlist - a cloud-based task-, list-, and project- management service. ● Skype - a voice-over IP service and instant messaging client. Unlike other VoIP services Skype is a hybrid peer-to-peer and client server system.
  4. 4. iLearn Pros ● Private and secure network ● Option for instant notifications in SFSU students’ emails ● Centralized location for course materials ● Guaranteed contact with the instructors and group members ● Maintained by professional IT staff ● No advertisements Cons ● No video calling or chat available ● Not very user friendly ● Limited document sharing functionality ● Not checked frequently by some students ● Limited or no access when the site is under maintenance ● Impossible to edit files from other applications, such as Word, Excel,
  5. 5. Google Drive Pros ● Syncs with other Google Apps, includes Google Docs ● 5GB free storage ● Auto-saves ● Has a variety of features which facilitate collaboration across the productivity suite ● E-mail notifications and responses ● Capable of simultaneous collaboration on the same file ● Let’s users see what other users are editing the document in real- time ● The most simple way to share documents and collaborate Cons ● Doesn’t offer as much free storage as Microsoft SkyDrive ● User interface is sometimes confusing ● Monthly Payment for more storage space ● Chat function often has errors
  6. 6. Facebook Groups Pros ● Everyone is on Facebook- Facebook users are familiar with the tools of Facebook therefore, users don’t need to learn a whole new set of tools. ● Group Chat- live instant messaging. ● Events- creating events for group members, making it easier to see who is attending or not. ● Tagging- tagging allows your group members to see the right posts ● Privacy settings- Secret, Closed, and Public available ● Seen by- tells users which group mates have read a post Cons ● Fast moving stream- if your group is really active, you can easily miss a post. ● Heavy on notifications- once added to a group, you can receive a bunch of emails and notifications. ● Mobile Version- limited capabilities. ● Uneven Engagement- some group members rarely participate in discussions. ● Questionable if appropriate for businesses
  7. 7. Wunderlist Pros ● Free to share to-do lists for collaborative task management ● Syncs across all major platforms ● Both email, in browser, and in-app notifications ● Smooth and seamless design ● Subtasks, reminders, recurring tasks ● Simple user-friendly interface Cons ● Unpredictable sync frequency ● Does not clearly state Facebook privacy terms ● Lacks some predictive features of competitors like Evernote ● Relatively large application file ● No monthly calendar view
  8. 8. Skype Pros ● Free to join and download to your computer ● Free video calls and instant messaging ● Available for PCs, Macs, and Smartphones ● Low costs for unlimited calls to other countries ● File and screen sharing Cons ● Peer-to-peer networking is heavy on processing power which ultimately can cause your system to crash ● Skype’s peer-to-peer networking makes it possible for hackers to access your personal information ● High-speed internet connection is needed ● Poor video quality from time to time makes it unusable for important calls
  9. 9. Our Winners... Google Drive ● Google Drive is the most accessible and useful open- source collaboration and communication tool we assessed. It allowed us to seamlessly work together in remote locations. Facebook Groups ● Facebook groups is the easiest way to reliably contact students. It lacks professionalism but is nonetheless appropriate for a student group. By using these tools we should be able to complete group projects throughout the semester with ease.
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