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Twitter Product Opportunities by Victoria Young | Sample Proposal


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Twitter Product Opportunities by Victoria Young | Sample Proposal

  1. 1. analysis & proposal B Y @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  2. 2. PRODUCT MANAGEMENT BRAND & MARKETING RESEARCH & TRENDS CONTENT & STORYTELLING DIGITAL MEDIA & TECHNOLOGY HI, I’M VICTORIA! I spend a lot of time thinking about how companies can grow, what makes products amazing, and what new digital experiences will transform the way we live. I am extremely interested in the future of mobile/media and new technology platforms as the drivers of storytelling for greater global and cultural connection. I have experience working with cross-functional teams in creating value for new ventures and products, building at the intersection of business, design, and technology. I believe in balancing business goals and user needs in the pursuit of growth and creation of new revenue opportunities. User-focused and data-driven, I bring methods from behavioral economics, social psychology, business, and design to architect meaningful partnerships, improve user experiences and connect products to consumers. Currently, I am an MBA student at MIT Sloan studying Entrepreneurship & Innovation, working with startups and soaking up knowledge at MIT. Previously, as a Business Development Manager intern at Google, I developed a model for assessing the growth potential of agency partners. As a Digital Strategist at JWT - Digitaria, I led consumer and competitive research to develop the digital strategy for clients across verticals, including Rolex, Invisible Children, etc. You can find me @victoriahyoung on Twitter or through my website Thanks for visiting! PARTNERSHIPS & BUSINESS 2 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  3. 3. creator’s note: this document is meant to be a sample of my thought process, approach, and thinking but does not represent actual work informed by internal data, research, and strategy. 3 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  4. 4. Intro & Goal Twitter is a leader as a real-time news and connection platform: 1) to discover and share interesting information 2) to discover and connect safely with people around the world 3) to provide data-driven insights on trends globally Others in this space focus on sharing content primarily with friends. Snapchat is unique as a real-time open platform to connect with and follow anyone, anywhere who may be creating content relevant to your interests. Twitter is uniquely poised as the largest global open platform in the world for finding and jumping into conversations with others real-time. 4 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  5. 5. PHILOSOPHY: Truly understanding the motivations, attitudes, and behaviors of users is crucial in designing the best user experience possible. By synthesizing qualitative and quantitative research to complement the direction from design and technology, new insights about potential product features can be uncovered. PROCESS: User interviews, usability research, market research, analytics, design hypothesis-led experimentation, ethnography, pilots, storyboarding 5 USERS @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  6. 6. 1) Influencers, Brands & Public Figures - Those who create content and announce news that has impact on a local and global scale; who care strongly about followers and sentiment. 2) Aspirational Influencers - The up and coming Twitter users who are building influence by sharing and promoting their content or products, gaining followers who are interested in their expertise or point of view. 3) News Participants - Twitter users who jump in to Tweet their perspectives on new trends and breaking Tweets; followers are primarily composed of friends and family. 4) News Followers – Twitter users who rarely Tweet but instead use Twitter as a way to follow news, celebrities, brands, and friends. 5) Governments & Public Organizations – Organizations that are interested in data and trends from Twitter to help inform decision-making and announcements. Twitter User Profiles 6 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  7. 7. Here’s an example of a user profile that illustrates the importance of different features based on unique user needs, emotions, and pain points. 7 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  8. 8. Aspirational Influencers The up and coming Twitter users who are building influence by sharing and promoting their content or products, gaining followers who are interested in their expertise or point of view. Meet Jessica, Marketing Associate, 27 years old USE CASES: • following brands and advertisers in the space to stay up to date for work • following others in the industry she has met at conferences • getting daily news from influencers and journalists • posting and promoting her own projects and work EMOTIONAL DRIVERS: • knowledge • connection • curiosity • anticipation • expression • recognition • reputation • personal brand IMPORTANCE HIGH LOW RELEVANT NEWS 8 CURATED CONNECTIONS ANALYTICS FOLLOWER INSIGHTS REACHPRODUCT ELEMENTS @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  9. 9. PHILOSOPHY: Defining what a product is and isn’t relative to competitors is crucial to to help cultivate the uniqueness of a product, prevent feature creep, and preserve brand integrity. PROCESS: 1) Research: Market / competitive product analysis, product testing, ecosystem mapping 2) Synthesis: Feature prioritization based on technical risk, timing, competitors, user feedback, monetization considerations (financial modeling, pricing analysis), partnership opportunities, long-term strategy/roadmap 3) Storyboarding: Creating the vision and making the use case come to life through images, video, etc. 4) Prototyping & Piloting: Brainstorming, wireframing, testing, iterating, beta 5) Production & Shipping: QA, testing, go-to-market strategy 9 PRODUCT OPPORTUNITY & GO TO MARKET @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  10. 10. REAL-TIME TWITTER FACEBOOK WHATSAPP INSTAGRAM PINTEREST PAST YIKYAK TUMBLR VINE LINE GROUPME SNAPCHAT PUBLIC PRIVATE Product Ecosystem Analysis Storytelling, Multimedia Curation, Multimedia Connection, Text YOUTUBE Boxes Indicate Core Value Proposition Category Arrows Indicate Direction of Growth 10 PERISCOPE MEERKAT @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  12. 12. Current Product & User Challenges 12 1) Relevance & Curation - While so much great content is constantly being created and shared on Twitter, finding it can still be hard. What are ways we can deliver more curated, relevant content to Twitter users daily? 2) Connection - Twitter should be the easiest and fastest way to find relevant people and jump into conversation with them, whether its a brand, a journalist, or someone you just met at a conference. How can we make connections easier, more frequent, and more rewarding by leveraging location, interests, and behavioral profiles? 3) Real-Time - Twitter should be the easiest way to communicate real-time when news breaks or is being discussed. How can we create experiences around information to make it easier for people to jump into conversation so that there’s better context and people feel informed about the topic much more quickly? @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  13. 13. Current Product & User Challenges Challenge Concerns Potential Features Cost (Technical, financial, opportunity) Reqs & Specs Priority Onboarding (amount of time spent in app, % active users 1 week after download) Engagement (# times user visits Twitter per day: messages sent, RTs, favorites, etc.) Creation (# times user takes photos, Tweets) Awareness (# of friends user adds, # of times user mentions Twitter on other public forums, etc) Would be filled out based on data, research, internal brainstorming, partner feedback, etc. SAMPLE TEMPLATE 13 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  14. 14. User Product Feature Feedback Core Customers Goals Needs Complaints Feature Suggestion Cost (Technical, financial, opportunity) Reqs & Specs Priority Influencers, Brands, Public Figures Aspiring Influencers News Participants News Followers Would be filled out based on data, research, internal brainstorming, partner feedback, etc. SAMPLE TEMPLATE 14 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  15. 15. Here are some ideas for potential product features that address needs, challenges, and pain points of users and represent opportunities in the market. 15 @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  16. 16. Context Context BEGINNING: 2:35PM 1) Twitter Context Timeline: Twitter needs to tell better stories around how interactions and news is occuring on the platform. By leveraging a Timeline format, Twitter can summarize and pull out key “events” within a story so users can quickly catch up to see exactly how a situation unraveled. Whether it’s a Tweetstorm from leading influencer or responses from the Twitter community as news breaks, users should be able to quickly and easily get context so they can jump in to participate. 2) Sentiment: Users should also be able to see what the positive and negative sentiment is on both sides of each issue, with a quick look at the general trend of public sentiment from the masses. @hannahsmai 16 CHALLENGE: When news is breaking, it’s often hard to fully understand the context of what is being discussed and feel up-to-date on all the facts. Context lets users see the full picture and get a better understanding of the story before jumping to conclusions. tweet #1 tweet #2 NEWS UPDATE tweet #3 RESPONSE tweet #4 TRENDING DISCUSSIONS tweet #5 tweet #6 Sentiment #BREAKINGNEWS tweet tweet POSITIVE tweet NEGATIVE tweet TREND @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  17. 17. Discover v2 Discover TRENDING 1) Live Video: Curated, live video gives users a glimpse into worlds real-time, creating a sense of intimacy and connection that no other medium has replicated thus far. By featuring that in the Discover section in an easy to access way, users can quickly join in on real-time feeds that are occurring. 2) Categories: Within Discover, categories of Tweets should be created to help users select which area of interest they want to browse and review. By topic, location, and network, Tweets can be grouped and easily browsed. 3) Trending Hashtags: Trending hashtags should also be organized to be more relevant to consumers by featuring Tweets in categories: by most popular, by network, and by brand (or other official accounts). @julierayz 17 CHALLENGE: Discover currently features Trending, which is helpful in showing which topics are popular on Twitter. Currently, the stream of Tweets can still be overwhleming, with no clear categories to easily browse. #JustDoIt TOP TWEETS TRENDING IN NETWORK BREAKING NEWS LIVE VIDEO: THE OSCARS TRENDING IN NYC TRENDING IN SPORTS TOP TWEETS IN NETWORK TOP TWEETS BY BRANDS @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  18. 18. Favorited Tweets v2 favorite tweets NEWLY FAVORITED MOST POPULAR RESPONSES ARCHIVE 1) Newly Favorited: Most recently favorited Tweets that are top of mind with links to click through. May want to consider integration with Evernote, Pocket, or other reader to directly port articles into a “read” archive. 2) Most Popular: Of the Tweets favorited, which are the most popular and relevant that are likely to be read? 3) Responses: Favorited Tweets that are responses are less actionable, but are used more as something to reflect upon and remember. 4) Archive: Since there can be a significant amount of Favorite Tweets, having an archive that summarizes key articles from favorites based on different categories by auto-grouping them can make it significantly easier for users to browse and review articles, making Favorite Tweets much more valuable. 18 CHALLENGE: Favorited Tweets are a large sea of thousands of Tweets that may be overwhleming to revisit. A delightful browsing and discovery experience should be available to help users organize, browse, and reminisce about their Favorite Tweets. articles from favorites NEWS DIRECTLY SHARED WITH ME SHARED BY FOLLOWED @danzombie @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  19. 19. V I C T O R I A Y O U N G thank you so much!
  20. 20. 20 APPENDIX examples of previous work @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  21. 21. Rolex | Digital Strategy @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  22. 22. Pelican Pulse Oximeter | Product Design & Development @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  23. 23. Snapchat | Current Product Feature Analysis @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  24. 24. Snapchat Product | Brand Sponsorships 1) Discover Collaborations: Potentially a separate B2B version of the app with a desktop web portal. Artists & creators, brands & agencies, and publiations can connect with each other by browsing potential opportunities and indicating interest. Snapchat can provide recommended matches based on category (i.e. Song of Style and Saks 5th Avenue) and artists and creators can also browse open projects to place a bid or pitch based on an idea they have. 2) Match: If a brand and influencer match, they can connect by sharing contact information and setting up a time to chat and begin collaboration. 3) Collaboration: Brands and Creators can do back and forth feedback on videos, with comments popping up at different frames to recommend edits. Target Users: Artists & Creators, Brands & Agencies, Publications Monetization 1) Matches (% fee)*: Snapchat acts as a talent agency and takes a percentage of the agreed upon fee. 2) Bidding (% of final campaign fee): Brands, agencies, and publications can post opportunities for creators to bid upon before selecting a finalist for collaobration (in which a fee would be taken). 3) Promoted Influencers: Anyone who wants to be promoted in the recommendations section can pay a fee per month to be highlighted. * Competitive research and financial modeling based on real data required. it’s a match!discover collaborations INTERESTED IN YOU POTENTIAL MATCHES PROJECT OPPORTUNITIES CONNECT COLLABORATEsnapchat: freepeople @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  25. 25. Brands & Agencies Always creating new content and seeking signals about what content connects best with consumers. A pulse on what consumers find interesting in the moment Meet Melissa, Director of Strategy at HUGE, Clients: Nike, Audi, Vans etc. Location: San Francisco USE CASES: • brainstorming for an RFP from Nike to come up with a Snapchat campaign • competitive research on other brands’ activity on Snapchat • communicating with a Snapchat fanbase for promotions/customer service • preparing analytics report to gauge/compare ROI and audience reach to other platforms BUSINESS DRIVERS: • creative challenge • curiosity about competitors • brand-buliding • audience-building • professional success • awards from a campaign • increasing share of client budget HIGH LOW DISAPPEARING MESSAGES GEOFILTERS DISCOVER ANALYTICS BRAND SPONSORSHIPS CUSTOMIZATION TOOLS OUR STORIES FLASH SALES ARCHIVES IMPORTANCE @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  26. 26. MESSAGING OUR STORIES SNAPCASH VIDEO CHAT GEOFILTERS CUSTOMIZATION DEAL & PROMOTIONS DISCOVER V.2 ANALYTICS & REPORTING ARCHIVES ADVERTISING & SPONSORSHIPS CUSTOMIZATION TOOLS Snapchat | Partnership Opportunities BRANDS AGENCIESCREATORS PUBLICATIONS TECHNOLOGY X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Casey Neistat Song of Style JMiller Music MPlatCo NickBilton Ryan Seacrest YesJulz Nike MTV Warner Bros. Rebecca Minkoff NCAA NBA Coachella SXSW Wieden + Kennedy Huge Ogilvy JWT Mirium Deutsch Firstborn Mindshare TBWA Chiat Day CNN InStyle Cosmopolitan Harpers Bazaar Who What Wear People Vice Polyvore Amazon eBay Twitter Instagram Apple / Beats by Dre Shazaam Spotify SENSOR DATA @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  28. 28. SAMPLE: DISCOVER V.2 1) EXPERIMENT 2) BETA LAUNCH 3) FULL ROLL OUT 4) NURTURE PRODUCT MEDIA CHANNELS & PROMOTIONS Have group of 5 partners in pilot program to test new private features, design experiments and solicit feedback for iteration. Finalize features for beta launch and begin soft roll out to ranomized group of users for experiment. Finalize features for official launch and do full roll out to all users. Send all users private Snap video showcasing the feature. Analyze and collect data on performance of Discover v. 2 to brainstorm product feature improvements with partners. No media coverage - stealth. No media coverage - stealth. PRESS: Wired, TechCrunch, Mashable, RWW - do exclusive interviews and host reporters for showcase. PRESS: Wired, TechCrunch, Mashable, RWW - do exclusive interviews and host “future vision for Snapchat” pieces. No promotions - stealth. No media coverage - stealth. TWITTER: Announce release with exclusive content from partner influencers and brands: Nike, MTV, Katy Perry. CELEBRITY FAVORITES: Have temporary 24 hr celebrity favorite Discover curated section available for all users to experience. INSTAGRAM: Have influencers post promotional clips on Instagram driving to Snapchat. TWITTER: Promote new Discover clips daily in partnership with influencers and brands driving to Snapchat. INSTAGRAM: Have influencers post promotional clips on Instagram driving to Snapchat. Snapchat | Sample Go To Market @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G
  29. 29. Danger!Awesome Maker Studio | Conjoint Pricing Analysis @ V I C T O R I A H Y O U N G