ANTI-AGE Regimen for Wrinkles, Pores and Loss of FirmnessANTI-AGE Success Story: Tommie Jo Thornburg                      ...
REVERSE Regimenfor Brown Spots, Dullnessand Sun DamageREVERSE Success Story: Britney Brucker                              ...
SOOTHE Regimenfor Sensitive, IrritatedSkin and Facial RednessSOOTHE Success Story: Susan Hislop                           ...
UNBLEMISH Regimenfor Acne andPost-Acne MarksUNBLEMISH Success Story: Chancey Evans                                        ...
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Rodan + Fields Skincare Product Testimonials


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Here is a collection of before and after pictures of Rodan + Fields customers after using our ANTI-AGE, REVERSE, UNBLEMISH and SOOTHE regimens. Our products have a no-risk, 60 day money back guarantee. Choose the Preferred Customer option to save 10%, get free shipping on your scheduled orders and more. To learn more about our skincare products, visit For more about starting your own Rodan + Fields business, visit Email me at

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Rodan + Fields Skincare Product Testimonials

  1. 1. ANTI-AGE Regimen for Wrinkles, Pores and Loss of FirmnessANTI-AGE Success Story: Tommie Jo Thornburg “ I had horrible teenage acne that over-the-counter medication and even prescriptions couldn’t make a dent in. It continued into my sophomore year of college until I went on Accutane. Eight months later, no acne, but I had a lot of post-acne scars. I really was not too concerned at the time because I was still so excited I did not have horrible acne anymore. “I lived with the scars for a few years. They bothered me but I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it. Then last spring my older sister called to tell me about Rodan + Fields®. I was skeptical until I saw my younger sister’s results with ANTI-AGE. After three months she looked great. So that is when I decided, what do I have to lose, I even could get my money back in 60 days if it was a crash. I started using ANTI-AGE and AMP MD™ and was truly faithful and consistent with my routine. After just eight weeks I noticed how the scarring had softened a significant amount, and I was highly impressed with the results. For someone like me who has had skin issues for the majority of my life, to actually find something like Rodan + Fields is truly awesome.  My family and friends have been very supportive and have given me tons of compliments. I am so thankful for the results that I have had.”ANTI-AGE Success Story: Kay Dallas “ I am amazed at the difference in my skin since starting the ANTI-AGE Regimen and AMP MD two and a half months ago. My face feels fantastic and my pores are smaller. Many of the fine lines are softer-looking and some are completely gone. I am 59 years old and live in Texas, and have had many years of sun. I have used lots of products over the years but can honestly say nothing has ever made a difference like Rodan + Fields. It is an easy, nightly routine that I actually look forward to because I know what it does. Mornings are just as easy and the results speak for themselves. This stuff does what it says and just maybe even more. Friends have noticed and could not believe that a simple skincare regimen could do this much and so quickly.”
  2. 2. REVERSE Regimenfor Brown Spots, Dullnessand Sun DamageREVERSE Success Story: Britney Brucker “ After my daughter was born in 2000 I had melasma patches. I was very self-conscious about them so I wore a ton of foundation, concealer and powder to hide them. I began using the Rodan + Fields® REVERSE Regimen and after two weeks my patches were fading and my skin was looking healthy. After four weeks, my husband was blown away with my results. My skin was so smooth and the patches had faded tremendously. I stopped wearing all my heavy makeup and now only wear ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides. After six weeks my patches have almost completely vanished. Thank you, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields!!”REVERSE Success Story: Marcy Lindgren “ I have never considered myself as having ‘good skin.’ As a kid, I suffered from acne. As an adult, after having three children, my acne became cystic and very painful. I can honestly say, I never went a day without having some sort of breakout. I literally searched the world for a cure. I tried chemical peels, microdermabrasion and any kind of facial that promised ‘results,’ but in the end, nothing seemed to cure my acne. “In January of last year my skin was breaking out so badly, it was embarrassing for me to be around people. It was at this point I was introduced to Rodan + Fields. A close friend encouraged me to try REVERSE during the day and ANTI-AGE at night. I immediately loved the smell and the feel of the products. However, the biggest surprise, was after three months I woke up acne-free and my skin had experienced an amazing transformation in texture, lightness and moisture. “In November of this year, I added AMP MD™ to my routine and now my skin is not only acne free, but also the signs of aging around my mouth and eyes have decreased significantly. I am so happy to have finally found a multi-med regimen that addresses all of my concerns and really delivers results.”
  3. 3. SOOTHE Regimenfor Sensitive, IrritatedSkin and Facial RednessSOOTHE Success Story: Susan Hislop “ I’m so excited to show you the before and after pictures of my son’s hands. I wrote the RF Connection last April about his hands and sent pictures. Nurse Mary Radford agreed that SOOTHE was the way to go and suggested Occlusion Therapy with gloves.  IT WORKED!!!! “My son had incredible results in about four weeks. Thank you, Rodan + Fields®!”SOOTHE Success Story: Shannon Walters “ Prior to using the Rodan + Fields SOOTHE regimen, I had always dealt with rosacea. If anyone ever saw me without makeup they would always tell me I was ‘flush’ or ask me if I was sick. I couldn’t leave the house without makeup so I would not need to deal with the embarrassment. I used SOOTHE Regimen for approximately four weeks and have noticed a big change in my skin. My 9-year-old even said recently: ‘Mommy, your cheeks aren’t red anymore.’ Now I’m using SOOTHE and I get compliments on my skin all of the time.”
  4. 4. UNBLEMISH Regimenfor Acne andPost-Acne MarksUNBLEMISH Success Story: Chancey Evans “ I would say that the condition of my skin prior to using the UNBLEMISH Regimen was very oily and full of bumps everywhere on my face, especially on my cheeks. I did not want to go out in public for the crazy looks that I would receive. Finally, I met my Independent Consultant who insisted that I try the UNBLEMISH Regimen. “Within two weeks, people started noticing the difference in my skin. I have been using UNBLEMISH for six months now and I refuse to use anything else. My skin has turned out so well that it has even convinced my sister to purchase Rodan + Fields®. I am very pleased with this product.”UNBLEMISH Success Story: Hilary Barnard “ I have struggled with acne since early high school, and it has been the one thing I have been most self-conscious about for over 10 years. I have tried all kinds of products, including topical and oral antibiotics, even birth control ... nothing really worked. That is until I found Rodan + Fields® last March. I started using the UNBLEMISH Regimen and saw limited results. But I called the RF Connection and after a few conversations with Nurse Mary, I tweaked my regimen and in about four weeks saw huge results. Now, I hardly go somewhere without getting a compliment on how great my skin looks. Everyone says I’m glowing, which is a testament to both the effectiveness of the products and the positive effect they have had on my confidence.”