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There are many reasons why people fear speaking in public


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There are many reasons why people fear speaking in public

  1. 1. There are many reasons why people fear speaking in public, fear of failure, self doubt,making a fool of one’s self, and many more other reasons. For each person it is different and sois the ability to overcome it. For me, my fear began in school. I would never raise my hand toanswer a question asked by the teacher for the fear of sounding stupid and being laughed at, soever since then I did whatever I could to avoid this conflict. Thousands of people suffer fromthis everyday and although there are many self-help programs available to help one get over thisproblem, you have to understand what has caused this fear before you decide on a program thatwill work for you. I talked with Larry Zarling, my doctor with Northern Psychiatric Associates here inBaxter, MN. Dr. Zarling has been helping me deal with the depression I have been having indealing with a medical condition I found I have. I decided to talk with him my last session aboutthis class and speaking in public and my fears associated with it. He said besides the self-helpprograms, people who suffer from sever anxiety associated with speaking in public; there aremedications a person can take to help them stay calm. Dr. Zarling explained to me that manypeople who are afraid of this don’t realize that they do speak in public everyday whether they aretalking to a group of friends or co-workers. Speaking in public is not just standing on a stage;it’s simply just talking to one or more persons at a time. He proceeded to use my own life as anexample, he said that I had been a cashier for over 32 years and asked if I had ever just started aconversation with my customers, when I answered yes he said, “You was speaking in public.” So if you find yourself afraid of speaking in public you can either find a self-helpprogram that will work for you, or do what I am going to try and do. I am going to try andremember that everyone has a fear of speaking in public and if I just talk to them as I wouldanyone else I come across, maybe my fear will go away.