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Hiring layout for service manage


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Hiring layout for service manage

  1. 1. Running head: HIRING LAYOUT FOR SERVICE MANAGER 1 Hiring Layout for Service Manager Victoria Rock AIU Online
  2. 2. HIRING LAYOUT FOR SERVICE MANAGER 2 Abstract This paper will list specific qualifications for a new Service Manager position. Includedwill be some descriptions of what is expected as well as a list of questions to ask potentialcandidates.
  3. 3. HIRING LAYOUT FOR SERVICE MANAGER 3 Hiring Layout for Service Manager As recruiting manager for a new organization, the VP has requested the hiring of a servicemanager for a new department within the organization, and has set forth a variety of criteria thatmust be met in regards to: conceptual, communication, effectiveness, and interpersonal skills. Inaddition to these requirements, it is critical that the new manager chosen must share the samecore values as this company, understand the value of a customer, and must be leader who workson the development of his/her team. Other abilities include hiring and training new servicerepresentatives, as well as have knowledge of a variety of service systems to support this newand growing department. Finally, the person chosen for this position must be capable ofplanning, organizing, controlling, and leading their way to an effective department. (Rothbauer-Wanish) According to Randy Seaman; president of Seaman’s Heating, Air Conditioning, andRefrigeration, Inc., “It doesn’t matter if the person chosen for the position of management hasgood technical or business skills, if their core values are not the same as the organizations, thenthey are not a good fit and could be a recipe for disaster.” (Rajecki) The service department isusually the first and/or last personal experience a customer has with a company. Understandingthe value of a customer as well as how the organization makes money, will go a long way tohelping a service manager understand what is reasonable to offer customers in the event that aservice recovery is needed.(Rajecki) Since the service department is often the central piece of a company’s operations, the servicemanager will need to be able to communicate customer feedback effectively in regards to
  4. 4. HIRING LAYOUT FOR SERVICE MANAGER 4complaints and complements with his/her team about products or services, as well as otherdepartments and senior management. Being that this position is in a new department, thismanager will be instrumental in building a rapport, instilling a sense of trust and fairness and beable to creatively resolve problems and conflicts. The candidate chosen for this position must beable to plan ahead in order to anticipate the needs of the organization, organize workflow andtheir team to effectively deliver consistent service, implementing and enforcing systems ofcontrol that measure performance and reflect the company’s values, and display a quality calledleadership that keeps the team going in a positive direction.(Rajecki) Once several candidates that seem to meet the qualifications have been indentified, it’s thentime to bring them in for an interview. Questions should be asked during the interview thatensures the candidate is a good fit with the company, has excellent communications skills, andhas a plan for how to build and develop a service team based on past experience.These interview questions should include: 1. In your prior role as service manager, what core values will you bring to the job? 2. Since you will be building a new service team, what experience do you have with various systems that are cost effective for a new growing company like ours? 3. “The customer is always right.” Do you agree or disagree? Why? 4. What are the biggest challenges with respect to managing a service department? How will you handled that challenge? 5. Time management has become a necessary factor in productivity. Give an example of a time management skill you have learned and applied at work.
  5. 5. HIRING LAYOUT FOR SERVICE MANAGER 5 6. Our company believes that employees should give back time to the community. How do you feel about that? 7. Why is service such an important issue? 8. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate customer. How did you handle the situation? 9. Give me an example of a decision you made that benefited your company. 10. How will you compliment this department as well as this organization?
  6. 6. HIRING LAYOUT FOR SERVICE MANAGER 6 ReferenceBhuvans. (2006, August 19). 50 Common Interview Q & A. Retrieved October 8, 2011, from Bhuvana Sundaramoorthys Blog: interview-qa/Rajecki, R. (2007, April 1). What It Takes To Create The Perfect Service Manager. Retrieved October 7, 2011, from Contracting Business: 54914/Rothbauer-Wanish, H. (2009, April 29). Four Functions of Management. Retrieved October 8, 2011, from Business Management: of-management-a113463