Hershey dark chocolate bar product and place


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Hershey dark chocolate bar product and place

  1. 1. UNIT 3 DB Hershey Special Dark Chocolate Bar Product and Place Victoria Rock Unit 3 (DB) As our book Marketing(2011) tells us, there are four types of consumerproducts: convenience products, shopping products, specialty products, and unsoughtproducts.(Kerin,Hartley & Rudelius(2011)) Convenience products are items that we buy withoutreally thinking about it. If you look around your local convenience store you can get a prettygood idea as to what may be considered a convenience product. Shopping products are itemsthat we look and compare with similar products in regards to price, size, style, etc. Most f thesetypes of products can be found in your local Wal-Mart, Car Dealers, Hardware stores, etc.Specialty products are products you personally go out in search of like a certain type of clothingyou can only find at Old Navy or The Gap. Cell phones and Video games also all under thespecialty products because even though they may be selling a similar product as their competitor,their design and technology is unique to them. Unsought products are things we dont just go outlooking for like life insurance or cemetery plots, we may think about needing it but we dont goin search of it. The product I chose to do my marketing on was the chocolate bar produced by the HersheyCompany. My choice product is the Hershey Special Dark chocolate bar.
  2. 2. Hershey has been around for more than 100 years and is known for having the best flavor aswell as being an American icon, so why shouldnt they continue their success in the healthindustry with their Special Dark chocolate bar. Unlike other types of chocolate bars and candycompanies that focus on the young, Hershey can be the one known for looking out for the healthof others as well. It would be good for them to help spread the word about the health benefits ofdark chocolate, the package of this candy bar can be simple with maybe a slogan such as; "TheSweet Sensation for Your Heart". It can be promoted as being the chocolate bar for adults, andat the same time getting the kids to want it because if you have kids, you know they always wantwhat their parents have. Therefore we will be helping in promoting good health, whileincreasing sales. Placement of this product should be with all the other chocolate bars and at thesame price.Reference Kerin-Hartley-Rudelius. (2011). Marketing 10th Ed. In Kerin-Hartle-Rudelius, Marketing. NewYork: McGraw-Hill.