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Subway Slogan


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Subway Slogan: E

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Subway Slogan

  2. 2. Slogan• "My Way" (1985–1990)• "The Place Where Fresh is the Taste" (1990–1995)• "What a Sandwich" (1994–1995)• "Right Before Your Eyes" (1995-96)• "The Way A Sandwich Should Be" (1996–2000)• "Eat Fresh" (2000–present)• "Choose Well." (2004–present)• "Think Fresh. Eat Fresh." (2008–present in Canada)• "Fresh is best" (2006–present in Australia)
  3. 3. Conditional Statement• If you are eating fresh sandwiches, thenyou are eating at Subway.
  4. 4. Converse• If you are eating at Subway, then you areeating fresh.
  5. 5. Inverse• If you are not eating fresh, then you are noteating at Subway.
  6. 6. Contrapositive• If you are not eating at Subway, then youare not eating fresh.
  7. 7. Bi-conditional Statement• You are eating fresh if and only if you areeating at Subway.
  8. 8. The Statement in the Sandwich• Statement- FALSE not necessarily true because you canget fresh ingredients at numerous restaurants• Converse- TRUE. You eat at Subway, which ONLY usesfresh ingredients• Inverse- TRUE. Subway doesn’t serve non-freshingredients in their sandwiches, so eating non-fresh foodswould imply eating at another restaurant.• Contrapositive- FALSE Subway isn’t the only restaurantthat has freshness standards• Bi-conditional- FALSE Just because you are eating freshingredients doesn’t mean you are at Subway.
  9. 9. Viewpoint• I really like Subway’s slogan. It’s so simple, and yet ithas the power to draw you in. It lets consumers knowthat they are getting what they pay for: Fresh, qualitysandwiches with only the best ingredients. When I visitSubway, I know I can leave down $10 but withsatisfaction and a full stomach. The slogan was actuallythe 1stthing I ever really noticed about Subway and is anexample of buying a product based off of the slogan andimages alone without ever really going there.• This means it’s a pretty realistic, appealing, andeffective slogan.
  10. 10. Slogan Sources••• Google images: search “subwaysandwiches”, “subway kids meal”