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Presentation for team


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Presentation for team

  1. 1. 2013 PARTNERSHIPS Entrepreneurship Empowers Everyone Entrepreneurship Empowers Everyone
  2. 2. Overview!
  3. 3. Our Organisation!
  4. 4. Startup  Canada  is  a  national,  grassroots,   entrepreneur-­‐led,  non-­‐profit  organization  to   celebrate,  inspire  and  accelerate  Canadian   entrepreneurship.       Mission  |  Advance  entrepreneurial  success  to   create  healthy,  sustainable  communities  and  a   more  competitive  and  prosperous  Canada.       Approach  |  We  do  this  by:       1.  Facilitating  a  national  network  of  strong  startup   communities;     2.  Connecting  entrepreneurs  into  these   communities  to  accelerate  their  growth;     3.  Celebrating  Canadian  entrepreneurs  to  promote   a  strong  entrepreneurial  culture;  and,     4.  Providing  a  strong,  independent  national  voice   for  Canadian  entrepreneurs.   About Us!
  5. 5. We  believe  that  entrepreneurship  and  innovation   are  at  the  heart  of  Canadian  culture.       As  a  non-­‐profit  committed  to  building  an   entrepreneur  country,  we  believe  that  Canada   needs  a  new  generation  of  citizen-­‐leaders  who  are   crystal-­‐clear  about  their  purpose,  who  are   powered  by  the  passion  of  a  big  vision,  and  who   transform  the  status  quo  by  mobilizing   communities  of  people  to  build  systems  that   create  profit  and  prosperity  for  us  all.   Our Drive !
  6. 6. •  Launched  in  May  2012     •  Entrepreneur-­‐led  &  volunteer-­‐run  grassroots   effort   •  +300  partners  across  Canada   •  Significant  online  and  social  media  activity   engaging  +50,000  Canadians       •  Completed  a  6-­‐month  national  tour  across  40   communities,  engaging  more  than  20,000   Canadians  in  more  than  200  events,  resulting  in   the  largest  consultation  of  entrepreneurs  in   Canada:   •  Representation  of  entrepreneur  voice  through:   ACCT  Canada,  IPAC,  CABI,  CIVICUS,  UNCTAD   •  Official  Canadian  Partner  of  the  Startup  Nations     Background !
  7. 7. Governance Team ! Board | Doers National Advisors (NAC) | Leaders
  8. 8. 2012 National Sponsors & Partners!
  9. 9. Testimonials ! “At  Ernst  &  Young,  we’re  big  believers  in   the  power  of  entrepreneurs.  Because   when  they  succeed,  we  all  reap  the   rewards.  That’s  why  we  celebrate  their   achievements,  and  why  we’re  so  proud  to   support  Startup  Canada’s  work  to   empower  entrepreneurs.”       Colleen  McMorrow,  Entrepreneurial   Services  Leader,  Ernst  &  Young  LLP,   Toronto,  ON     “Entrepreneurs  are  critical  drivers  of   Canada’s  future  prosperity.    Startup   Canada’s  engagement  and  celebration  of   entrepreneurs  over  the  past  year  has   highlighted  the  incredible  momentum  and   capacity  of  this  movement  across  the   country.  The  work  ahead  is  to  build  a  new   generation  of  Canadian  businesses  that   can  scale  and  succeed  in  increasingly   competitive  global  markets.    This  needs  a   national  team  effort!”      Ilse  Treurnicht,  CEO  of  MaRS,  Toronto,  ON   “There  are  many  bright,  innovative   business  people  in  Canada  who  just  need  a   bit  of  help  with  resources  and  guidance  to   get  their  ideas  off  the  ground.  But  the   biggest  thing  we  need  to  do  as  a  country  is   to  inspire  and  encourage  innovation.   That’s  why  I  am  delighted  to  lend  my   support  to  Startup  Canada  as  it  celebrates   and  fosters  a  renewed  spirit  of   entrepreneurship  across  the  country.”     W.  Brett  Wilson,  C.M.  Host  of   RiskyBusinessTV,  Dragon,  Entrepreneur  &   Philanthropist,  Calgary,  AB   “Heroic  acts  sometimes  begin  in  heated   debate  and  the  road  there  is  never  easy.   And  although  a  team  of  dedicated  people   will  come  forward  to  help  and  support,   there  is  always  an  emotional  centre,  a   rock.  Such  cases  are  seen  in  people  like   Elizabeth  Cromwell  of  Birchtown  and  the   Black  Loyalist  Heritage  Society.  We  are   seeing  this  now  with  Startup  Canada  and   the  movement  it  has  generated.  This   vision  has  never  been  more  urgent,  more   innovative,  and  more  forward  looking  than   it  is  right  now.”       Rustum  Southwell,  Founding  CEO  of  Black   Business  Initiative,  Halifax,  NS  
  10. 10. ! “The  Startup  Canada  movement   is  an  evolution  of  something   very  special  and  I  am  impressed   with  what  has  been  achieved  to   date.  This  is  grassroots.  It  is   entrepreneur  led.     I  would  like  to  thank,  applaud   and  encourage  Startup  Canada.   We  look  forward  to  the   important  that  you  will  do  to   support  entrepreneurs  of   tomorrow.”       Tony  Clement,  President  of   the  Treasury  Board  at  the   Startup  Canada  Blueprints   PopUp  Press  Conference  in   Ottawa,  Nov  27,  2012  at   Shopify   “Startup  Canada  is  empowering   entrepreneurs  to  take  risks,   create  change,  and  ignite  a   national  community.  This  will   not  only  diversify  Canada’s   workforce,  but  also  attract  new   investment  across  multiple   sectors,  and  inspire  the  next   generation  of  Canadian   startups.”   John  Baird,  Minister  of  Foreign   Affairs  at  the  launch  of  Startup   Canada  on  May  2,  2012  at  the   University  of  Ottawa   “Startup  Canada  will  be  a   unifying  force  which  will  help   build  a  stronger  community  of   business  leaders  working   together  to  drive  forward  a  new   model  for  entrepreneurial   success  in  Canada.”     Maxime  Bernier,  Minister  of   State  for  Small  Business,   Ottawa,  ON  at  the  release  of   Startup  Canada  Blueprints  in   Montreal  on  Nov  27,  2012  at   Notman  House   “I  think  that  Startup  Canada  will   elevate  our  standing  on  the   global  stage.  I  am  proud  of   Startup  Canada  and  I  want  to  be   supportive  as  a  Mayor  and  as  a   Canadian.”   Brenda  Halloran,  Mayor  of   Waterloo  at  the  Launch  of   Startup  Connect  Crowd   Funding  efforts  on  Dec  4,  2012   at  the  Waterloo  Accelerator   Centre   “I  encourage  Canadians  to   support  Startup  Canada  in  their   efforts.  This  is  a  grassroots   movement  to  build  our   entrepreneurs  to  create  jobs  for   the  future.  If  we  can  instill  an   entrepreneurial  spirit  in  the  next   generation,  we  will  be  really   well  placed  in  the  next   generation  economy.”   Brad  Duguid,  Minister  of   Economic  Development  and   Innovation,  Ontario  on  Dec  11,   2012  in  Toronto   Canada’s Leaders Step Up!
  11. 11. Startup Canada’s USP ! •  We  make  things  happen,  fast.  We  have  generated  a  grassroots   entrepreneurship  movement  across  Canada  that  has  taken  on   momentum  of  its  own  and  has  had  a  significant  and  measurable   impact  in  a  very  short  period  of  time.   •  We  put  entrepreneurs  first,  every  time.  Entrepreneurs  are  at  the   helm.  They  lead  and  set  the  strategy  and  we  hustle  to  make  it   happen.   •  We  match  experience  with  passion,  every  day.  We  have  the   support  of  seasoned  and  experienced  board  members  and  advisors   to  guide  our  passionate  and  dynamic  cross-­‐Canada  team.   •  We  collaborate,  always.  We  have  positioned  ourselves  as  cross-­‐ sector  collaborators  with  an  unparalleled  partnership  network.   •  We  fill  gaps  and  elevate  the  tide.  Our  partners  work  with  us   because  we  never  duplicate  efforts  and  we  act  as  an  elevating  force   for  the  entire  entrepreneurship  agenda  and  community.   •  We  work  at  the  grassroots,  and  then  scale.    To  implement  change   we  work  locally,  linking  local  networks  to  make  national  waves.     •  We  serve  all  entrepreneurs  at  every  startup  stage.  We  are  the  only   national  entrepreneurship  organization  that  is  completely  industry,   geography,  generation  and  demographic  agnostic!  We  support  and   celebrate  the  diversity  of  Canadian  entrepreneurs.   •  We  are  entrepreneurs  ourselves.  We  think  big,  start  small  and   move  fast.  We  listen  closely  and  operate  lean.  We  focus  on  impact   and  iterate  daily  to  achieve  real  results.  We  are  proud  Canadian   entrepreneurs.  
  12. 12. So far!
  13. 13. Testimonials v=4oKALFATsf8&feature=share&list=PLL_4sRnRkERmNbDONQBFsT5njmFMt0Mht                   Our Community Speaks !
  14. 14. Startup Blueprints!
  15. 15. Startup Blueprints!
  16. 16. •  Startup Canada National Tour •  40 communities, 300 partners, 200 events and 20,000 Canadians •  Startup Blueprints: •  The call-to-action for ushering in a new era of prosperity for Canada through entrepreneurship Overview!
  17. 17.   •  Entrepreneurship: Canada’s engine of growth •  Lack of awareness, understanding, and appreciation for entrepreneurship in Canada Overview !
  18. 18. •  Canada is a nation built by entrepreneurial immigrants •  Yet entrepreneurial endeavors are often met with skepticism •  Cultural shift is required to build a strong, prosperous nation abound with opportunities 1. Culture & Education !
  19. 19. 1. Culture & Education ! Proposed Initiatives: •  Unified brand for Canadian entrepreneurship •  Celebrating the entrepreneurial mindset •  Showcasing entrepreneurial role models •  Supporting newcomer and boomer entrepreneurship •  Fostering youth entrepreneurship •  Building entrepreneurial higher-education •  Re-designing K-12 education  
  20. 20. 2. Bigger & Better Business! •  Decline of major, high-growth companies in Canada – lack of new entrants to replace losses •  Need to cultivate more early-stage startups in order to produce major high-growth companies •  Canada needs sustainable companies that create real economical, social and environmental impact
  21. 21. Proposed Initiatives: •  Creating a one-stop online shop to share resources •  Developing business-in-a-box solutions, standardized hands-on training programs and community-based support frameworks •  Championing mentorship as a critical element of entrepreneurship •  Resolving the shortage of risk capital •  Securing discounted services and products through collective bargaining 2. Bigger & Better Businesses!
  22. 22. 2. Bigger & Better Businesses! Proposed Initiatives: •  Providing offline and online networking opportunities for entrepreneurs •  Making more human capital available to startups •  Equipping entrepreneurs to do business globally •  Augmenting government innovation and commercialization programs •  Reducing red tape in government services •  Building local entrepreneurship hubs •  Enhancing support for social entrepreneurship
  23. 23. •  The Canadian entrepreneurship support community is highly fragmented •  Need to consolidate the support tools, programs, services and talents in the ecosystem •  Canada needs to fuel entrepreneurship from the bottom up through a national entrepreneurship network 3. Communities & Networks!
  24. 24. Proposed Initiatives: •  Creating a unified national network that reduces fragmentation •  Engaging the government across multiple departments •  Investing in the capacity of key national associations •  Building entrepreneurial communities at the local level •  Developing a unified research base •  Establishing a philanthropic foundation endowed by successful Canadian entrepreneurs 3. Communities & Networks!
  25. 25. Final Words! •  Canada needs to unite behind a common vision and strategy to empower its entrepreneurs •  We need to create a grass-root, entrepreneur-led national entrepreneurial network •  Welcome to the next era of Canadian nation building – welcome to Startup Canada
  26. 26. Our 2013 Programs !
  27. 27. Startup  Canada’s  2013   Programming  is  derived  from   the  findings  coming  out  of  its   2012  National  Tour.  The  focus   of  the  2013  program  is  to:       1.  Facilitate  a  national  network   of  strong  startup   communities;     2.  Connect  entrepreneurs  into   these  communities  to   accelerate  their  growth;     3.  Celebrate  Canadian   entrepreneurs  to  promote  a   strong  entrepreneurial   culture;  and,     4.  Provide  a  strong,   independent  national  voice   for  Canadian  entrepreneurs.     To  do  this,  Startup  Canada  will   focus  its  attention  on  three  national   initiatives:  Startup  Connect,  Startup   Communities,  and  Startup   Campaign   2013 Programs !
  28. 28. Our Community Speaks ! Connectivity v=B0WFai9aJiw&feature=share&list=PLL_4sRnRkERmNbDONQBFsT5njmFMt0Mht                  
  29. 29.! Entrepreneurs start here.!
  30. 30. Our Community Speaks ! Communities­‐ overview&list=UUeZeIWVcA0LYAC6EmA4pRUg                          
  31. 31. It’s  time  for  Canada  to  redefine  itself  as  a  Startup  Nation    –      A  nimble,   networked  country  where  communities  are  startup  laboratories  that   create  innovative  new  businesses,  employ  people  and  make  Canada   and  the  world  a  better  place.       To  do  this,  we  need  to  build  startup  communities  that  balance  the   needs  of  entrepreneurs,  investors,  universities,  mentors,  services   providers,  government  and  communities  themselves.       •  Startup  Canada  is  building  a  national  network  of  startup   communities  –  led  by  entrepreneurs  for  entrepreneurs  –  to  provide   the  foundation  of  an  intensely  connected  and  collaborative  nation-­‐ wide  network,  wherein  entrepreneurs  can  plug  into  the  network  to   access  events,  support,  space,  mentors,  funding  and  much  more.     •  In  doing  so,  Startup  Canada  will  work  closely  with  entrepreneurs  in  a   collaborative  pilot  project  15  Startup  Communities  at  diverse  levels   of  maturation  capable  of  demonstrating  early  tangible  results.     •  This  pilot  aims  to  measurably  increase  the  number,  activity-­‐level  and   effectiveness  of  15  Startup  Communities  and  to  build  the  framework   and  infrastructure  to  support  the  roll  out  of  Startup  Communities   across  Canada  in  2014.   Startup Communities ! Join or build a startup community in your city.! Pilot  Communities       Langford  |  Prince  George  |  Lethbridge  |  Smithers  |  Winnipeg  |  London  |  York  |  Kingston  |  Ottawa  |  Montreal  |  Quebec  City  |   Charlottetown  |  St.  John’s  |  Fredericton  with  participation  from  Calgary  and  Edmonton  
  32. 32. Startup Communities ! Join or build a startup community in your city.!
  33. 33. Startup Communities ! Join or build a startup community in your city.!
  34. 34. Our Community Speaks ! v=TwgX5K9TFWE&list=UUeZeIWVcA0LYAC6EmA4pRUg
  35. 35. Startup Communities ! Join or build a startup community in your city.! What Communities Get: 1.  Learning Program 2.  Intra-Net and Best Practice Library 3.  Monthly Working Group Meetings 4.  Access to World Leading Advisors 5.  White Labeled Website & Web Support 6.  PR, Communications and Social Media Promotions National 7.  Annual Startup Communities Summit (October 5-6 in Edmonton) 8.  Quarterly Report Cards and Impact Dashboards 9.  Annual Flag Tour 10.  Annual Awards 11.  Optional Delegation
  36. 36. Startup Campaign! Spotlight on Canadian entrepreneurs.! Celebrating and fuelling the conversation on Canadian entrepreneurship to cultivate a more entrepreneurial culture. •  Entrepreneur Engagement •  Targeted - Women, Youth, Aboriginals, Social Entrepreneurs, French speaking Canadians •  Global Engagement •  Government Relations Engagement •  Public Engagement •  Media Engagement
  37. 37. Startup Campaign! Spotlight on Canadian entrepreneurs.! Programs Entrepreneurs Communities Public Government Media Academics Members Partners Sponsors Social Media Campaigns through #StartupChats, Facebook & Linkedin and Blogs X X X X X X French Communications efforts (Translate all websites, French #StartupChats, Blogs X X X X X X (Launches in 2 weeks) X X X X X X X X (Launches in 2 weeks) X X X X X X X Thought Book (Release during GEW) X X X X X X X X Startup Canada Day on the Hill (Nov 19th) X X X X X X X X Canadian Mentorship Challenge (Nov 18-22) X X X X X X Global Entrepreneurship Week Flag Tour (Nov 18-22) X X X X X X Canadian Alliance for Entrepreneurship X X X X X X Government Outreach – Quarterly Briefings & eNewsletter X X X X X NextGen Outreach – Campus Champion Network, Startup Career LaunchPads, Students & Startups Tool X X X X X X X Upcoming Campaigns for Women, Youth, Social Entrepreneurs X X X X X X Bi-Weekly eNewsletters to our Community / Monthly Communities, Members, Partners and Funders Update X X X X X Special Campaigns & Research – e.g. Financial Literacy / Hiring X X X X X X Global engagement – Learning, Liaison, Secretariat for Startup Nations & Startup Generation X X X X
  38. 38. Startup Campaign! Spotlight on Canadian entrepreneurs.!
  39. 39. Operations, Finance & Fundraising & Technology !
  40. 40. Business 1: BaseCamp!
  41. 41. Business 1: BaseCamp!
  42. 42. Business 2: Outlook!
  43. 43. Business 3: Reporting! 1. Report Time 2. Report Progress 3. Read the weekly Updates 4. Complete deliverables on time
  44. 44. Business 4: Engage!
  45. 45. Business 5: Learn, Share ! & Have Fun!!
  46. 46. Business 6: Summer Priorities ! 1. Solid Organisation & Communications Rhythm 2. Full preparation for Autumn Programming 3. Fundraising
  47. 47. Discussion / Q& A!
  48. 48. Contact or call 613 316 6203 for more information!