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  • The biophysical responses of the Earth System show many of the same features as the Great Acceleration in the human enterprise.The hockeystick pattern applies all key indicators that form the basis for human well being and environmental health.
  • Nitrous oxide makes up an extremely small amount of the atmosphere - it is less than one-thousandth as abundant as carbon dioxide. However, it is 200 to 300 times more effective in trapping heat than carbon dioxide.Nitrogen is removed from the atmosphere by plants and converted into forms such as ammonia, which can then be used by the plants. This is called nitrogen fixation. At the same time, micro-organisms remove nitrogen from the soil and put it back into the atmosphere - denitrification - and this process produces nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide also enters the atmosphere from the ocean.Nitrous oxide has one of the longest atmosphere lifetimes of the greenhouse gases, lasting for up to 150 years.Burning fossil fuels and wood is one source of the increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide, however the main contributor is believed to be the widespread use of nitrogen-base fertilisers. Sewage treatment plants may also be a major source of this gas.Since the Industrial Revolution, the level of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere has increased by 16%.
  • Skanska school ppp dm to put on web

    1. 1. Who am I? CEO of:In its 21st year as the Midlands business network with a focus onsustainable development as a key business issue.Skanska - MEBC Board memberThe only branch in the UK of the World Business Council for SustainableDevelopment.Skanska – BCSD-UK Board member © David Middleton BCSD-UK/MEBC 2012
    2. 2. StatisticsOur home Diameter 12,753 km (7,926 miles) Rotation Period with respect to Sun (Length of Day) 24 hrs Mass: 5.98x10^24 kilograms(6.5e21 tons) Rotation Period with respect to stars (Sidereal Day) 23 hrs 56 min Period about the Sun (Length of a Year) 365 days 5 hrs Minimum Distance from Sun 146 million km (91 million miles)
    3. 3. StatisticsIt’s the only one we’ve got ….
    4. 4. ….so you’d think we’dtake care of it! If we continue tobehave as we do now, weare likely to go the way of other civilisations
    5. 5. Olmecs South-central America (Mexico) 1400 BC Demise –probably climate change
    6. 6. Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloans USA (whereNew Mexico, Arizona,Colorado, and Utah meet) 1200 BC Demise- population explosion
    7. 7. NabateansJordan, Canaan and Arabia Sixth century BC Demise –changing trade patterns
    8. 8. Aksumites What is now Ethiopia (home of the Queen of Sheba) First century AD Demise –climate change and over farming
    9. 9. Clovis American 10,000 BC Demise – overhunting and/orpossible meteor hit
    10. 10. Us Globalup to 2012 and still going BUT
    11. 11. Our damaging Impact On The Planet
    12. 12. Our damaging Impact On The Planet
    13. 13. Human development in the AnthropoceneWBCSD Prof. Johan Rockström Stockholm Resilience Centre24th April 2012
    14. 14. Atmospheric CO2 concentration Etheridge et al. Geophys Res 101: 4115-4128IGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    15. 15. Northern hemisphere average surface temperature Mann et al Geophys Res Lett 26(6): 759-762 IGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    16. 16. Atmospheric N2O concentration Machida et al Geophys Res Lett 22:2921-2925 IGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    17. 17. Ozone depletion JD Shanklin British Antarctic SurveyIGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    18. 18. Natural climactic disastersIGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    19. 19. Fully exploited fisheries FAOSTAT 2002 Statistical databaseIGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    20. 20. Tropical rainforest and woodland lossRichards, the Earth as transformed by human action, Cambridge University Press IGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    21. 21. Species extinctions Wilson, the Diversity of Life.IGBP synthesis: Global Change and the Earth System, Steffen et al 2004
    22. 22. Report warns of global food insecurityas climate change destroys fisheriesPersian Gulf, Libya, and Pakistan expected to be hardest hit by decline in fish stocks in coming decades•Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent•, Monday 24 September 2012 08.00 BST
    23. 23. Our damaging Impact On The Planet
    24. 24. Now, you’d think if we were theintelligent species we think we are, in the 20 years I’ve been doing this stuff, we’dhave done better than that.
    25. 25. The “Dostrich Theory” The true story of thedemise of the dinosaurs
    26. 26. Accepted historyIncoming extra-terrestrial “lump”hits planet earth
    27. 27. Now – at last – the true story!
    28. 28. Greenhouse effect
    29. 29. Greenhouse effect
    30. 30. Definition: Dostrich– a dinosaur behaving like an ostrich
    31. 31. Question: We can see the problems we confront – but are we preferring to behave likea dostrich – putting ourheads in the sand andhoping it might go away.
    32. 32. BBC October 31st 2006 The world cannot afford to wait before tackling climate change, the UK prime minister has warned.A report by economist Sir Nicholas Stern suggests that global warmingcould shrink the global economy by 20%.But taking action now would cost just 1% of global gross domesticproduct, the 700-page study says.Tony Blair said the Stern Review showed that scientific evidence ofglobal warming was "overwhelming" and its consequences "disastrous".
    33. 33. Dr Stewart Davies. Former Business Commissioner of the now disbanded Sustainable Development Commission. Speaking in Birmingham December 2009“At a stroke of a pen, cheques of unheard ofamounts were written virtually overnightto save the banks. Three million millionpounds. So where is the same commitmentto respond to the findings of Nick Stern?”
    34. 34. Gold News March 2008And on average, the World Bankeconomists found, "governments spentan average of nearly 13% of GDP cleaningup their financial systems" as a result ofthe bail-out programs they tried toimplement.
    35. 35. PrioritiesSave the banks = 13% of GDPRespond to climate change = 1% of GDP
    36. 36. £4 + trillionS: UK Gov.
    37. 37. 2050 £4 + trillion Where we need to be. 9b people living on our planet. With enough food and clean water for them S: UK Gov. all; poverty eradicated; everyone withThe estimated global value access to energy and sanitation. of the low carbon S: (WBCSD) environmental products and services we need to get from where we are to where we need to be. The challenge 2012 Where we are now. 7b people; polluting; wasting; critical resources under ever increasing pressure – like water; demand for energy outstripping growth in production; many people without energy and clean water; rife poverty
    38. 38. Creating a different way of living. A sustainable way of living. Potentially the biggest business opportunity since the industrial revolution
    39. 39. Producing goods and services thatenable us to live in a low carbon, sustainable society
    40. 40. Producing goods and services thatenable us to live in a low carbon, sustainable society That generates business for businesses and creates jobs
    41. 41. Producing goods and services that enableus to respond to environmental challenges Which creates That generates wealth via business for taxes and businesses and enables us to creates jobs be a socially conscious, sustainable society
    42. 42. Environmental Producing goods and services that enable us to respond to environmental challenges Environment – economic – social Which creates = 3 “pillars” of generates That wealth via EconomicSocial business for sustainable taxes and businesses and development enables us to creates jobs be a socially conscious, sustainable society
    43. 43. Greeneconomy
    44. 44. For example, the value ofoffshore windfarms in thePhase 3 UK offshore windindustry development is estimated at well in excess of £110 billion. But all the kit is made in Germany and Holland leaving “only” installation and support for UK companies.
    45. 45. The same applies in the retrofit of the UK housingstock. BUT pvs areimported –mostly from China – giving the real value – the manufacturing value – of UK market development to overseas companies.
    46. 46. The Chancellor and the Treasury simply do not “get it” NoDECC DEFRA Education Transport No 10 No 11 11
    47. 47. The Energy Act 2011 includes provisions for the new Green Deal,which intends to reduce carbon emissions cost effectively byrevolutionising the energy efficiency of British properties.The new innovative Green Deal financial mechanism eliminates theneed to pay upfront for energy efficiency measures and insteadprovides reassurances that the cost of the measures should becovered by savings on the electricity bill.ECOA new Energy Company Obligation will integrate with the GreenDeal, allowing supplier subsidy and Green Deal Finance to cometogether into one seamless offer to the consumer.
    48. 48. Birmingham As A Green CityWe aim to accelerate Birmingham’s transition to being oneof the world’s leading green cities.We are setting up a Green Commission, led by the Cabinet Small Group and we’re inMember for a Green, Safe and Smart City. it
    49. 49. David Middleton 0121 693