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  1. 1. Wastewater – SupportingBusiness GrowthBCSD Water Conference, Glasgow16 November 2012 Duncan Stewart Sustainability Manager Cameronbridge Distillery
  2. 2. Water footprinting– key areas of impact Water Use Water Pollution 3
  3. 3. Delivering against 2015environmental targets Water efficiency Water wasted at stress locations Waste water (11.2)%
  4. 4. New technology– a new era for sustainable distilling Roseisle, Scotland • 13,000 tonnes of carbon avoided per year • 100% reduction in polluting power of effluent St Croix, US Virgin Islands • 15,000 tonnes of carbon avoided per year • 90% of process wastewater recycled • 100% reduction in polluting power of effluent Cameronbridge, Scotland • Planned 56,000 tonnes of carbon avoided per year • 30% of process wastewater recycled • 100% reduction in polluting power of effluent 5
  5. 5. Cameronbridge Distillery • Distillery founded in 1834 by John Haig • Major expansions in 1989, 1999 & 2009 • Distillery products include Grain Whisky for Blending, Tanqueray Gin, & Smirnoff Vodka • 2012 Record production week of >2,000,000 la.Wheat Water Malted Barley Yeast steam COOKING MASHING FERMENTATION DISTILLATION WAREHOUSE / LTP > 3 years 6 Spent Wash
  6. 6. Bioenergy - Overview To CIP Biogas Water Spent Wheat Wash Dewatering Anaerobic Distillery Belt Press DigestionMalted Barley Yeast Solids Energy FF Boilers Electricity Steam Steam Turbine BFB Boiler Water RecoveryGRID Firth of Forth
  7. 7. AD and Water treatment Biogas to Boiler Degassing Tank To Membrane Spent 2nd Bio-Reactor Wash Separator Belt Press Polishing Downer Compartment Riser 1st Separator Expanded bed Solids to Compartment Boiler DistributionTo Distillery Systemfor Cleaning FiltrateOnly Membrane Tank Reverse (Ultra-Filtration Aeration Tank Anoxic Tank Osmosis (RO) Membranes)ToBioenergyPlant Firth of Forth
  8. 8. Lessons Learnt• Do not underestimate the complexity of Water Chemistry.• Have an agreed defined water quality standard to and from process• Benchmark existing applications of proposed process• Ensure verification of any trial work before project design.• Leave sufficient time for Contract negations if outsourcing project.
  9. 9. Collective Action- Collaboration• Water Business Imperative Roundtables in Africa• Beverage Industry Environment Roundtable• CDP Water Disclosure Project• UN CEO Water Mandate
  10. 10. The challenge for business• Adopting a holistic approach• Decoupling water impact from business growth• Innovation to drive change• New ways of working with new partners• Collaboration – common issues, collective solutions