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Question 4

  1. 1. I used many new media technologies in the construction, research planning and evaluation stages to assist me in completing my coursework. Below are many examples of this.<br />As the director during our postproduction I was not particularly familiar with the software final cut pro. However as the director I was present most times the editor was editing footage. Final cut pro is very effective for editing footage, however if you are unfamiliar to it, it could be very difficult to grasp. The editor of our group found it a bit hard to grasp at first so to overcome this difficulty we browsed the internet and came across the website in figure 1).This website allowed our editor to learn how to put various effects in our production through watching simple tutorial videos. Final cut pro was also useful during producing my radio trailer, it allowed me to cut out sound I didn’t need, add music and edit the paste, I believe without final cut pro our production couldn’t have fallen together to the highest quality possibly.<br />FIGURE 1<br />571503146425FIGURE 2I believe the Internet was the most useful digital technology we used especially in the first stages of producing a documentary as we had to become familiar with all the codes and conventions associated with a documentary. Google (shown in figure 2) was a powerful search engine as I used Google to link me to various website which can assist me in having a clearer understanding. An example of were I used Google was when I was looking for what mode our documentary ours will fit into all I had to do was type that into the search engine and different website suggestions will appear. Goole was also to find contact details for our interviewees.<br />FIGURE 3‘Hotmail’ was also another media technology I used and found it very quick, easy and efficient. As the director it was my role to schedule interviews. I used hotmail to email various different, health advisors, nurses, YPF representative and many more for possible interviews (as shown in figure 4). This software saved me time, as I was able to send multiple emails at once. It was also a good way to retain contact between possible interviewees and I as I had to keep in touch to inform them about dates, times and location and when necessary reschedule. However a mobile phone was also a good way of keeping contact. The social networking site ‘facebook’ was very useful; it allowed us group members to keep in touch with each over when we are not together. Facebook also kept us updated with weekly feedback from our target audience, as we created a facebook fan page(shown in figure 5)it was a good technology to use as it reached a wider audience. It is also a popular site amongst the younger generation and since young people are the main focus of our documentary it worked to our advantage.<br />FIGURE 5<br />FIGURE 4<br />FIGURE 6<br />‘Scribd’ was helpful software as you can upload your word documents on to it and link it to your blog through HTML. This helped presentation wise as it made my blog work look neat and presentable. ‘Blogger’ was the main software that was used for my coursework, this was where our work was recorded on, it also gives us a reminder of what we’ve done and still have to do. I also made a personal blog of my own which was hyperlinked back to my group blog. Blogger was essential software as this was the way our course teacher checked on our work. ‘’ was a fun and quite impressive software to use, this was where we jotted our down our ideas such as topic, genre location and interviewees at the premature stages of our coursework.<br />FIGURE 7FIGURE 6<br />Text added with different colours by using the colour palette and text tool.lefttop<br />Grain effect added and lighting made bright<br />HCTV logo added to the picture<br />FIGURE 8<br />I used Photoshop to edit one of my ancillary task; newspaper advert. I wasn’t really familiar with Photoshop as I hadn’t used it before, to overcome this barrier I looked at simple video tutorials which showed me step by step what to do. Photoshop allowed me to edit simple faults with the picture such as lighting and cutting unwanted objects and backgrounds in the picture. I feel Photoshop was a very constructive digital technology as it raised the standard of quality in my picture, I also think my finished product (shown in figure 7) wouldn’t have turned out like this and would have been time consuming without Photoshop.<br />YouTube is another new technology that I became a lot more familiar with as it was very efficient for my coursework. YouTube aided in various ways, we used it to upload our documentary so it can be distributed and shared amongst our audience, I also used this software to search for Photoshop and final cut pro tutorials, similar documentaries, and frameworks of a documentary. We also uploaded our audience feedback and target audience video on here as well.<br />The ‘Mac G5’ was a very useful hardware as it contained all the software such as final cut pro, Photoshop and sound track pro.<br />FIGURE 9MAC COMPUTER<br />Most importantly I would have not been able to produce this production without the aid of equipment, such as the PD170, XLR cable, headphones, tie clip, tripod, and pag light. In figure 10 I demonstrate how we used the equipment.<br />(PLAY FIGURE 10 BELOW]<br />