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Synchro additions march '13


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Synchro additions march '13

  1. 1. Additions and Revisions to Synchro ERP – March ’13Addition: v6.07.29New to the Yes/No Options: An option has been appended under the category of "Job Booking". The optional called "Autobook siblings only if complete booking amount can be progressed". By default this option is set to NO. If turned on the autobooking of siblings (if used) will only auto progress kit items (siblings) and their requirements if the total amount beingbooked can be progressed (rather than just a partial booking).Addition: v6.07.29A new addition to the Furnace Log in 6.07.29 means that the batch usage tab has been extended to display the associatedtooling reference as an additional column.Addition v6.07.30Users can now sort the batch grid in the Furnace log by clicking the column headers.Addition v6.8.00In the Unique ID Lookup section, The notes, shipping internal, shipping external, and UID status notes have beenappended to the lookup search facility.Addition v6.8.00For UID Booking The mold serialization facility has been extended to a per product checkbox option., this replaces theoption in the Yes/No selection criteria.Addition v6.8.00SFDC: The extra data associated with specific processes within routing has been extended to show all new extra fieldsadditions within the SFDC displayAddition v6.8.04 – Bullet #21 Control: A new facility has been appended to the options dropdown toolbar (for the supervisor only) to access a newtab control screen. The new screen allows the user to hide/show and re sequence individual tabs. In addition supervisorusers can also create custom data fields and append them to custom tabs. The screens affected so far are Tooling, Services,Suppliers, Materials, Processes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Employees, Customers, & Products.Alteration v6.08.05Stock Take: When Synchro is in stock take mode the licensed number of permitted users will now double. This is to enablea higher number of concurrent users for stock take situations.Addition v6.08.08Tooling Status: The status description (below the usage graph on the tooling profile tab) has been appended as an extracolumn to the status display grid.Support is always available to help