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Snow, pancakes and love


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Snow, pancakes and love

  1. 1. Snow, Pancakes and Love ...Happy Friday Guys!So its been a busy week here in Germany the white stuffhas returned and has been snowing again for 2 daysnow!Weve had Shrove Tuesday and Valentinesday too!Team Synchro have been busy ...Richy has returned from training one of our customers inTurkey, Simon has been visiting a number of customersin the UK, Chris and Barbara are returning from avery successful business trip in the Isle Of Man andeveryone else has been in the office supporting ourlovely customers and working on an excitingcompetition- What do you think?
  2. 2. Please come over to our Facebook page to enter.I hope you all enjoyed my write ups of Facebook thisweek about Chinese New year, Shrove Tuesday andValentines Day? If you havent already please go andhave a read!I was very spoilt on Valentines day - Lee bought me themost beautiful necklace Leah and I had a mugengraved for him and got him some other bits and bobs!
  3. 3. All in all another busy week! Hope yours has been anenjoyable one. Catch you next week.Victoria