BLOG 31.01.2013


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BLOG 31.01.2013

  1. 1. Hello AllWell it has been a busy week over here in Germany !!Firstly i am pleased to announce the snow has gone andwe can see green again!This week we have had Daniel Alcantara staying andtraining with us and we have enjoyed introducing him tofew new things, He was amazed by the Snow when helanded last week as he had never seen it before.We have also discovered he likes milk in his Tea andMarmite, although he finds it slightly bizzare that wehave it for breakfast!!I would like to use my BLOG this week to properlyintroduce him so i asked him to write a shortintroduction about himself ...I graduated in Business in 2001.I then started working as a Graphic Designer and went on tomanage an English school. I was then invited to be an ERPconsultant in 2003, working for 3 years for Senior Systems,
  2. 2. where I worked in in Finance, Sales, Bought, Stock,Accountancy and Production. I worked in various sectors,mining, steel mill and foundries. I opened my own companyin 2006 and since then have worked with Project Managementand technical consulting related to deployment revitalizationof ERP software.I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Chris Collins in 2008 whenmanaging a big project for 4 software packages and one a linkbetween Synchro32 (Today Synchro ERP) and Sapiens the amajor financial software accounting system in Brazil. Igraduated in Law in 2010 and in Project Management in2011. After a long time working in various cities I receivedan e-mail from Chris Collins inviting me to join the SynchroERP Team.I also asked Daniel to tell us about his training ...My Initial training sessions consisted of a week inNacogdoches – Houston, USA, at the company offices withthe head of US operations, Shane Allen, and his faithful squireWyatt Earp (his biggest fan a miniature Min Pin) learningabout the sales process, quotations and technical support.
  3. 3. I then flew onto our German office to spend the second weekwith Lee Mahon and Victoria Smith and of course theirbeautiful, beautiful daughter Leah. Where I had theopportunity to see first hand the support department workingwith the CRM system Synchro designed for their own internaluse.I really improved my Synchro ERP knowledge and learntimportant aspects of the work, culture, communicationtechniques and of course the language itself, a challenge forthis year.I am Brazilian and a native Portuguese speaker.Last but not least, I must talk about the treatment received byall. I felt completely at home, sharing meals, watching TV,playing with Wyatt Earp and having great guitar lessons fromthe cute guitar maestro Leah.So, Shane, Lee and Victoria, thank you very much, I started inSynchro with an understanding of this great team of peoplenow I can see… I’m in a family.Daniel Alcântara
  4. 4. Leah absolutely loves Daniel and has really enjoyedhaving him around.We reached 60 LIKES on Facebook this week whichwas wonderful and as promised we gave away two freeUSB sticks displayed in fantastic presentation tins - Thelucky winners were Brenda Cunningham and AndressaNogueria your prizes will be sent next week.Thank you all for your continued support and forSharing the page. The next giveaway will be when wereach 100 LIKES and its going to be BIG!!Have a great week.Victoria