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 VICTORIA HOUSE<br />“THE TWELVE RULES”<br />1. No ALCOHOL or ILLICIT-DRUG related usage, possession, purchases or transac...
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Victoria House Rules


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These are the basic "House Rules" people are expected to follow when living at Victoria House. Not too unreasonable I'd say.

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  • These are the basic 12 rules of Victoria House of which most operational decisions are based on. Pretty basic; We try to keep it simple.
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Victoria House Rules

  1. 1. VICTORIA HOUSE<br />“THE TWELVE RULES”<br />1. No ALCOHOL or ILLICIT-DRUG related usage, possession, purchases or transactions inside or outside of Victoria House Premises. Non-adherence WILL RESULT IN EVICTION AND LEGAL ACTION.<br />2. No WEAPONS are to enter the house. This includes guns, knives, souvenir weapons or any other objects considered offensive/defensive paraphernalia by Management.<br />3. Residents are expected to be working the AA/NA 12-Step Program of Recovery. Other programs of recovery must be cleared by Management if they are intended to be used instead.<br />4. No Smoking ANYWHERE in the House EXCEPT for the designated Smoking Areas.<br />5. No tampering with or removal of any House smoke detector/s. DO NOT TEST THIS RULE.<br />6. House members are to keep their own rooms in good order. This includes; <br />- Your Laundry, Chores, Rubbish, Food Bits/Scraps, Dishes REGULARLY.<br />- Washing bed linens and pillow cases at least ONCE per month.<br />- THREE (3) Hours Of Designated AS NEEDED HOUSE/YARD WORK PER WEEK.<br />7. House members are expected to keep all common areas neat and tidy and to PROMPTLY clean up after cooking, eating, social gatherings or accidents. DON’T LEAVE MESSES FOR OTHERS!<br />8. The Second or Residential Floor is for HOUSE RESIDENTS ONLY! Access to the Resident Floor by ANYONE except CURRENT Residents MUST get OK’D by Management.<br />9. No Entry into Other Residents Rooms WITHOUT their Express Consent. This includes Basement Maintenance R-#5, your best friend’s room and Managers Office/Personal quarters.<br />10. Rent Must be PAID, on-time, the date given each week/month at entry. SAVE the EXCUSES.<br />11. Theft, violence, abuse (Mental, Emotional, and Physical), Property Damage and/or Misuse of Resources will not be tolerated. Violations will be dealt with severely.<br />12. All Residents are to treat all Person/s, Entities or Possible Person/s with Dignity & Respect.<br />We are not Communists, Actually Can’t Stand the Red Bastards, BUT; <br />We Do Have to TRY to Get Along and GROW So PLEASE:<br />~ USE COMMON SENSE ~ <br />