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Never let me go chapter 13 significant quotes


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Never let me go chapter 13 significant quotes

  1. 1. * Significant Quotes
  2. 2. * “I could see Ruth was making a big effort to present all of us, not just herself, but all of us, in the right way.” - Kathy, Page 146* Analysis:* Although this may be Kathy’s approach to Ruth’s strange reaction when she suggested that they change seats in the car, we as readers might be puzzled over it. If we look closely enough, we could see that Ishiguro’s portrayal of Ruth as someone who had a different idea in her mind and is trying to kill two birds with one stone. She wanted to fit in with the veterans, whilst preventing Tommy and Ruth from becoming closer to each other.
  3. 3. * “I see the same thing so often these days I don’t even register it, but back then I hadn’t seen it before.” - Kathy, Page 147 * Analysis: * Through this quote, Ishiguro highlighted the isolation of their lives at Hailsham and Cottages and its mundaneness. Getting so excited over something as trivial as that indicated that they were a segregated from the society, This relates back to what Kathy said in Chapter 10 about how they’d “never been beyond the grounds of Hailsham, and [they] were just bewildered.” The mindset Hailsham has ingrained into them caused them to become unfamiliar with the outside world.
  4. 4. * “We’re not supposed to visit carers.” Chrissie, Page 148* Analysis:* Ishiguro portrayed a society that wished to keep the clones in a dark about the realities of donations and becoming a carer before they were directly involved. Throughout the book, the readers could see the importance of this ignorance which is constantly highlighted by Ishiguro.