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Keywords for Radio Terminology


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Simple descriptions of sound.

Published in: Education
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Keywords for Radio Terminology

  1. 1.  Dialect – A distinct form of language, affecting the pronunciation of words, usually based on the origin of the person.  Accent – An aspect of speaking based on region. Based on the tempo, volume, pitch and length of speech.  Gender – The gender of the person speaking. Are they male or female? Do they have a deep voice or a high pitched one?  Voice - A sound made from the voice box – Produces talking, whispering, singing, etc.  Language - The format of words in which a person speaks.  Pitch – The higher the frequency of vibrations in the voicebox – the higher the pitch.  Tempo - The velocity in which words are spoken.  Texture – The feel of the voice – Is it rough? Is it smooth? Does it have a nice quality to it?  Rhythm - The pattern of the voice – Does it pick up pace?  Volume - The loudness of the voice.  Panning - The directional movement of the sound. Does a certain part travel from one ear to the other when you listen with headphones on?Keywords: Voice
  2. 2.  One directional microphone - A microphone where audio can only be picked up from one angle.  Omni-directional microphone – Can pick up audio from all angles.Keywords: Equipment