Crap Detection


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Crap Detection

  1. 1. How to Find What You Need to Know How to Decide If It’s True CrapDetection 20060556 Park Shin Hyun 20129166 Victora Dashchenko
  2. 2. “Think like a detective”
  3. 3. How can I tell if anything I find on the web is real?Currency-How recent is this information?Reliabilty-Are there any references or quotations?Author-Who is the author?-Who is the publisher or sponsor?Design-Professional or amateurish?
  4. 4. Triangulating-Egypt’s outage case- “traceroute” internet serviceReliable AP’s officialsource’s Having reportTweeter my triangle
  5. 5. TriangulatingVerifing the youtube video- SpokeoAllow people to look for person- Wolfram AlphaCheck the weather report- Google mapHelp locate the place with accurate online map
  6. 6. the video for 2 minutes from 7:00 to 9:00
  7. 7. Collective intelligenceElectronic networks and social computing applications make it easier for individuals toharness collective intelligence to help them assess and evaluate information and sources online.
  8. 8. Collective intelligence Collective intelligence is a shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals. - Wikipedia<Examples>WikipediaQnA sites (Ex : Korea’s Naver Knowledge research ,America’s Cha Cha)FacebookGoogleEtc
  9. 9. Collective intelligence Naver Knowledge Research
  10. 10. Collective intelligence American QnA site Cha Cha
  11. 11. Naver VS DaumSponsor link - Naver
  12. 12. Naver VS DaumSponsor link - Daum
  13. 13. Naver VS DaumAccuracy of research - Naver
  14. 14. Naver VS DaumAccuracy of research - Naver
  15. 15. Naver VS DaumAccuracy of research - Daum
  16. 16. Naver VS DaumAccuracy of research - Daum
  17. 17. Naver VS DaumAdvanced search function - Naver
  18. 18. Naver VS DaumAdvanced search function - Daum
  19. 19. Mail vs. Yandex
  20. 20. Mail vs. Yandex
  21. 21. Mail vs. Yandex
  22. 22. International Medical Information
  23. 23. Political and Social
  24. 24. General Information
  25. 25. Medical information websites1. Medmark Research Information Center for Health Drug Information Research Institute HealthPark
  26. 26. Civil Journalism websites1. Oh My News
  27. 27. Civil Journalism websites2.
  28. 28. Civil Journalism websites3. Twitter
  29. 29. Principles of media consumption By Gillmor1.Be skeptical2.Exercise judgment3.Open your mind4.Keep asking questions5.Learn media techniques
  30. 30. Echo chamber effectThe tendency of individuals to pay attention toonly those online sources that reinforce theirown beliefs
  31. 31. Thank you Any question?
  32. 32. Discussion Subjects1. How much do you believe online information? To what extent should we believe various and huge amount of information?2. What aspects of Journalism can be developed by Civil Journalism? What kinds of dangers does civil journalism have?3. Think about the disadvantages of collective intelligence