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  • Metaphor – the use to describe somebody or something of a word or phrase that is not meant literally but by means of a vivid comparison expresses something about him, her, or itSymbol – something representing something else by association; objects, characters, or another concrete representation of an abstract idea, concept or event.
  • In this painting, Frida paints herself in a frontal pose to enhance the immediacy of her presence. She has unraveled Christ's crown of thorns and wears it as a necklace, presenting herself as a Christian martyr. The thorns digging into her neck are symbolic of the pain she still feels over her divorce from Diego. Hanging from the thorny necklace is a dead hummingbird whose outstretched wings echo Frida's joined eyebrows. In Mexican folk tradition, dead hummingbirds were used as charms to bring luck in love. Over her left shoulder the black cat, a symbol of bad luck and death, waits to pounce on the hummingbird. Over her right shoulder the symbol of the devil, her pet monkey…a gift from Diego. Around her hair, butterflies represent the Resurrection. Once again, Frida uses a wall of large tropical plant leaves as the background.
  • Dalí defines his Soft Self-Portrait as an antipsychological self-portrait, for instead of painting the soul or interior he painted only the exterior, the wrapping, “the glove of myself”. But that glove is edible and even beginning to decay, which is why the ants are shown beside the bacon. With this painting he considers himself the most generous of painters, since he offers himself up to be eaten, “thus providing our epoch with succulent nourishment”.
  • Gesture drawing

    1. 1. Gesture and Portrait Assignment 1
    2. 2. • • • • • Review Last Class Gesture Drawing Gesture Drawing Exercise – Gym Overview Portrait Assignment 1 + Rubric Independent Work Time
    3. 3. • LDE5578578C07F7E9 • DE5578578C07F7E9
    4. 4. • Tips: • • • • • • • • Large movements Stand while drawing Scan the subject in its entirety before drawing Hand duplicates motion of the eye Keep pencil/drawing tool in contact with paper throughout drawing Focus on the subject, only glance at your paper Avoid outlines, draw through the forms Vary starting point on paper
    5. 5. • As a class, we will be going to the gym to practice our gestural drawing. (15 min) • Create 3 pages (min.) of gestural sketches within your sketchbook. • **Remember – Don’t get hung up on the details! This exercise is all about learning to draw what you see – not perfection. • You will need to bring the following: • Your Sketchbook! • Conte or Pencils • iPod/Music Maker
    6. 6. • Value • Facial Features • Work Period • Please have your assignment sketches prepared and photo ready for projection!! • Email: