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Geology Project


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Geology slideshow

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Geology Project

  1. 1. The Pinnacles, Lake Uvas, and other geography surrounding Morgan Hill, CA A magical experience created by Victoria Wilson... And nature.
  2. 2. Oxidation in the rocks occurred when oxygen molecules are introduced in the rocks after they have been eroded by wind or water.
  3. 3. Boulders and smaller gravel and sediments Are deposited at the bottom of this outcrop Due to water erosion. You can see the Marks left by the water in the rock itself.
  4. 4. A reservoir was created when water carved out it’s basin from the rock through selective water erosion. The water then carved out a cave to the left (of this picture). Cave entrance Uplift of the rock bed occurred when the ancient volcano was forming, setting the rock at a tilt.
  5. 5. Selective wind erosion created what looks like two vertical layers of bedding to become exposed to the surface.
  6. 6. The white lines indicate the direction of an ancient lava flow that has been eroded down. The soil in these rocks has become rich enough to support life..
  7. 7. Fungi and mosses absorb minerals and nutrients from the rocks while also getting rainwater and oxygen... This allows them to thrive on this rock. Below there is a slight angular unconformity. The rock layers were deposited then eroded. Then more rock was deposited on top of that... Creating the unconformity!
  8. 8. This lizard is sitting on a bunch of poorly sorted sedimentary rocks called Breccia. Eventually erosion and lithification will turn this assortment into a conglomerate.
  9. 9. Petrified wood that was created over quite a long period of time. Petrification occurs when mineral-laden water saturates a protected piece of wood, making it hard, and petrified.
  10. 10. A mature slump that occurred outside of the Uvas Reservoir. A slump is a type of mass wasting where loose materials give out underneath themselves and fall down a slope.
  11. 11. Poppy Jasper forms in a couple of phases. The first stage is characterized by the fracturing of red chert and the injection of quartz veins into the fractures. The second phase of poppy jasper formation is a period when the angular clasts begin to display a crescent- shaped appearance.
  12. 12. Most of the material found in Poppy Jasper is clay and quartz. The red clay comes from the oxidation process.
  13. 13. This is part of a rock found on a mountain near Morgan Hill. That means that millions of years ago, all of the area was either a beach, or part of an ocean!
  14. 14. Geolgoy Rocks!