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Global Media Consumption Info


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Global Media Consumption Info

  1. 1. Global5 ways mobile devices have in m 0changed the way people 14consume media 117 min1 Mobile share of time ahead of TV, catching up with online 33The average mobile web user consumes 98 mi 49 min m7.2 hours of media daily. n inMobile devices represent 27% of this time.2 Mobile device usage is throughout the day 3 Mobile media activities 67% 47% 39% 25% 22% 19% 18% 14% lying in bed waiting for while watching TV commuting something Social Media Entertainment Games General Info & Search 22% 19% 15% 15% 12% 8% 7% spending time in the bathroom while shopping at social gatherings E-Mail Shopping Local Search with family4 Comfort with mobile advertising is already greater than TV or online advertising Which forms of media most impact your purchasing decisions? 66% are more or equally comfortable with mobile advertising vs. TV or online ads 47% 46% 48%5 Mobile impacts consumer behaviors throughout the purchase path Caused you to reconsider a product 13% Influenced you to buy via your mobile 14% 42% Provided you with better 26% Introduced you to option Helped you find something new 23% something nearby $ 11% Influenced your in-store purchase Research / / @InMobi Source: InMobi, Decision Fuel & On Device Research, Mobile Media Consumption Research, Feb 2012