Mobile Women to Watch 2010


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Classic Guide from Mobile Marketer on Women embracing Mobile (November 2009).

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Mobile Women to Watch 2010

  1. 1. Mobile Marketer A CLASSIC GUIDE TM November 30, 2009 $495 THE NEWS LEADER IN MOBILE MARKETING, MEDIA AND COMMERCE Classic Guide Mobile Women to Watch 2010 “Look out, men in mobile – here we come!” Ocean Fine, Syniverse Technologies
  2. 2. Contents PAGE PAGE 3 WELCOME 31 Susan Marshall Mickey Alam Khan ChaCha Social Search 4 Kate Berg 32 Erin (Mack) McKelvey Mojiva Millennial Media 5 Kendra Bracken-Ferguson 33 Maya Mikhailov Polo Ralph Lauren GPShopper 6 Jamie G. Buelt 34 Sarah Miller Catchwind Axis Marketing & PR 7 Erica Chriss 35 Allison Mooney Greystripe Omnicom’s MobileBehavior 8 Valerie Christopherson 36 Jennifer Okula Global Results Communications Dynamic Logic 9 Patricia Clark 37 Theresa Page 4Info GMR Marketing 10 Lubna Dajani 38 Tina M. Perry Stratemerge Days Inn/Wyndham Hotels 11 Kim Dushinski 39 Julia Resnick Mobile Marketing Profits Nielsen Mobile 12 Deborah L. Eldred 40 Shira Simmonds R.H. Donnelley’s Dex Ping Mobile 13 Natalie Farsi 41 Diane Strahan Warner Bros. Television Group Neustar 14 Ocean Fine 42 Amy Thomas Syniverse Technologies OpenMarket 15 Anne Frisbie 43 Lynn Tornabene InMobi Quattro Wireless 16 Julie Ginches 44 Marci Troutman Jumptap Siteminis 17 Tamara Gruber 45 Kristine van Dillen Crisp Wireless Mobile Marketing Association 18 Vanessa Horwell 46 Petra Vorsteher ThinkInk PR Smaato 19 Lisa Hsia 47 Alcina Wegrzynowski Bravo Sybase 20 Theresa Huston 48 Jan M. Wika Telescope OpenMarket 21 Jeannette Kocsis 49 Dana Willis Harte-Hanks Verizon Wireless 22 Stephanie C. Kovner-Bryant 50 Erin E. Wilson Unilever Microsoft Mobile Advertising 23 Heidi E. Lehmann 51 Danielle Wolfson MoxieQ Taco Bell 24 Nicole Leverich 52 Lindsay Woodworth AdMob 2ergo Americas 25 Polly Lieberman 53 Kristy Young Buzzd ESPN 26 Joy Cicman Liuzzo InsightExpress 27 Cheryl Lucanegro Also … Pandora 28 Kim Luegers 54 Amielle Lake Draftfcb’s MC Media Tagga 29 Laura Marriott 55 Deborah Hall Mobile marketing consultant Web2Mobile 30 Stephanie Bauer Marshall 56 Despina Tapaki Verizon Wireless WPP’s Joule PAGE 2 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  3. 3. Welcome obile Marketer’s inaugural Mobile Women to M Watch 2010 list celebrates smart women who are expected to make a difference in mobile advertising, marketing and media in 2010. While we may have missed some who would rather stay out of the limelight, it is fair to say these women – 49 from the United States, three Canada and one from Britain – are achievers who have already left their stamp on mobile marketing. Their dedication to the craft is nonpareil and their commitment admirable. These marketers have steadfastly withstood several issues bedeviling mobile such as the constant need for client education, inadequate metrics, lack of decent “you need to keep an eye on the future and a foot budgets, carrier-centricity, male domination and hype. grounded in the present.” Indeed, they have overcome skepticism of the first How were these honorees chosen? order to help their male and female colleagues and peers A call was sent out to Mobile Marketer readers in a make mobile marketing an undeniable element of the published article. Combined with reader nominations interactive marketing mix. Soldiered on they have. and recommendations from Mobile Marketer’s Giselle As Heidi Lehmann, CEO of MoxieQ and one of the Tsirulnik, Dan Butcher, Chris Harnick, Jodie Solomon and Women to Watch, points out, “With most anything new, this writer, a list was drawn up. Many thanks to them a common kneejerk reaction of larger companies and and to art director Rob DiGioia for the hard work. even consumers is to look for reasons why something Whittling down the names was hard. But there was won’t work.” no doubt of the final list. The executives who made the cut were evangelists Primus inter pares for the industry, astute observers of evolving consumer Mobile marketing has long been a game of persever- behavior at work and home, and advocates for ethical ance and evangelism. These women are being honored mobile marketing as part of the multichannel media mix. for staying with a medium while it was born and through Above all, they served as admirable role models to its coming-of-age party – which is now. other women – and even men – to consider a career in These women now have the brush, oils and canvas to mobile marketing. paint bold strokes in 2010. These women are poised to make more history in Through all of this excitement over mobile and its 2010. Get to know them through these pages as they possibilities, this crowd remains levelheaded. write yet another chapter in mobile marketing’s book. “In mobile,” said Allison Mooney, vice president of emerging technologies at Omnicom’s MobileBehavior, Mickey Alam Khan 401 Broadway, Suite 1408 Rob DiGioia New York, NY 10013 Mickey Alam Khan Dan Butcher Jordan Crook Director, Editorial Tel: 212-334-6305 Editor in Chief Staff Reporter Editorial Assistant Development Fax: 212-334-6339 mickey@ dan@ jordan@ rob@ Email: Web site: For newsletter subscriptions: newsletter.php Giselle Tsirulnik Chris Harnick Jodie Solomon Senior Editor Editorial Assistant Director, Ad Sales For advertising: giselle@ chris@ ads@ cms/general/1.html For reprints: Mobile Marketer covers news and analysis of mobile marketing, media and commerce. The Napean franchise comprises Mobile Marketer,, the Mobile Marketer Daily newsletter,,,, the Mobile Commerce Daily newsletter,, Classic Guides, webinars, events and awards. 2009 Napean LLC. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission. November 30, 2009 PAGE 3 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  4. 4. KATE BERG Vice president Mojiva “Mobile marketing is merely the extension of your brand into the next medium” What do you most like about bile, a mobile ad network and mobile ad By pursuing a combination of speaking your job? management platform, the challenge is and media opportunities for our CEO keeping up with an industry that is Dave Gwozdz and other key executives – I am passionate about disruptive tech- growing so fast: so many people, associ- and focusing on select social media ini- nologies and their power to change the ations and events coming at you tiatives – I intend to raise awareness business landscape. every day. outside our industry about mobile ad- vertising as an important part of the Looking out ahead and seeing what’s It’s essential to focus on your goals as a marketing mix and to ensure that our coming and shaping a business plan or company and follow through on those, unique di erentiators are made clear in marketing strategy to meet it head on is regardless of the noise level. the market. what I enjoy most about what I do. The other thing I think is actually in my What will it take to attract What is your work priority DNA is the desire to shine a light on more women to mobile marketing? for 2010? new solutions, methods or entities that The easy answer is that the industry has represent a true advantage in the market. With my startup, M3 Mobile Social, it’s to mature beyond the true tech types to build a base of users on the platform who are early to the space, but over in two ways. What’s the biggest challenge in time an important thing will be to your job? promulgate the marketing component – The first is to attract companies and and not focus on mobile. Figuring out what’s coming! communities that need social media ca- pabilities and mobile but don’t want to Mobile marketing is merely the exten- But seriously, the biggest challenge for invest big dollars – this we would call sion of your brand into the next me as a mobile social media entrepre- white label – where the company has medium. You don’t need a deep under- neur is connecting with the right audi- their brand front and center and M3 is standing of technology to be a player in ence to build my user base and brand. providing the technology on the backend. this space – it’s all marketing and it’s The second way we will build our user all digital. This space is nascent – and is also domi- nated at the moment by large social base is to educate the market to have a networks that are sucking all the air out deeper understanding of social media Your proudest achievement of the room. beyond Facebook and Twitter, and rec- in mobile? ognize the capabilities on mobile that Getting recognized by Mobile Marketer So it’s important to keep evangelizing M3 o ers that the others don’t. as a Mobile Woman to Watch 2010! and also to continue to be flexible enough to meet opportunities as they As head of corporate communications arise. This is just the beginning. for Mojiva/mOcean Mobile, the biggest Kate Berg has worked at priority, as always, is to make the com- JupiterResearch, KPMG and Gartner. As head of PR for Mojiva/mOcean Mo- pany names household words. She is based in South Salem, NY. PAGE 4 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  5. 5. KENDRA BRACKEN-FERGUSON Director of Digital Media Corporate Communications Polo Ralph Lauren “With so many emerging platforms, it is challenging to not get caught up in the next greatest fad, application or new media channel” What do you most like about What is your work priority Your proudest achievement your job? for 2010? in mobile? The social media and mobile landscape Continuing the innovation that is al- Being part of the team that helped is constantly changing. It is exciting to ready taking place at Polo Ralph Lauren launch the Rugby Ralph Lauren Make be part of the evolution of communica- through our QR codes, mobile applica- Your Own iPhone application. tions and how consumers are engaging tions and interactive store windows and with the new media. expanding this to social media and mo- This is the first of its kind application bile channels globally. that enables customers to customize Every day is an adventure. I am intro- and purchase their own rugby, polo or duced to a new technology and new sweater within an application and share way of leveraging this technology to en- What will it take to attract their creation online through Facebook gage with customers. more women to mobile marketing? Connect and through interactive store windows located at Rugby stores. What’s the biggest challenge in The fields of social media and mobile marketing continue to grow in popular- your job? ity. Women must feel like there is a With so many emerging platforms, it is place for them in this area. challenging to not get caught up in the next greatest fad, application or new Education, awareness and equal Kendra Bracken-Ferguson has worked media channel but to stay grounded in participation within the structure of the at Fleishman-Hillard and Pacers Sports what is the most relevant and best fit organization will lead to an increase in and Entertainment. She is based in for the brand. women in this field. New York. PAGE 5 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  6. 6. JAMIE G. BUELT Chief marketing o cer Catchwind “Most women have been texting longer than men because we had to communicate with our children” What do you most like about Breaking SMS out as its own channel Now, most people are familiar with text- your job? with its own metrics, rules and perform- ing regardless of age or gender. My 72- ance guidelines can be one of the year-old father texts from his iPhone The SMS space is eight years-plus since biggest challenges in signing up new because he has 15 grandchildren its debut, but it’s still very much an clients. It’s also the biggest advantage texting him. emerging channel. and selling point we have. Let’s face it – most women have been Every day is di erent, and every day we texting longer than men because we had What is your work priority learn something new about how our to communicate with our children. It’s clients are using the channel or how for 2010? no longer a gadgety pastime, but a le- their customers are responding. It’s fun My priority is more advertising and gitimate way to reach your organiza- to be on that edge. more sales. tion’s customers and members. What’s the biggest challenge in We believe, as other companies probably Your proudest achievement your job? do, that mobile and SMS are hot. The in mobile? time to build and expand is now. Three years ago, the biggest challenge Our company met its target objectives was selling the channel. A lot of people What will it take to attract for expanding into new industries with just didn’t see SMS as a viable alterna- SMS in 2009. more women to mobile marketing? tive to traditional channels of print pages and broadcast air time. Women follow opportunities. My targets from a sales perspective were to land political clients, expand in Today, the biggest challenge is that mar- Mobile, as with other technology-ori- the quick-service restaurant segment keting, advertising and the media, in ented fields, has been dominated in the and launch into the state lottery business. general, have been turned upside down early years by men. As it matures and over the past 18 months. Nothing is as it evolves, women will figure more promi- was or as it seems. nently in the next stage of its growth and creative applications. In many ways, this has been good for Jamie G. Buelt has worked at EnQ, Fed- mobile. But advertisers still want to look Three years ago, when we sat down with eral Home Loan Bank and the Kansas at it and evaluate it as they would email clients, we had to sometimes show them City Business Journal. She is based in marketing or direct mail. how to send a text message. Des Moines, IA. PAGE 6 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  7. 7. ERICA CHRISS Vice president of strategy and business development Greystripe “I love helping to build something from scratch and growing an industry” What do you most like about the first time and continuing to innovate. Today, nobody questions the size of the your job? mobile audience – the focus is on how best to reach them. I work with the most amazing team of What will it take to attract people in mobile – sharp, motivated and more women to mobile marketing? did I mention hysterical? We laugh every day. Enduring role models and real opportu- nities for growth. I also love helping to build something from scratch and growing an industry. Your proudest achievement What’s the biggest challenge in in mobile? your job? Sticking it out long enough to see the Managing our rapid growth! industry get here. What is your work priority Ten years ago at my first mobile startup, NextBus, we had a hard time convincing Erica Chriss has worked at LimeLife, for 2010? people that bus riders would have cell Digital Chocolate and Bain & Co. She is Bringing amazing brands into mobile for phones at all. based in Seattle. PAGE 7 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  8. 8. VALERIE CHRISTOPHERSON Managing director Global Results Communications “The biggest challenge is monitoring growth and balancing the hype from reality” What do you most like about munications in 2010 is to further expand est moment in mobile, I believe, is its your job? its recently launched digital media serv- ability to attract top-notch clients in- ices division in which we are o ering cluding Quattro Wireless, Mobile Mar- This is a di cult question as there are full-service video, social media and digi- keting Association, Nuance, Telcordia, many aspects of work life that I enjoy tal PR services. go2 Media, Mobiata, Wavemarket, Arden including my clients, colleagues and the Media, CellTrust, MGF, Aircom and media in which I work with daily. many others. In addition, we are looking forward 2010 being a year of ecosystem expansion in I also like the industry, its fast pace, We believe that our niche focus on mo- which Global Results Communications ever-changing demands and bile has led to significant achievements will diversify its market segments broad reach. by way of PR for our clients, and in turn of focus. has had a positive impact on the industry. What’s the biggest challenge in What will it take to attract your job? more women to mobile marketing? Challenges equal rewards. Women need to get involved – there are many opportunities including the Mobile I’d say that the biggest challenge is Marketing Association’s Women in monitoring growth and balancing the Wireless committee which o ers net- hype from reality. working and mentorship. What is your work priority Your proudest achievement Valerie Christopherson has worked at Qualcomm, Porter Novelli and Mesa for 2010? in mobile? Communications. She is based in A key priority for Global Results Com- Global Results Communications’ proud- Irvine, CA. PAGE 8 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  9. 9. PATRICIA CLARK Vice president of sales 4Info “Mobile is still an emerging field, so there’s a lot of evangelizing to do” What do you most like about marketers and helping them achieve The innovation and growth in SMS mar- your job? their objectives. keting has been phenomenal, as well as personally rewarding. Helping world-class marketers take ad- vantage of the immediacy, interactivity What will it take to attract and connection of mobile. more women to mobile marketing? They should come to the field now. What’s the biggest challenge in your job? It's a great industry, and while there is Mobile is still an emerging field, so there definitely a learning curve, it's a terrific is a lot of evangelizing to do. field where your technology and market- ing knowledge will be put to good use. What is your work priority Your proudest achievement Patricia Clark has worked at World for 2010? Wrestling Entertainment and Fox in mobile? I’m looking forward to building on Interactive Media. She is based in 4Info's base of hundreds of top-level Everything we have done at 4Info. New York. PAGE 9 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  10. 10. LUBNA DAJANI Founder Stratemerge “It’s not really about being mobile or not, it’s about being connected” What do you most like about Web to mobile Web to an overall con- women in the industry, as Mobile Mar- your job? nectedness model. It’s not really about keter is doing with this Mobile Women being mobile or not, it’s about to Watch list. The fact that I can be creative in the ap- being connected. plication of technology with impactful results. Your proudest achievement What is your work priority in mobile? The fact that I’m able to influence and for 2010? I have a few proud moments that were drive industry initiatives as we create client successes. It’s being recognized by My work priority for 2010, other than services that enable people to better the industry as a thought leader. the financial aspect of it, is to drive balance their physical and digital beings. more successful collaboration now that we have a critical mass of successful use Seeing the successes of mobile market- What I find really cool is the opportunity ing which I’ve evangelized for the last cases to take us beyond the question of to follow and drive industry initiatives five years makes me very proud. I’m “Is there ROI in mobile?” that materialize my vision humbled by Mobile Marketer’s acknowl- for connectedness. edgement of me. For 2010, I want to see the industry shift in its thinking so that the customer is at What’s the biggest challenge in the center of the business model. It’s not When I hear a brand echoing my words your job? about how much I’m charging the cus- in their presentation, that’s a proud mo- tomer, it’s about engaging the customer. ment for me. The biggest challenge in my job is what I enjoy the most about my job, which is to drive change and influence people as I What will it take to attract evangelize my vision. more women to mobile marketing? Key for 2010 is to put the customer at It’s our responsibility to demonstrate the the center of the business model. opportunities by creating more mentor- Lubna Dajani has worked at Viacom ing programs and more women-focused and GE. She is based in Saddle Another one is to shift our thinking from events and highlighting the impact of River, NJ. PAGE 10 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  11. 11. KIM DUSHINSKI President Mobile Marketing Profits “Educating consumers and businesses on how to engage with each other via mobile marketing is a huge opportunity” What do you most like about for 2010? It is such an exciting and fun position to your job? be in right now that I’m not sure why I’m very excited for 2010 as I have some more women aren’t diving in already. Being in a cutting-edge industry and big things on the horizon. being one of the pioneers in it. I’m creating a certification program for Your proudest achievement I love doing things that are new and ex- people studying mobile marketing in mobile? citing and mobile is certainly that. through my courses. Writing “The Mobile Marketing Hand- book,” getting it published and seeing it I really enjoy meeting wonderful people Additionally, I will be introducing the In- get the positive response that it has. in the mobile industry and the feeling ternational Association for Mobile Mar- that we are all on the same adventure. keting Entrepreneurs, which is a I’ve gotten hundreds of emails, tweets resource for people just starting in mo- and Facebook messages from readers What’s the biggest challenge in bile as well as a gathering place for around the world thanking me for help- your job? everyone who is doing mobile marketing ing them to get into mobile. professionally. When consumers think that mobile mar- I got a big kick out of knowing it went keting is synonymous with mobile spam. The purpose of the association is to pro- into a second printing within a few It really bothers me because I know that vide a road map for those interested in months of being published. when mobile marketing is done right it taking advantage of the wide variety of is actually valuable and something to be opportunities in mobile and connecting embraced. them to the tools they need to do so. Educating consumers and businesses how to engage with each other via mo- Kim Dushinski has worked at What will it take to attract bile marketing is a huge opportunity. and more women to mobile marketing? MarketAbility/ What is your work priority Honestly, I don’t know. She is based in Lakewood, CO. PAGE 11 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  12. 12. DEBORAH L. ELDRED Director of mobile and personalization R.H. Donnelley/Dex “Many women see mobile as a developer’s world which is typically dominated by men” What do you most like about What is your work priority created around the technology, we will your job? for 2010? begin to attract a broader base of talent to the industry. My job is full of exciting challenges Continuing to increase the visibility and every day, which makes it very rewarding. usage of mobile needs to be the priority Your proudest achievement I love the mobile space and how fast it for our success. in mobile? is evolving. The pride associated with launching our For me specifically, 2010 will be focused Internet local search site, Being in mobile allows me to channel on expanding the for mobile, across multiple platforms – my creativity by exploring new market- mobile experience. iPhone, iPod touch, WAP, Java, Black- ing strategies that haven’t been tried Berry and SMS – was a tremendously before because the technology to exe- We’re looking forward to expanding the fulfilling moment in my mobile career. cute them didn’t exist. types and number of platforms our mo- bile product is available on, and we Achieving the launch day involved writ- It’s thrilling to know I’m developing want to increase the features we offer ing the business plan, selling leadership partnerships with a new category of for all platforms. on accepting the concept of mobile, de- clients, like national sports teams and termining the mobile strategy, selecting event planners, to reach consumers in We’ll also be very focused on a mobile vendor, developing and execut- really fun ways. monetization efforts. ing on the best mobile platforms, and What’s the biggest challenge in then positioning it to the public. your job? What will it take to attract more women to mobile marketing? It was the culmination of a lot of blood, The biggest challenge is staying focused sweat and tears and I’m very proud of on the strategies I know are the right I believe the way to attract more women what we achieved. ones for long-term success and not fol- to mobile marketing is to highlight all lowing every shiny object that seems the different facets there are in mobile. like a more immediate and easy thing to do, and with mobile there are a lot of In my opinion, many women see mobile shiny objects. as a developer’s world which is typically dominated by men. It can also be challenging to keep every- one else focused when deviating from If we recognize development is only a Deborah L. Eldred has worked at the plan can seem so attractive in small piece of mobile, and there is an McLeodUSA and APAC Teleservices. She the moment. entire infrastructure that needs to be is based in Lone Tree, CO. PAGE 12 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  13. 13. NATALIE FARSI Head of mobile Warner Bros. Digital Distribution Warner Bros. Television Group “The mobile industry was overly carrier- centric and focused on antiquated technologies until game-changing devices like the iPhone came along” What do you most like about What is your work priority New and smarter devices have not only your job? for 2010? reinvigorated the mobile industry but they have also created a fundamental I’m working on expanding the develop- shift in the way we think about mobile Helping to drive mobile entertainment ment, distribution and marketing of a products. They have also helped to re- innovation and inventing the future diverse suite of high-quality mobile prioritize the consumer experience. along the way. products in new ways across all distribu- tion channels, leveraging and monetiz- Mobile entertainment is rapidly evolving What’s the biggest challenge in ing mobile’s unique and evolving in innovative ways and this will con- your job? capabilities to enhance the branded tinue to attract more women to media experience. mobile marketing. It’s challenging to navigate today’s frag- mented landscape of often-incompatible This includes ad-supported mobile Web new and emerging mobile platforms, sites, applications, mobile games, video Your proudest achievement technologies and devices. services and messaging products. in mobile? Creating compelling mobile products There are not enough turnkey multiplat- We aim to be innovative, industry-lead- that consumers want to purchase, and form product solutions, so it’s tough to ing and, of course, profitable in demonstrating that meaningful revenue optimize mobile content quickly and our e orts. can be generated from the cost-e ectively across all mobile marketplace. mobile platforms. What will it take to attract more women to mobile marketing? I look forward to the day when devices can talk to one another and when con- The mobile industry was overly carrier- Natalie Farsi has worked at Fox Mobile nection speeds are so fast that distinc- centric and focused on antiquated tech- Entertainment, m-Qube, America On- tions between audio, video and text nologies until game-changing devices line and Prodigy. She is based in are blurred. like the iPhone came along. Burbank, CA. PAGE 13 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  14. 14. OCEAN FINE Senior manager for client management Syniverse Technologies “Look out, men in mobile – here we come!” What do you most like about Wireless operators that own the net- My first job in the mobile industry was your job? works that our clients want to run their through a referral from a female col- programs on sometimes view the mobile league and friend – we had met each I love helping our clients learn the ins channel in a di erent way than other other when working at an interactive and outs of the mobile space, and guid- marketing channels do, i.e. traditional marketing agency. ing them through best practices in media and Internet. leveraging the mobile channel to reach In turn, I have referred several female their customers. This can be challenging, but at the same friends and colleagues into this space. time it presents my team with a great I have always worked in interactive mar- opportunity to guide clients through the Look out, men in mobile – here we come! keting and advertising in one way or an- mobile landscape and help them realize other, and this blend of creativity and their goals and objectives. technology is something that I bring to Your proudest achievement my job. in mobile? What is your work priority It’s a tie, and don’t make me pick be- Heading up client management for Syni- for 2010? tween the two, because I am extremely verse’s mobile enterprise messaging 2009 was a year of foundation-building happy with the results of both. clients allows me to help clients cre- for many of our major enterprise clients, atively bring their marketing e orts to whether through launching ongoing First, leading the team which launched the mobile channel, and integrate mo- customer service programs such as mo- the global mobile marketing programs bile into their overall strategy. bile banking or dipping their feet in mo- for the Live Earth concerts, a historic bile marketing campaigns. 24-hour music event that brought to- It’s a new channel and technology for gether an estimated 2 billion people most customers and it’s such a good In 2010, I am looking forward to part- across the world’s seven continents to feeling to be able to be a trusted advisor nering with our clients to evolve their raise awareness for global warming. for clients in this space in helping them mobile programs, increase customer par- reach their goals. ticipation and launch more complex mo- It was a great cause, and a first-of-its- bile use cases and applications such as kind mobile program that ran flawlessly What’s the biggest challenge in mobile payments and location- on a global scale. your job? based messaging. Next, leading the team which launched Right now, the biggest challenge in What will it take to attract the Boston Police Text-A-Tip program, managing clients in the mobile channel another first-of-its-kind mobile program more women to mobile marketing? appropriately is that it’s a nascent tech- that utilizes text messaging to allow nology and channel. There are many un- Just a referral from a friend! There are community members to send informa- knowns, and sometimes you have take some very strong women working in tion anonymously to the Boston risks to see results. mobile right now. CrimeStoppers Unit. It’s all about getting traditional market- As the mobile channel becomes a must- ing departments to understand the value have for brands and marketers, I hope it of a new channel and take the risks with will naturally evolve to recruit some of experimental budgets, and then to grow the strong female talent who are the Ocean Fine has worked at m-Qube and and invest in the channel to see its fiber of other interactive and traditional Euro RSCG 4D. She is based in full potential. marketing channels. Watertown, MA. PAGE 14 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  15. 15. ANNE FRISBIE Head of North America InMobi “I have become quite proficient with the use of time-zone calculators” What do you most like about 24 countries, headquartered in India, What will it take to attract your job? with o ces in Singapore, London, South more women to mobile marketing? Africa and Palo Alto, CA, and even more The mobile industry could not be more importantly, have thousands of clients Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Women to exciting right now. who are located all around Watch is a great first step. I think it will the world. help to get the word out. The pace of innovation is simply as- tounding. The excitement that I see from While this global footprint allows In- In 2008, I almost decided to stay in the consumers about the mobile Web re- Mobi to service its clients around the PC Web business. I could not be happier minds me of the early PC Web and clock, it presents work challenges with about my decision to go into mobile, search days circa 1997. late night and early morning calls. and I certainly would love more women to enter the field. With that said, advertisers and publish- Let’s just say that I have become quite ers are smarter today than they were proficient with the use of time- Your proudest achievement then about digital advertising, so adop- zone calculators. in mobile? tion of mobile advertising is happening at an even faster pace and with a I am very proud of the strong, exclusive greater intelligence of being able to What is your work priority international partnerships that I have measure its e ectiveness. helped put into place with leading North for 2010? American publishers who have built up InMobi’s revenue has increased by more InMobi is just beginning to hire more large mobile audiences including Moco- than 20 times since I began, and that is people in the U.S., so hiring and building Space, Vuclip and Jumbuck. happening in a weak media year. a team here is my top priority now and in 2010. What’s the biggest challenge in InMobi has become the clear mobile ad- your job? vertising network leader in Asia and Anne Frisbie has worked at Yahoo, Al- One of the best things about InMobi is Africa, and we are looking to replicate taVista, Zip2 and Goldman Sachs. She its global footprint. We are available in this level of success around the globe. is based in Palo Alto, CA. PAGE 15 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  16. 16. JULIE GINCHES Senior director of marketing Jumptap “Women trying to launch or further careers in mobile should focus on building their networks” What do you most like about tize and ensure all internal and external stepped out of the box with such a your job? needs are met. great initiative. I love every facet of my job, but if I have Another issue that can hold women back to select what I like most, it would defi- What is your work priority for 2010? in certain industries is their lack of de- nitely be the amazing people who work grees in certain areas, such as computer in this industry. 2009 was all about education. 2010 my science or engineering. priority will be on clearly di erentiating I have focused on emerging markets Jumptap, the value of targeting and car- Since mobile attracts diverse back- most of my career but none have been rier relationships and showcasing suc- grounds including sales, marketing and as challenging and exhilarating as mo- cesses to help advertisers understand communications – all well populated bile. It’s the convergence of three hyper how we deliver higher ROIs and publish- with females – I encourage women to growth industries – mobile, search ers how to generate more revenue try to transition into the space. and advertising. through higher CPMs. Cell phones have changed the way a Your proudest achievement We need to continue to form partner- whole world – consumers of all ages – in mobile? ships with additional carriers who un- communicates, engages, consumes derstand the value of their data and the There have been many proud achieve- media and makes purchases. role they can play in the mobile ments but the one that stands outs as a advertising ecosystem. crowning moment for the entire industry We’re helping to build a new market and was the recent Mobile Ad Summit that it takes a unique individual to operate in was held in conjunction with this type of faced-paced environment. What will it take to attract Advertising Week. more women to mobile marketing? On a daily basis I engage with so many Most events attract a lot of ecosystem di erent talented, passionate and com- Unfortunately, I do not think the prob- people. This event drew a standing- mitted individuals from all di erent lem is specific to mobile. room-only crowd of almost 500 agen- parts of the mobile ecosystem – journal- cies, brands and publishers, with a roster ists, analysts, vendors, industry associa- Many industries remain clubby for many of CEO presenters from mobile advertis- tion leaders and influencers – all united di erent reasons. Many male-dominated ing, content and technology. by a common mission, and my interac- industries reveal that women have fewer tions with them are definitely the best first-degree connections with those in Jumptap plays a leading role in dozens part of my job. positions to hire or promote them. of events globally, but it was especially Women trying to launch or further ca- rewarding helping to build the industry What’s the biggest challenge in reers in mobile should focus on building event of the year. their networks. your job? Julie Ginches has worked at Autonomy, Having enough hours in the day! The The lack of female role models also cre- Fast Search Transfer and BluePRint mobile space is so active and as a leader ates a self-perpetuating cycle, so it’s and Partners and KHJ Public Relations. in the space it is challenging to priori- fantastic that Mobile Marketer has She is based in Cambridge, MA. PAGE 16 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  17. 17. TAMARA GRUBER Vice president of marketing Crisp Wireless “My priority in 2010 is to tear down the remaining barriers causing hesitation over mobile advertising” What do you most like about what we have to o er in respect advance their career by becoming the your job? to others. mobile expert or evangelist within their organization. I have been in the mobile industry for over 12 years and it absolutely never What is your work priority for 2010? I commend Mobile Marketer for calling gets dull. attention to the opportunity and provid- My priority in 2010 is to tear down the ing role models through lists such as There is always something new around remaining barriers causing hesitation these. I encourage women to reach out the corner and I am finally seeing mobile over mobile advertising. and I, for one, am happy to serve as deliver on its promise of many years ago. a mentor. This involves helping creative agencies Being a part of this revolution and help- understand how to fully incorporate mo- ing brands figure out new and exciting Your proudest achievement bile into their campaigns, guiding media ways to interact with their audience is a in mobile? buyers through the mobile ad buying major thrill. process and demonstrating the success- In 2000 I envisioned writing a book to ful engagement metrics of rich media help large enterprises better understand What’s the biggest challenge in mobile advertising. the opportunities, ecosystem and imple- your job? mentation of wireless data applications. Working in an industry that moves What will it take to attract more women to mobile marketing? Over the next year, I helped write, edit, faster than Moore’s Law would predict design and promote “Wireless Data for in some respects, and slower in others, Every time I attend a MobileMondays or the Enterprise: Making Sense of Wireless requires you to walk a very careful line industry event, I am disappointed that Business,” published in October 2001 by of delivering today, developing for to- the ratio of women to men has not McGraw-Hill. morrow and keeping your ears to changed significantly in the past the ground. 10 years. Completing that book on top of every- thing else on my plate took a tremen- As an industry, we see overlapping tech- Yet I know that many young women dous e ort and seeing it in hardcover nologies and business models that can think very strategically about their was a bit like giving birth. confuse the customer who doesn’t know career path. the inside-baseball lingo. I believe that as mobile marketing con- My biggest challenge is crafting a clear tinues to mature, these young women Tamara Gruber has worked at Scan message that resonates with the will realize that they have a unique op- Mobile and Broadbeam. She is based in audience and helps them understand portunity to set themselves apart and New York. PAGE 17 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  18. 18. VANESSA HORWELL Chief visibility o cer and founder ThinkInk “I am having to re-educate companies that ‘PR’ does not stand for ‘press releases’” What do you most like about yes, ROI. Firstly, the pervasiveness of male leader- your job? ship in marketing and advertising It’s about having a vision and developing overall – that needs to change in order Clients, sta , media contacts, the rela- a robust strategy, and being able to exe- for women to flourish in this industry. tionships I have developed through my cute those to deliver something very columns and writing – I am surrounded meaningful. Mobile is exactly the same. There is still very much of a male-domi- by people who share my passion for nated seniority at bigger agencies learning and the unconventional, push- and firms. ing boundaries and exploring new fron- What is your work priority tiers in marketing, be it mobile, digital for 2010? For mobile, specifically, I think that more or PR. The first order of business is ridding female-led and focused forums – like companies of that nasty cloud of nega- this recognition, for instance – will I am very lucky to have a loyal and hard- tivity and reactive thinking that’s been make the industry more attractive, and working team that supports my role as hovering over them for the past certainly more accessible to women. chief visibility o cer, as well as clients 18 months. that put their absolute trust in my abili- ties to help advance and promote their Your proudest achievement I am a firm believer in the power of pos- businesses and brands. That is the in mobile? itive thinking – that can make or break a biggest reward. company’s culture. To date, this has been to communicate the immense value and power of mobile What’s the biggest challenge in First-quarter 2010 will also see us marketing to a much wider audience. launching a new mobile services divi- your job? sion. It will provide smaller companies Being on the outside can deliver an hon- The biggest, and certainly the hardest an easier entry point into the est and unbiased perspective – as in my challenge to overcome, is changing the mobile space. case – and this seems to have resonated perception of what a PR company – my with a diverse audience. PR company – does. Overall, my priority for 2010 will be to expand our capacity in existing As with anything new – and mobile I am having to re-educate companies locations – U.S., Canada, London, marketing is to a great many companies that PR does not stand for press re- Bahamas and Australia – and continue and consumers still considered new – leases, and it’s not just a simple craft or practicing what we preach, which is to education is absolutely vital in helping marketing afterthought. make the ThinkInk brands visible where them understand why mobile is a serious it counts most. marketing medium and why they should We’ve transcended that concept of get involved. pushing press releases as a sole commu- What will it take to attract nications tool: it’s time for companies to Vanessa Horwell has worked at Vin more women to mobile marketing? know that PR is a profession, one that Chilla, Wine Accessories and Taboo can deliver phenomenal results and There are two answers to this question. Group. She is based in Miami, FL. PAGE 18 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  19. 19. LISA HSIA Senior vice president Bravo Digital Media NBC Universal “At Bravo, the entire mobile team, including the vice president and managers, are female – and we’re proud of it” What do you most like about What is your work priority agers, are female – and we’re proud your job? for 2010? of it. I love working in a field where innova- I want to leverage new technology and Your proudest achievement tion is a driver of change and where social media to give our audience tools there is an appetite for experimentation. to expand their relationship with mobile in mobile? and make interacting with their phones I’m thrilled that everything we do at Just look what's happened with smart- an everyday, must-have Bravo Media, from programming to digi- phones in the last year. It is an exciting media experience. tal extensions to marketing to com- field to be in today. The growth potential merce, mobile is viewed as a key part of of mobile is tremendous. What will it take to attract the strategy. more women to mobile marketing? What’s the biggest challenge in your job? I think this is already in the works. One always hears about the potential of Many years ago, someone invited me to mobile – I just said it! – and how adop- a dinner “for the women in mobile.” And tion is skyrocketing. literally, you could fit all of us at one table. Of course, I would like to see that trans- lated into revenue as quickly as possible – Today, this is no longer true. Now you’d in everything from carriers to advertising, have to rent out a stadium! from commerce to gaming and virtual goods – so we can expand the realm of At Bravo, the entire mobile team, in- Lisa Hsia has worked at NBC News. She possibilities even further. cluding the vice president and man- is based in New York. PAGE 19 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  20. 20. THERESA HUSTON Senior vice president of client services and operations Telescope “My strong belief is that mobile media will follow the evolution of Internet marketing” What do you most like about tions in terms of how mobile should be managing a cross-carrier application your job? used, and, in turn, to work with them to was a major accomplishment. build sustainable ROI models for them. My team and I work on developing and Today, my team at Telescope has man- delivering products and services that What is your work priority aged over 60 projects in 2009 and over have never been seen before – which 225 projects over the past four years. It for 2010? continue to drive the growth of the mo- is amazing to see how far the industry bile industry – and that is both exciting In 2010 our priority is to further develop has come over recent years, and reward- and challenging! our technology to meet the market ing to see how the Telescope team, and needs we foresee. These include launch- company as a whole, has already grown What I, personally, find the most re- ing our Target In Call Ad Serving plat- and will continue to grow in future warding about my job here at Telescope form on SMS, further integrating our years. I have a great deal of pride in is working with our client services, oper- Insight CRM platform into client cam- knowing how Telescope has been instru- ations and tech teams. I believe we have paigns, and moving our transactional mental in spearheading industry growth an incredible, dynamic group of individ- model for mobile interactivity towards through developing new products and uals who are driven to learn, push the IP-based applications such as Twitter. technologies. boundaries and deliver for our clients. We are all about ROI for our clients and I am also especially proud of the work Helping individuals within the Telescope we know that enhancing our technology we did integrating mobile with our teams to grow, both creatively and pro- tools will further help them deliver value agency partner, The Marketing Store, on fessionally, is truly fulfilling. I believe the from the mobile platform and, of course, the McDonald’s Monopoly program. dedication that we all feel for our work hopefully increase their spend in This campaign was the first in which a and the company, as a whole, is re- future years. collect-and-win game was played across flected in the success of our campaigns, online and mobile simultaneously. and is part of the reason our clients What will it take to attract keep coming back to us. more women to mobile marketing? To take a project from an idea that had As mobile moves out of being a purely never been done before and watch it What’s the biggest challenge in grow into a hugely successful campaign technology-driven medium and increas- your job? that drove real value for McDonald’s and ingly into mainstream marketing, I’m Currently the biggest challenge within sure the industry will naturally attract pushed the limits of our industry was an my job is introducing new mobile tech- more women. We’re doing our part to exhilarating moment in my career. nologies to clients that are not familiar even-up the numbers: my team is 90 with the mobile space. My strong belief percent female. And it won a couple of awards too, is that mobile media will follow the evo- which is always nice! lution of Internet marketing. Your proudest achievement in mobile? In time, short codes, mobile URLs and QR codes will be viewed as essential My greatest achievement in mobile has components to clients’ campaigns in been building and leading a strong team display media, just as Web site addresses of creative, ambitious and technically are today. But at the moment it’s still savvy women and men over the past very much a step-by-step process to four years at Telescope. When I started Theresa Huston has worked at AT&T build knowledge within client organiza- my career in mobile, developing and Wireless. She is based in Los Angeles. PAGE 20 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  21. 21. JEANETTE KOCSIS Senior vice president of digital marketing Harte-Hanks “Traditional methods of database mining may not be as e ective for mobile” What do you most like about Mobile has a di erent premise though, Technology is not the focus of mobile your job? in that it’s only as e ective as it is rele- marketing. It’s the relevancy of the vant at an individual level. channel and the need for strategic mar- Throughout my 10 years at Harte-Hanks, keting-focused thinking that goes far one thing has remained the same – I love Traditional methods of database mining beyond cellular technology requirements the challenges that the market brings. may not be as e ective for mobile as and advanced application skills. they are for email or direct mail. With the advent of social media, we all I think once that is clear, we’ll see more need to change the way we think about Once companies realize this and get people in general, both men and women, marketing and interacting with our cus- started, they will wonder what took participating in the medium. tomers. On top of that, new technolo- them so long and wish they jumped gies are continually entering in sooner. the landscape. Your proudest achievement in mobile? Since my job focus is to bring new Besides this honor from Mobile Marketer? What is your work priority media into our clients’ programs, I need to stay on top of the emerging trends, for 2010? Educating marketers on mobile market- which I enjoy doing. My priority for the upcoming year is to ing is something that I truly enjoy, and I integrate social and mobile marketing love it when I see people thinking about This requires me to dig into new tech- strategies into new o erings for the how they can apply it and getting ex- nologies to guide the digital strategies agency at Harte-Hanks. cited about it. our clients should incorporate into their marketing mix. The strategies take the best advantage Creating strategies for two clients, in of both mediums while providing posi- particular: the Internal Revenue Service Mobile and social marketing have great tive user engagement and relevant mar- and a spec idea for a mobile baby intersection. I find both areas to be fas- keting to the agency’s clients. shower application were two things that cinating and full of possibilities. I am most proud of. I really want to push the envelope when it comes to creative and innovative uses The IRS campaign proved out the con- What’s the biggest challenge in of mobile marketing for our client-base. cept of unbranded mediums in govern- your job? ment and that engagement is possible To some extent, consumer adoption of even for a governmental agency. What will it take to attract mobile in particular is harder to prove to more women to mobile marketing? The mobile baby shower didn’t go live, clients, and getting some to take the first step is a challenge. Mobile reminds me of being in the IT in- but it stretched my imagination and its dustry years ago – it is most definitely a concept is something that we will con- Most companies I speak with are think- male-dominated industry. tinue to develop as an o ering. ing of mobile holistically, which means understanding the database require- Perhaps it is a technology barrier, but Jeannette Kocsis has worked at Jean- ments and data collection and analytics, this is just marketing through another nette Kocsis Consulting, UlsterNet and which may be holding them back from channel that integrates with the entire Thomas J. Doerr. She is based in taking that first step. marketing mix. Yardley, PA. PAGE 21 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  22. 22. STEPHANIE C. KOVNER-BRYANT Senior integrated marketing manager scale Unilever “Every day there is something new that needs to be evaluated and we don’t want to miss the next big thing” What do you most like about for 2010? of exciting technology that will make your job? consumers’ lives easier. To make sure that Unilever is delivering My job is constantly changing and value to our consumers where they want evolving with new it in the easiest and most technological innovations. e cient manner. I am constantly surprised with the new What will it take to attract uses for this technology. more women to mobile marketing? I think there are a lot of women already What’s the biggest challenge in involved in this space and not getting your job? the credit for it. Making sure that we’re testing and pri- As the industry continues to grow, more oritizing technology that has the best women will come into the space and get chance for adoption by consumers and retail. their deserved recognition. Every day there is something new that Your proudest achievement needs to be evaluated and we don’t in mobile? Stephanie C. Kovner-Bryant has want to miss the next big thing. Delivering grocery coupons directly to worked at Kraft, Procter & Gamble and consumers on their mobile phone via BMG. She is based in Englewood What is your work priority Samplesaint technology. This is the kind Cli s, NJ. PAGE 22 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  23. 23. HEIDI E. LEHMANN CEO MoxieQ “With most anything new, a common kneejerk reaction of larger companies and even consumers is to look for reasons why something won’t work” What do you most like about bring a concept successfully to the mar- It’s likely that today some aspects of your job? ket in spite of this. mobile and mobile marketing are caught in the throes of appearing overly techni- Generally, I really enjoy challenges that With most anything new, a common cal and undefined, which means some are within uncharted territory and kneejerk reaction of larger companies folks, both men and women, might shy where there is no guaranteed template and even consumers is to look for rea- away as the industry seems both over- in place for success. Mobile in any form sons why something won’t work, which whelming and risky. or fashion provides this to some degree is often simply because it has not been right now. done previously, so a current example of success does not exist. Your proudest achievement When we founded Third Screen – my in mobile? former company – in 2004, mobile ad- This translates to a risk bigger compa- vertising was at a very nascent stage Of course, Third Screen selling to Adver- nies typically don’t like to take. and virtually untested within the critical in 2007 was a carrier ecosystem, so moving the needle great moment. forward in mobile advertising through What is your work priority our work with Fortune 500 publishers, for 2010? But I’d say on a more personal level I got advertisers and carriers was a great deal of satisfaction from running extremely rewarding. MoxieQ is a consumer brand, so one of point on the first carrier advertising tri- our biggest priorities is user acquisition als – both Sprint and Verizon while at With my current project, MoxieQ, which is and making sure our content formula is Third Screen – and receiving approval a mobile-centric entertainment destina- on track so once we attract users to the for the first set of industry-wide ad tion with a gay sensibility, we are at- site they will not only return but with a standards while co-chairing with Kim tempting to define how a mobile-centric high level of engagement. This is the ab- Olson, then of Sprint Mobile Media Net- publisher should be built and optimized to solute key to our success. work, the mobile advertising committee take advantage of the mobile medium – for the Mobile Marketing Association. connecting, short-form content, utility, We are a cross-platform publisher but interactivity – as well as to bring gay- currently we have a mobile-centric ap- At the time both of these accomplish- themed content to the mainstream. proach to jump start our ments contributed in a small way to the user acquisition. definition of the mobile marketing As both of these can definitely be classi- ecosystem and that was incredibly ex- fied as uncharted, I enjoy almost all as- What will it take to attract citing and rewarding. pects of my job every day. more women to mobile marketing? Mobile is perhaps the most communica- What’s the biggest challenge in tion-centric medium to date and women your job? are typically natural communicators, so I I’d say with any early-stage startup such think it’s inevitable that more and more Heidi Lehmann has worked at Third as MoxieQ, it’s overcoming hurdles of women will gravitate to mobile market- Screen Media, Emerging Interest, Artifi- perception based on what hasn’t been ing and be a key force in pushing the cial Life, Kaon Interactive and done before and figuring out ways to envelope in its success and development. She is based in New York. PAGE 23 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  24. 24. NICOLE LEVERICH Director of corporate communications AdMob “My proudest achievement is helping AdMob become one of the most talked- about leaders in mobile advertising” What do you most like about people who are experts in related fields. Your proudest achievement your job? in mobile? I’m a lucky person – I love my job. What is your work priority My proudest achievement is helping for 2010? AdMob become one of the most talked- I have the opportunity to define the new More, bigger and better. about leaders in mobile advertising. terminology, standards and relationships in a field that, I believe, is going to be My goal for 2010 is to make sure every- I feel like I’ve played a role in helping to much bigger than the traditional PC- one knows how AdMob’s mobile adver- move the mobile marketing industry based Internet in the coming years. tising platform helps advertisers connect from being viewed as a minor niche, to with a quality audience of consumers on today as starting to take the center If I had to choose one part of my job in mobile devices and publishers to e ec- stage of the media conversation. particular, I would say my favorite is tively monetize their mobile tra c. working with our internal team to put out AdMob’s monthly metrics report, be- What will it take to attract cause it has increased the credibility of more women to mobile marketing? the mobile industry while driving posi- tive results for AdMob. I’ve already seen the number of women in mobile marketing grow significantly over the past several years. What’s the biggest challenge in your job? I don’t think anything needs to change The biggest challenge I face is raising drastically. Women are seeing the op- Nicole Leverich has worked at Yahoo awareness of both the mobile industry, portunity in mobile and already making and Fleishman-Hillard. She is based in as a whole, and my company, AdMob, to their presence felt in mobile marketing. San Mateo, CA. PAGE 24 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010
  25. 25. POLLY LIEBERMAN Vice president of business development and advertising sales Buzzd “Ensuring that mobile gets the proper attention and budget attribution is always a challenge” What do you most like about is always a challenge. Especially in the typically gravitate towards more your job? current market, where budgets are technical fields. being cut. I love working in an emerging sector and But many of the key opportunities in being able to educate and evangelize my As they say, no one ever gets fired for mobile are on the business side – mar- industry, both in and out of work. choosing IBM and no one ever gets fired keting, sales, product – and educating for putting their spend towards TV. women about the business-focused jobs People love their mobile phones and I and the vital role those jobs have in an love to learn about how people are using But as media fragmentation increases, organization will play a key role in at- their phones. it’s becoming harder and harder to reach tracting women to our industry. consumers through the traditional chan- I am fortunate to have the opportunity nels and mobile is stepping up as an to work with some great advertisers who Your proudest achievement amazing and personal way to reach in mobile? are dedicated to innovation, which al- today’s consumer. This obviously makes lows me to be very creative. me and everyone in my industry I guess I have a few. very happy. Oh, and I really love having access to the I have launched some very innovative latest handsets before they hit programs with advertisers. I have been the stores. What is your work priority an active member on the Mobile Mar- for 2010? keting Association mobile advertising This is really an ongoing priority, but en- guidelines committee and collaborated What’s the biggest challenge in suring that all brands are aware of the on the development of market standards your job? amazing opportunities that are available that impact all mobile advertising today. I’ve spent my entire career in digital, so through mobile marketing and advertis- ing, securing mobile as a line-item on all And, I have actively recruited some it’s hard to believe that today digital ac- plans, and, of course, capturing some of amazing talent into mobile and gotten counts for less than 20 percent of total the dollars being spent. them very excited about their role in an ad spend. emerging industry. Mobile typically falls into digital, so you What will it take to attract can only imagine what percentage of more women to mobile marketing? the digital spend goes to mobile. Polly Lieberman has worked at Rip Big fat salaries. Just kidding. Road, Juice Wireless, Kikucall, That said, ensuring that mobile gets the, and proper attention and budget attribution Our industry is fairly technical, and men She is based in New York. PAGE 25 Mobile Marketer MOBILE WOMEN TO WATCH 2010