Performance Management Pitfalls


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This presentation discusses the most common obstacles to performance management and answers the question "why performance initiatives fail". This presentation provides a look at the 6 most common obstacles, provides solutions to them and explains how Lifecycle Performance Management can help you tackle each one of them.

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  • Performance Management Pitfalls

    1. 1. Six Reasons Why Performance Management Initiatives Fail
    2. 2. Why Do Performance Initiatives Fail? FREE Performance Management Kit at
    3. 3. 1. Lack of Framework Lifecycle Performance Framework FREE Performance Management Kit at
    4. 4. 2. Failure to Adopt Best Practices Lifecycle Performance Management Best Practices Defining Phase Planning Phase 8. Employee Acceptance Management 1. Organizational Goals and Mission Management 9. Performance Management Planning 2. Performance Scope Management 10. More Time Spent Planning vs Implementing 3. Performance Team Development 11.Leadership Management 4. Vendor Performance Management 12. Employee Training 5. Vendor Standardization 13. Staff Motivation 6. Organizational Stability 14.Automated Asset Management 7. IT Cost Management 15.Systems Scalability 16.Capacity Management 17.Enterprise Policy Management Executing Phase 18.IS Training 19.Employee Performance Management Monitoring Phase 20. Information Systems Performance Management 29. Quality Management 21. Process Management 30. Performance Data Management 22.Data Integration Management 31. Business Intelligence Management 23.Performance Metrics Management 24.Performance Alignment Management 25.Cross-functional Process Management Reporting Phase 26.Systems Management 32. Project Performance Management 27.Change Management 33. Scorecard / Dashboard Development 28.Procurement Management 34. Customer Satisfaction Management 35. Service Level Tracking Management FREE Performance Management Kit at
    5. 5. 2. Failure to Adopt Best Practices (con’t) The Organizational Performance & Best Practices Analysis • 35 best practices, 280 processes • Performance Index Scoring • Feasibility Analysis • Impact Value Analysis • Customized step-by-step roadmap for immediate performance improvements • Strengths, weaknesses, and cost savings FREE Performance Management Kit at
    6. 6. 3. Ineffective measurements/metrics Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis • Measures how well your organization executes best practices • Rates your existing performance metrics in the following areas: •Definition •Effectiveness •Accessibility •Mission Alignment •Decision Making • Includes templates for developing and storing metrics and reports FREE Performance Management Kit at
    7. 7. 4. Lack of buy-in from key stakeholders • Customers, employees, vendors, senior and executive management • Several best practices address stakeholder buy-in: • Staff motivation • Employee acceptance management • Leadership development • Employee performance management • Organizational stability • Customer satisfaction management FREE Performance Management Kit at
    8. 8. 5. Poor Planning / Follow Up • The Lifecycle Performance Framework drives continuous improvement through effective planning • The Planning Phase contains 11 best practices (88 processes) • 13 planning phase templates • The custom Best Practice Roadmap provides your critical path and an easy, logical method for you to map out your own next steps as growth and change affect your business FREE Performance Management Kit at
    9. 9. 6. Insufficient Use of Business Intelligence Tools • Business Intelligence Management is one of the Lifecycle Performance Management best practices • The Lifecycle Performance Analysis evaluates you on eight processes necessary to manage your Business Intelligence • The Lifecycle Performance Management Guide explains how to choose the right tools for your specific organization • Business Intelligence tools guide provides a comparison of the top business intelligence tools FREE Performance Management Kit at