The Concepts and Principles of Lifecycle Performance Management


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The Concepts and Principles of Lifecycle Performance Management

  1. 1. Concepts and Principles of Lifecycle Performance Management?
  2. 2. What is Lifecycle Performance Management? Lifecycle Performance Management is the systematic implementation of an enterprise-wide performance strategy involving all business units, systems, personnel, products / services, projects, and initiatives. Lifecycle Performance Management is a framework, embraced by best practices and processes, and supported by proven methodologies designed to: • drive decision making • align strategic goals • promote team effectiveness • improve mission critical processes • leverage business intelligence tools • reach business objectives FREE Performance Management Kit at
  3. 3. Six Components of Lifecycle Performance Management • Lifecycle Performance Framework • Performance Management Best Practices • The Organizational Performance and Best Practices Analysis • Lifecycle Performance Roadmap • Lifecycle Performance Methodologies • FREE Performance Management KitManagement Guide Lifecycle Performance at
  4. 4. Lifecycle Performance Framework • A combination of performance-related processes, best practices and methodologies • Sequenced over five phases • Aligns people, processes and technology to organizational mission and objectives • Simplifies the execution of best practices • Raises organizational awareness and buy-in FREE Performance Management Kit at
  5. 5. Lifecycle Performance Management Best Practices Defining Phase Planning Phase 8. Employee Acceptance Management 1. Organizational Goals and Mission Management 9. Performance Management Planning 2. Performance Scope Management 10. More Time Spent Planning vs Implementing 3. Performance Team Development 11. Leadership Management 4. Vendor Performance Management 12. Employee Training 5. Vendor Standardization 13. Staff Motivation 6. Organizational Stability 14. Automated Asset Management 7. IT Cost Management 15. Systems Scalability 16. Capacity Management 17. Enterprise Policy Management Executing Phase 18. IS Training 19. Employee Performance Management Monitoring Phase 20. Information Systems Performance Management 29. Quality Management 21. Process Management 30. Performance Data Management 22. Data Integration Management 31. Business Intelligence Management 23. Performance Metrics Management 24. Performance Alignment Management 25. Cross-functional Process Management Reporting Phase 26. Systems Management 32. Project Performance Management 27. Change Management 33. Scorecard / Dashboard Development 28. Procurement Management 34. Customer Satisfaction Management 35. Service Level Tracking Management FREE Performance Management Kit at
  6. 6. The Organizational Performance & Best Practice Analysis • 35 best practices, 280 processes • Performance Index Scoring • Feasibility Analysis • Impact Value Analysis • Customized step-by-step roadmap for immediate performance improvements • Strengths, weaknesses, and cost savings FREE Performance Management Kit at
  7. 7. Lifecycle Performance Roadmap FREE Performance Management Kit at
  8. 8. Templates and Methodologies FREE Performance Management Kit at
  9. 9. Step by Step Guide • Lifecycle Performance Management processes and methodologies • Large Metrics and KPI Repository • Business Intelligence Tools Guide • Addresses key issues in performance management FREE Performance Management Kit at