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2013 Mobile Apps Q1


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Published in: Technology
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2013 Mobile Apps Q1

  1. 1. 20 HOTTESTMOBILE APPS FOR 2013MOBILE APPS FOR 2013 (so far) Victor Hernandez CNN ‘App-ologist’ February 26, 2013
  2. 2. Welcome to my latest list of 20 of the hottest mobileapps that have caught my eye in recent weeks andmonths.Some are associated with productivity while others arealong the lines of discovery, photography, news &information, health and travel.You wont be interested/want them all – but Ill bet youare intrigued by more than a few.As always you’re encourage to leave your favorites andrecommendations in the comments section.Happy tech hunting!- Victor
  3. 3. NEATLYBills itself as the smartTwitter client for iPhone.Neatly dramaticallychanges up the Twitterformula – instead ofdisplaying your timeline,tweets are grouped byinterests.Price: $1.99iPhone photo: victor hernandez
  4. 4. HAZEFeel the weather and putsome color on yourforecast with Haze. A funweather app with fluidanimations and anaudiovisual interface thatis both simple andaddictive.Price: $.99iPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  5. 5. CAM MEReady to go hands free?With this camera app younever have to worryabout fussing with thetimer setting again. Justwave and smile - boom,there it is.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: cam me
  6. 6. SWIFTKEY 4Touch screen typing takessome getting used to.Some faster than others.The newest Swiftkeyupdate provides moreaccurate corrections andbetter predictions thanother keyboard apps.Price: $3.99Android. photo:
  7. 7. WINSTONIf you prefer listening toreading, Winston may be theideal news app for you. Usershave have their Twitter,Facebook and areas of newsinterest read to you in a reallyfancy pants voice. My favoritefeature is users can wirelesslyconnect to Apple TV via AirPlayto watch/listen on a biggerscreen.Price: FreeiOS. photo: victor hernandez
  8. 8. SWITCHCAMNew web app automaticallysynchronizes footage of anevent from multiple camerasand turns it into one tidyinteractive video. Remindsme a bit of othercollaborative video apps butwith an interesting twist –viewers of the contentcontrol the produced feeds.Price: FreeAny camera. Just upload tothe service. photo: victor hernandez
  9. 9. KICKSTARTERThe crowdfunding platformfor creative endeavors hasbeen around for a fewyears... but what is new istheir iPhone app. Nowusers can search and pledgewhile on the go via thissleek, easy to navigatemobile app.Price: FreeiPhone, iPod Touch. photo: victor hernandez
  10. 10. FIND.EAT.DRINK.As someone always on theprowl for killer foodiemobile apps, F.E.D. hasleaped to the top of mycurrent rotation.Recommendations arecurated by industry insiders;top-tier chefs, sommeliers,bartenders, baristas,butchers, pitmasters, andfood purveyors. Also lovethe printable PDFcheatsheets on the website.Price: FreeiPhone. Website. photo: victor hernandez
  11. 11. FLAYVRThis app allows users totake back control of theirsmartphone’s camera roll.Flavyr instantly organizesphotos by date andseamlessly patches videoand photos into the samecollection. Best of all, theapp is intuitive and simple.Price: FreeiPhone. Android. photo: victor hernandez
  12. 12. EVERNOTE HELLOEvernote’s latest update oftheir contact managementapp offers two bigenhancements; business cardscanner and the ‘HelloConnect,’ which allows twoor more people in a roomrunning the app to wirelesslysync up their contact info.Info swapping made easier. Price: Free iPhone. Android. photo: victor hernandez
  13. 13. FLEKSYThis is the app I show to allof my touchscreenkeyboard-hesitant friendsnervous about giving up thephysical keyboard. Originallydeveloped for the visuallyimpaired, the patented techmakes typing text on yourtouchscreen a brilliantexperience.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  14. 14. SUNRISEWhy go several places if youcan achieve your goals withone. Sunrise, a new calendarapp built by two ex-Foursquare designers, pullsin your appointments fromGoogle calendar, Facebookevents and birthdays andweather outlooks.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  15. 15. VINEIn the month since Twitterintroduced Vine, a mobileservice that lets userscapture and share shortlooping videos, it’s taken offabout as well as the socialnetworking giant could’vehoped. Big brands, newsoutlets and creative Twitterusers have flocked. Thelimitation for producingcreative content in sixseconds is both the beautyand challenge of Vine.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  16. 16. PIXPLITNeat twist on the crowdedmobile photo collage app space.Pixplit is a creativecollaboration network wherefriends create social photos(called Splits) together in asingle frame using their mobilephones. Post a photo slice intoa frame and wait for anotheruser to fill out the picture,often from another part of theworld.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  17. 17. ANY.DOManaging yourprocrastination is now alittle easier. This popularreminder app was justupdated to support a newfeature calledAny.Do Moment, a quickand fun overview of yourday and the things youhave on your list.What I love most aboutthis app is users aregreeted with a simple listbroken into four sections:Today, Tomorrow,Price: FreeiPhone. Android. photo: victor hernandez
  18. 18. SHOWSCOOPIf you attend a lot of concerts,you’ll want to check outShowscoop. This app bills itselfas “Yelp for concerts,” givingusers a chance to rate livemusic shows they see and sharethose ratings with others.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  19. 19. HOTEL TONIGHTThe app makes it easy tosearch for and book hotels,and leverages hotels’ desireto fill up their rooms tohelp you get huge discounts– as much as 70% off. Thecatch is you can’t book untilnoon the day of. HT hasbeen around for a fewyears, but they update theapp all the time introducingnew cities.Price: FreeiPhone. Android. photo: victor hernandez
  20. 20. CINEMAMAInterested in a digital keepsakeof the baby bump? There’s anapp for that! Women cancreate a time-lapse video oftheir pregnancy – and get healthtips along the way – through anew iPhone app calledCineMama available from theMarch of Dimes.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez
  21. 21. LLAMADo you sometimes forget toswitch your ringer off onceyou hit the office orclassroom? This niftyGoogle app automaticallyswitches specific phonesettings depending onwhere you are. Purebrilliance via automatedconvenience!Price: FreeiPhone. photo:
  22. 22. EVENTSTERBills itself as Pandora foryour events. This mobileapp helps you discovernightlife, concerts, festivals,sports, theater and morearound you. See what’strending around you, searchbased on your tastes or findout what your friends areup to.Price: FreeiPhone. photo: victor hernandez