For Designers, Engineers, Marketers,                                             “G                                       ...
It all began 9 years ago, during my first creative project.As a young and inexperienced engineer, and then later as a mark...
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Flyer - Persuasion Note Cards


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Flyer - Persuasion Note Cards

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Flyer - Persuasion Note Cards

  1. 1. For Designers, Engineers, Marketers, “G FR o-P boo rap thSpeakers, Salespeople, Womanisers... EE ers k h e gift uas ion ” THE PERSUASION NOTE CARDS A visual aid that reminds you the tricks and techniques that influence human behaviour 52 ways to persuade from the sciences of behavioural economics and social psychology Be more creative when brainstorming ideas Be more persuasive in your business and social circles
  2. 2. It all began 9 years ago, during my first creative project.As a young and inexperienced engineer, and then later as a marketer, I wasoften in the library. When working on new products or marketing projects,I constantly looked for information on design ethnography and, how tounderstand and influence human behaviour. For quick and easy reference,I noted the techniques on cards.Then I’ve realised that having ideas is good, but you must still be able to sellthem. In business and engineering schools, my lecturers had taught me howto think, but not how to talk. “I am a creative person, not a salesperson”, is acommon excuse in the creative community. That’s why so many great projects,strategies and causes are lost. Good ideas, bad presenters.Learning how to pitch in front of clients and my superiors was costly. Afterseveral mistakes, and with the development of the Grapho-Persuasion method,I began also noting sales techniques on cards.The Persuasion Note Cards is a collection of the best persuasion techniquesand principles, used for centuries by the greatest marketers, salesmen, productdesigners, politicians and womanisers. The 52-card deck is fun, easy to use andeasy to carry.Each card illustrates a “weapon of mass persuasion”, drawn from the sciencesof behavioural economics and social psychology, with real-life examples. Whenbrainstorming with your team and clients during a project, or when preparingyourself for a meeting, keep these cards visible at all times. They will remindyou how persuasion works, and how to integrate elements of it in your work.From business and personal experiences, I guarantee you that you will find the52-card deck useful. If you don’t, offer it to someone who will benefit from it,or contact me at for a 100% refund. No quibble.Victor Semo,Creator of the Persuasion Note Cards