Reading skills how parents shouw their love


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Reading skills how parents shouw their love

  1. 1. Identifying the story map in reading (3) Victor GAO Zhejiang International Studies University 23 November 2010
  2. 2. How parents show love A reading passage from 21st Century Newspaper for junior middle school learners Victor GAO Zhejiang International Studies University 23 November 2010
  3. 3. A lead-in storyWhen? Who? Why? Where? What? The idea behind?
  4. 4. Mother dog Huahua and her babies 3 yrs ago Mother dog Huahua To feed her babies By Yangzi River Swam across the river Animals show love as humans do
  5. 5. Two parent birds Chimpanzees Dog Huahua Great Animal Love Animals show Love as we humans do Animals show Love to other animals Chim Anjana and A baby lion
  6. 6. Koala Emperor penguin Orangutan Great Animal Love
  7. 7. Koala mother koala carry her baby for a whole year. Emperor penguin father penguin stay with the baby even the wind may blow him away. Orangutan Orangutan mothers take six to seven years to bring up their children. Great Animal Love
  8. 8. • This is a true story. It happened three years ago. A rainstorm hit Chongqing and made the Yangtze River rise, when the rain stopped, people there found that a dog called Huahua swam across the river to an island twice a day for two weeks. Why? Huahua’s four children was trapped (被困住) on the island. She swam there every day to feed her babies.
  9. 9. • Animal show love the same way we humans do, and Huahua is not the only example. British scientist Jane Goodall spend 14 years living with chimpanzee ( 猩猩 ) in Africa. She found that chimpanzees cared for each other when others got hurt, scared or lost their parents. “It is not only human who are smart and responsible, animals also are,” she said.
  10. 10. • The two birds in Chengdu show parental love when their child was hurt and fell on the street in the center of the city. Cars kept driving past but the brave parents rushed down to the road and grabbed( 抓起 ) the little birds away with their claws( 爪子 )
  11. 11. • Animal not only love their own children but also care for other animals babies. According to a British paper, a chimpanzee named Anjana in an animal research center takes care of a baby lion. She feeds the lion carefully every day. “They are just like mother and son,” a research staff member said.
  12. 12. Koala A Koala has one baby at a time. A baby koala is only 2 cm long when it is born, and doesn’t have fur( 皮毛 ), sight or hearing. The baby koala slowly develops a sense( 感觉 ) of touch and smell. It climbs into its mother’s brood pouch( 育儿袋 ) by itself and stays there for six months. The baby never come out of the pouch during this time. Later on, it will stay for anther six months on its mother’s back until it can take care of itself. The mother koala will carry her baby for a whole year. She carries it when she climbs trees, sleeps or finds food.
  13. 13. Emperor Penguin A mother Emperor Penguin lays egg and then immediately goes back to the see to find food. It is the father penguin that takes care of the egg. The father penguin puts the egg on his feet and lowers his belly to cover the egg to make it warmer. The father penguin stands like this for 60 days without any water or food.
  14. 14. Emperor Penguin Penguin lays eggs in the cold of winter and it is hard for little penguins to survive in such bad weather. When the snow and the storms come, the father chooses to stay with her baby even the wind may blow him away. The little penguin will be independent within three month is of their birth. Then they will leave their parents and start their lives.
  15. 15. Orangutan( 毛猩猩红 ) Orangutans take six to seven years to bring up their children. They are very patient with their children. Usually, mothers will feed their babies for three years and the little orangutans are dependent for another three or four years. A baby orangutan lives with its mother during this period. When an orangutan grows up, it leads its own life. But the mother always comes back to have a look at her children.
  16. 16. Orangutan( 毛猩猩红 ) Orangutans like to find food in the daytime and make a new place to sleep every night —usually high on a tall tree. Scientists show that in order to avoid( 避免 ) enemies, mother orangutans need to make almost 10,000 different places for their children to sleep in their lifetimes. It is great parental love that lets mothers do this.