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Reading skills dreams' story map


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Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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Reading skills dreams' story map

  1. 1. Identifying the story map in reading (2) Victor GAO Zhejiang International Studies University 23 November 2010
  2. 2. Inside a dream A reading passage from 21st Century Newspaper for junior middle school learners 高 歌 浙江外国 学院语 2010 年 11 月
  3. 3. Inside a dream A reading passage from 21st century newspaper for junior middle school learners Victor GAO Zhejiang International Studies University 23 November 2010
  4. 4. Skimming 就是 廓轮 阅读
  5. 5. Story map 1
  6. 6. Dreams What’s in a dream? •Monsters •Chocolate house •No schooling Dream facts •A series of something while asleep •1/3 of life sleeping, 6 yrs dreaming Lead-in How do we understand a dream •People’s beliefs: in cultures •Scientist’s beliefs: a window into a desire or it is nothing. •Technology use: get into it!
  7. 7. Scanning 就是找读
  8. 8. • Inside your dreams • HAVE you watched the new Hollywood movie, Inception? (盗梦空 )间 It tells an amazing story about people’s dreams: People can walk into other’s dreams and steal their secrets. What is a dream ? What do dreams tell us? Fellows Teens as we look for the answers.
  9. 9. You fight scary monsters; you live in a house made of chocolate; you don’t have to go to school anymore. How could all of these impossible things happen? --- in my dreams. A dream is a series of pictures, ideas and emotions playing in the mind during sleep. Humans spend one third of life sleeping and six years dreaming. A person usually has three to five dreams a night, although one may not remember his or her dreams.
  10. 10. Many dreams, at least the ones we remember, are strange and interesting. That’s why most people believe that dreams must have some deep meaning or important message. However, people in different cultures have different understandings of the same dream. For example, when dreaming of fire, Chinese people think of money. The Japanese would say it’s “trouble”. For people in the West, a dream of fire means something new is coming.
  11. 11. Scientists have very different opinions about the deep meaning of dreams. Some believe that a dream is only a normal process of sleep and doesn’t tell us anything. Other scientists think that a dream is a direct message from one’s mind. Dreams are like a window into one’s desires ( 愿望 ) and fears. For example, if you’re very nervous about an exam, you may have nightmares ( 噩梦 ) of monsters running after you.
  12. 12. Technology also helps us to know more about dreams. In the film Inception, people enter others’ minds while they are dreaming. Well, in real life we can do that, too. Scientists can now read people’s dreams by scanning ( 描扫 ) their brain ( 大脑 ) activity during sleep. Would you let scientists look into your dreams?