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Christmas is not just a time to shop for yourself, go to church, party around, or even brood upon the birth of Jesus but a time to celebrate you wife or spouse. Go through this slide for a brief presentation on the things you can do to improve and strengthen your love life. This can also serve as a guide line for the upcoming couples.

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Celebrate her this

  1. 1. Celebrate Her ThisChristmas Evergreen R. Victor
  2. 2. IntroductionChristmas is a day when Christianscelebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It isalso a time to remember loved ones.Remembering loved one’s isn’t enoughand therefore, should be improved.Husbands are expected to use thisoccasion to remember their wives andappreciate them; making this Christmasseason a remarkable one for them.
  3. 3. Get ReadyGet ready for an awesome time that willbring changes in your relationship andstrengthen your love life. Remember,when these changes happen, don’tforget to call this line: 08191855257
  4. 4. Tell Her You Love Her Spill your most loving thoughts to her this Christmas. Create in her again the mental images you had with her at the beginning of the relationship and get ready for a kiss. ACTION ONE
  5. 5. Get Her a Gift This Christmas Go your way, get her a precious gift. If you can get her a gift with a high prize tag, it will go a long way in your relationship. Expensive gifts will always leave an indelible mark that her leaving her with the thought that her value is of a respectable one. ACTION TWO
  6. 6. Open Up The Doors For Her You may need to give-up the African idea of not extending your hands to open the doors for her. It could be the door to the car, house, or room. Reach out your hands today and assist her with the doors as she paths or drives way. ACTION THREE
  7. 7. Give her the Best Kiss The way you kiss your wife or spouse shouldn’t always be the same. Try to read or discover new ways to make her feel the gentle move of your lips. This will help your love life grow. If you’re not married yet to your spouse, this part should be reserved after marriage. This could lead to sex. ACTION FOUR
  8. 8. Take Her For OutIn your location, there should be aplace with extra-romantic touch toyour love life. Find that place andtake her out. If there is non, go toany nearby fast-food with a goodand healthy environment. Book fora space and ask them to decorate atable with romantic touches. Youmay ask for a waiter or waitress towait beside. ACTION FIVE
  9. 9. Show Her The Future Your wife or spouse will love it when you let her into your new year plan. Do not leave her aside of your plans for the next year. You may never know the relevance of our contribution to modify extensively your plans and as well proffering feasible ways to it. ACTION SIX
  10. 10. Take Some Drinks Together This could be done occasionally during the Christmas season. Caution should be applied when taking alcohol drinks. Preferably, use non-alcoholic wine. You may have to set up a romantic table for such. You can as well discover other ways to make it memorable. ACTION SEVEN
  11. 11. Take Some PicturesYou might need to take her to aphoto studio or preferably take thesnap shots yourself. This will helpyou update your photo album.Locate some good and memorablesites for your snap shorts such as inTinapa Resort. ACTION EIGHT
  12. 12. Make Your Bed Romantic The way your bed looks every day might not be the ideal way to strengthen or renew your relationship. Go your way today and make purchases of romantic bed spreads and duvets. You can also buy fragrant candles to supplement your room. This will go a long way in boosting your sex and romance life this season. ACTION NINE
  13. 13. Check On Your Sleeping Children Together Your wife or spouse will be happy when he finds you are caring to your children. Take her along to moon over them at night. The ideal time to moon over them is when theyre soundly asleep, like angels. Tiptoe in together and revel in the fact that you made these wondrous little creatures. And remember, be very, very quiet. ACTION TEN
  14. 14. Walk Arm In ArmLearn to hold her hands whiletaking a walk. Or spoon at night fora couple of minutes, even if youcan only fall asleep with your backstoward the middle of the bed. Incase you hadnt noticed, physicalaffection and not just of the sexualvariety is one of the loveliest perksof marriage. Indulge in it often. ACTION ELEVEN
  15. 15. Go To Occasions Together It is proper to take along your wife or spouse to occasions. When you’re invited to an occasion, let her know about it. Help her get ready the attire needed for such occasion. Be proud of her while in the occasion and do carry her along. ACTION TWELVE
  16. 16. Dance with HerYou may have to go your waytoday and purchase any of thesongs that reminds you of your firstdates. She may not be ready for it,then you need to find out the besttime to get her dancing orromantically make her dance withyou. ACTION THIRTEEN
  17. 17. Help Her Out In The Kitchen You should assist her in the kitchen throughout the Christmas season. Help her cut the meat, fry the potatoes, wash the dishes etc. You should also go the extra mile in helping her even while she’s not at home or as she watches you or reads the news paper. ACTION FOURTEEN
  18. 18. Think Of Other Ways To Show Her That You Care For Her Be innovative when it comes to caring for her. Develop multiple ways of exhibiting care and love to your spouse or wife. Do this as though your life depends on it. Let it be your daily routine this next season. ACTION FIFTEEN
  19. 19. In ConclusionCelebrating your wife is the best thing you cando to boost and sustain the love existingbetween you and your wife. Do all these asoften and see if you can make it part of yourmarriage life. ACTION FIFTEEN
  20. 20. QuoteYour love for her doesn’t really cost you a thingbut your heart. -Evergreen R. Victor
  21. 21. Hamilton Singles R e s o u r c e C e n t e r Thank you as we put our hands together to make your single life experience worth living for this seasonEvergreen R. VictorChief-Executive Officer