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Zeek rewards1

  1. 1. ZeekRewards O afacere in care nu trebuie sa muncesti decat 5 min/zi ! Oferta: primesti 50 USD cadou daca intri ca membruSilver,Gold sau Diamond! Nu este o gluma: este o situatie Win-Win! Toata lumea castiga!
  2. 2. 1997 apare FSC Store, un SuperMagazin de vanzari en-gros! Estefondat de o echipa de programatori,(acum 15 ani-ATENTIE!) 4 milioanede reprezentanti si consumatori in175 de tari!2009:apare Zeekler, o combinatieunica de economisire, caştigsalarial şi divertisment!2011 este lansat ZeekRewards, careeste Divizia online de marketing aFree Store Club si Zeekler!
  3. 3. ANIVERSARE ! Scrisoarea lui Paul Burks, fondatorul, la a 15a aniversare a firmei! Este vorba deci despre o firma cu vechime in vanzari reale si online!• 15 Years and counting!• Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:12 AM PDT•• Greetings My Friends,• Paul Burks here. I haven’t written a letter here for a while and I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind for the past few weeks.• First, today, June 24th, 2012, marks the 15th company’s 15th anniversary. The company started as Signed and Numbered International Inc. on June 24th, 1997 in the basement of my house in Lexington, NC. We restructured as Rex Venture Group LLC in 2003.• During those fifteen years we have seen many changes both in the industry and even within our company itself. When we started, everything was done by phone, fax and postal mail. The Internet was not much of a factor in those days. Through the years we have evolved through numerous phases in products, services, pay plans, marketing methods and technology.• One thing that has never changed, however, is our commitment to always keep the best interest of our affiliates at the forefront of everything we do! In 2001 Darryle Douglas and I began a quest to create something we called Exact Method Marketing. The idea was to find a way to reverse the 97% failure rate that had always been the reality in network marketing.• It took us TEN YEARS of hard work, trial and error, and harsh criticism to finally achieve that goal. With the creation of ZeekRewards we finally were able to develop a truly task-driven, system based opportunity that allows people who do not have sales and recruiting skills to finally earn from a home- based business!• Zeek has become probably the fastest growing company in our industry’s history. But that has not come without detractors. When you are number one you become an easy target. And the Internet makes it easy to spread bad news quickly.• I have always made it my policy to never respond to the hateful, negative, critical and mostly false rantings of those who would love to see us fail. I will continue that policy. Just know that it is pretty easy to find fault and point fingers and criticize people who are actually accomplishing something. These pundits like to take whatever we write or say and twist it around into something totally different, or even illegal.• I know that you are probably tired of hearing about “growing pains” but they are indeed a factor that we have to deal with every day. We have gone from two web servers to forty web servers in the past four months. Our affiliate and customer base is growing so fast that it is nearly impossible to keep pace with the support infrastructure.• 99.9% of all transactions on the site happen flawlessly. But when you have this many transactions going on, that .1% amounts to hundreds of little glitches. Our critics latch on to those and try to make it appear that we are a bunch of bumbling idiots, or even worse, that we are deliberately trying to hurt our affiliates! How crazy would THAT be??• I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you who have stood by the company through everything that we’ve all been through together. And a special thanks to Dawn for all that she does. She works tirelessly to get the systems in place to deal with the growth and the challenges that it presents. Thanks D, and CONGRATULATIONS on being voted the top MLM leader in the world! I’m SO proud of you.• Have a wonderful weekend!• To your MASSIVE Success!• Paul Burks
  4. 4. Bine ati venit la ZeekRewards Firma vinde produse prin licitatie! Cei care au cumparat actiuni, bilete de licitatie, BIDuri, liciteaza si….castiga! (sau nu gastiga!) Cand plasezi un BID, pretul produsului creste cu 1 banut! Noi, facem reclama firmei,cumparam BIDuri, le oferim GRATUIT unor clienti, care se inscriu pe pagina noastra de vanzari. Acesti clienti, multumiti, sau nemultumiti, cumpara mai multe actiuni si liciteaza din nou! Firma castiga! Firma imparte 50% din castig cu membri afiliati! Este o situatie Win-Win! Toata lumea castiga! Tot ce trebuie sa faci ca afiliat, este sa muncesti 5 min/zi, sa plasezi o reclama a firmei, pe o pagina de anunturi online internationala! Daca cumperi BIDuri, iti maresti % zilnic de castig! Daca iti faci o echipa, adica inscrii cat mai muti afiliati, primesti % din investitia lor!
  5. 5. Pasii de urmat • 1.Primul pas: semnezi GRATUIT • 2.Daca doresti intradevar sa castigi, alegi sa fii membru deplin: Silver, Gold sau Diamant • 3.Munca ta zilnica va fi aceea de a pune un anunt al firmei, intr-un ziar online (FREE).Vei pune anuntul ce include linkul tau! Firma este din ce in ce mai cunoscuta, vanzarile cresc si firma te recompenseaza pentru munca ta! • 4.Investeste si cumpara BIDuri (actiuni).Da aceste BIDuri clientilor! Castigi VIP puncte!
  6. 6. Membru GRATUIT (FREE) Poti intra si ramane membru GRATUIT! La intrare primesti 100 puncte! Postezi 1anunt in fiecare zi, si castigi puncte! La 90 zile firma isi retrage cele 100 puncte ce ti le-a dat! In tot acest timp poti castiga% de la cei pe care-I inscrii! Este un drum anevoios…si care nu-ti va aduce satisfactii! Pentru membri FREE, nu am nici o oferta! Pot doar sa iti dau un sfat: te inscrii cu o adresa personala, mai putin importanta si testezi sistemul! Nu va dai datele reale, nu treci contul Payza pentru a primi bani….Daca totul ti se pare corect si intre timp, luand legatura cu mine, te-ai decis sa intri in afacere cu adevarat, te vei inscrie cu o adresa personala reala…. Toate acestea insa le putem discuta la telefon, pe mess sau pe Skype!
  7. 7. Cum castigi online? Multi iti propun sa intri GRATUIT pe pagini in prelansare,etc… ce-ti vor aduce castiguriimense, daca inscrii cat mai multi prieteni, pe 5 linii…etc! Nu vreau sa insir aici multimea de “afaceri uimitoare cu investitie ZERO”….Stai linistit…le-am parcurs si eu!Afacerea ZeekRewards, este simpla:Investesti, muncesti si castigi!
  8. 8. Membru Silver Membrul Silver plateste o taxa lunara de 10 USD/luna si primeste 110 puncte la intrare si 10 puncte in fiecare luna,la plata taxei lunare! Deja, ca membru Silver, castigi un % mai bun si ai o perspectiva! ACUM, iti ofer o sansa unica! Primesti un cadou de 50 USD, la inscrierea ca membru SILVER, daca urmezi pasii pe care ai sa- gasesti in prezentare, putin mai departe!Membrul Silver-este cea mai uzitata forma de a intra in afacere!Necesita o investitie mica de circa 40 lei/luna! Poti sa prevezi ca veiinvesti circa 30 USD(120 Lei) in trei luni, pana cand vei vedea caafacerea se mareste: ajungi la un numar considerabil de puncte, itifaci echipa si castigi % de la fiecare inscris! In plus ca sponsor,pana iti alimentezi contul Payza cu bani, pot sa te ajut printr-untransfer de dolari, contra sumei transferate intr-un cont bancarBCR,RB sau BT.
  9. 9. Membru GOLD Membrul Gold plateste o taxa lunara de 50 USD/luna si primeste 150 puncte la intrare + cate 50 puncte la achitarea taxei lunare! Oferta este valabila si pentru membri GOLD: primesti un cadou de 50 USD, la inscrierea ca membru GOLD, daca urmezi pasii pe care ai sa-i gasesti in prezentare, putin mai departe!
  10. 10. Membru DIAMANT• Join as a Diamond member! Membrul Diamant plateste o taxa lunara de 99 USD/luna si primeste 200 puncte la intrare si 100 puncte in fiecare luna,la plata taxei lunare! Ca membru Diamant, castigi un % mai bun si ai cea mai buna perspectiva de castig! Oferta mea este valabila si pentru membrii Diamant! Primesti un cadou de 50 USD, la inscrierea ca membru DIAMOND, daca urmezi pasii pe care ai sa- gasesti in prezentare, putin mai departe!
  11. 11. Despre munca ta zilnica, de 5 minute!Dupa ce te-ai inscris, intri in biroul tau virtualsi vei gasi diverse sectiuni: Training, Contpersonal, Balanta castigurilor, Plaseaza unanunt...etc!Vom incepe cu sectiunea ANUNTURILOR!
  12. 12. De aici alegi anuntul, ziarele siconfirmi anuntul tau plasat online!
  13. 13. De aici incepi: pasul 1 alegi un anunt, pasul 2 alegi din lista de ziareonline, un ziar, te inregistrezi (GRATUIT) si apoi la pasul 3 pui linkul anuntului tau in 3 casute, pentru a dovedi ca ai plasat anuntul tau !
  14. 14. Alegi un anunt din listele de anunturi! In aceasta lista, ai un anunt prescris, cu linkul afacerii tale inclus!
  15. 15. De exemplu poti alege , pentru ca esti membru Silver, acest anunt! El cuprinde deja linkul tau!
  16. 16. Acesta este linkul tau personalizat, in cazul meu, “makemoregold” !
  17. 17. Poti alege alt anunt sau poti sa-l adaugi la primul, de la Silver….
  18. 18. Alegi din lista de ziare online!
  19. 19. Eu am ales “iNetGiant”
  20. 20. Confirmi ca ai pus anuntul!
  21. 21. Situatia mea din 5 aug 2012!
  22. 22. Cum primesti cei 50 USD cadou?