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Wellness home presentation


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Wellness home presentation

  1. 1. Wellness Home certification provided by NIKKEN, Inc. A home should be a safe haven from the outside world. Industrial pollution. Water contamination. Depleted soils and nutritionally deficient foods. Stress. Lack of physical activity. Too much to do. Too little rest, no real relaxation. The biggest question facing families today is — “How many of these dangers find a place in our homes?” A wellness home is your commitment to the health and happiness of the people you love.NAVIGATION TIPS: “P” = Previous “N” = Next “ESC” = Quit
  2. 2. NIKKENa.k.a. Nihon Kenko Zoushin Kenkyukai Japanese Health Research Institute NIKKEN was founded in Japan in 1975. Today they are a multi-billion dollar, multi- national company that came to America in 1989. They moved their world headquarters from Fukuoka, Japan to Irvine, CA in 1999. Now in 36 countries with over 30 million satisfied customers, NIKKEN is recognized as a world leader in wellness. The objective is to keep these four areas in balance: It is a company Environment for those who Fitness want to invest Nutrition in good health! Rest & Relaxation “N” = Next
  3. 3. Healthcare Largest Industry in USA — $2 Trillion Is your doctor your healthcare provider? Perhaps it is the health insurance company? Medical care is all based on drugs and surgery. According to the Nutrition Institute of America, Inc.’s report, over 784,000 people die annually due to medical mistakes — the leading cause of death in the United States. Heart disease, cancer and strokes are bad enough. Now we have to ponder taking drugs prescribed by a doctor. Drugs like Vioxx, Celebrex, Aleve, Bextra, etc. have been chemical nightmares for the human body. Sounds more like sick-care — not healthcare! “N” = Next
  4. 4. Back to the Basics There are 5 basic essentials of life Oxygen O You are the Water W Nutrition N OWNER of Exercise E Rest R your health!You can either continue down the same path and hope you don’t getsick OR take steps now to prevent sickness starting in the home —a NIKKEN Wellness Home.Perhaps you are already sick and want to take control of your healthbut not sure how. We invite you on a wellness journey … “N” = Next
  5. 5. Air Wellness™ Power5™ Oxygen Technology that works without producing ozone! Super efficient reduction of common pollutants, through 5 stages of filtration A negative-ion generator that produces the charged molecules found in forest air A selectable aromatherapy system with aromatic blends that can help you relax TIP: Turn volume 6:05 up. Click screen to play or pause Home unit is automated, self-regulated operation, and remote control For those on the go who want clean air — take the Air Wellness™ Traveler in your car, hotel room or from room to room in your home. To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  6. 6. PiMag™ Water Systems Water “Pi” means “the water of life” NIKKEN offers water products for counter sinks, 2:52 hot/cold dispensers or as a stand alone. TIP: Click screen For people on the move use to play or pause the PiMag water bottle Less expensive (23-29¢ per gallon) than bottled water ($1-2 per gallon) Ionized minerals assist in reducing water hardness, and help to regulate the acid / alkaline (pH) balance Mineral elements produce pi water, a discovery known in Japan as “the water of life”; magnetic technology is added To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  7. 7. PiMag™ Water Optimizer Oxygenated Water Local utility water may not be consistent in quality or composition; optimizing your PiMag™ water promotes consistency Uses strong complex-field magnetics, pi and cyclone oxygenation to produce optimal water Features technology designed to adjust pH — add ions — and add pi This extraordinary, patented technology is not found in any other product To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  8. 8. PiMag™ Vitalizing Shower with Vitamin C Conditioned Water Advanced filtration helps clean the water; pi ceramics and far-infrared technology produce the “water of life” — plus negative ions are added Vitamin C neutralizes chlorine without using harsh chemicals and conditions the water TIP: Click screen 2:50 to play or pause A vortex rotor and a 1,200-gauss magnet complete the process Attaches to plumbing and any standard showerhead “N” = Next
  9. 9. Kenzen Wellness™Daily Nutrition Paks Nutrition Kenzen means “complete health” 3 capsules offers 21 vitamins and minerals recommended for daily consumption and free-radical- fighting compounds to help the body resist aging 2 capsules for women offers soy isoflavones and other ingredients for proper hormonal balance OR 7:04 TIP: Click screen to play or pause 2 capsules for men offers saw palmetto, zinc and pygmeum africanum for prostate health 1 softgel capsule containing Omega-3 & 6 fatty acids for daily consumption To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  10. 10. Jade GreenZymes™ Barley Grass Helps support your body’s nutritional needs and correct food imbalances Helps offset the effects of a poor diet Immune system support Detoxifying, for circulatory and colon health 6:00 TIP: Click screen Skin elasticity, to help prevent the to play or pause appearance of aging Natural pH regulation, to influence the body’s acid/alkaline stability To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  11. 11. Kenzen™ Ciaga™ Fruit Juice Contains 7 whole juices, 14 natural extracts Cardiovascular — ingredients that support heart and cardiovascular system health Immune — can help in maintaining a strong immune system Antioxidant — known to protect against free radical damage and support the body’s natural defenses 2:50 TIP: Click screen to play or pause Gastrointestinal — a healthy GI tract improves nutrient absorption and also sustains many other physiological functions Adaptogenic — nutrients and herbs that can assist the natural physical response to managing stress Many times higher in antioxidants than other juice drinks, made entirely from whole foods, all-natural juice — no added sugar or water “N” = Next
  12. 12. Lactoferrin Gold 1.8™ Lactoferrin The gold standard in nutrition! Premium quality, ultra-pure, concentrated An alternative to high-fat dairy products, and it contains no lactose Supports intestinal and immune system activity and enhances the body’s natural antioxidant response Precision technology requires approx. 6:53 TIP: Click screen to play or pause three liters (3.17 quarts) of milk to produce a single capsule Based on a suggested average daily intake value, a daily dosage of 60mg of lactoferrin for a month is 1.8 grams To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  13. 13. Kenzen™ Fruit & Berry / Vegetable Capsules Fruit & Veggie Made from 26 fruits and vegetables Helps meet recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables Made entirely from whole foods, no non-food ingredients Offers an extremely broad range of phytonutrients, enzymes and 1:34 TIP: Click screen to play or pause micronutrients. Offers natural antioxidants and supports circulatory and cardiovascular function “N” = Next
  14. 14. CardioStrides™ Ultra Exercise Better and safer than ankle weights! Ergonomically designed for proper balance w/ three different weighted inserts — choose the correct weight for your activity. Raise metabolic rate and burn calories in a brisk 30 minute walk or daily chores Tone and strengthen muscles; better TIP: Click screen posture 3:53 to play or pause In addition to CardioStrides™, NIKKEN offers Meal Replacement and Crave Control nutrition products to help you lose weight! To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  15. 15. KenkoWave™ Infrared Treatment System Fight Pain! Medicare Code: E 0200-NU Insurance Code: 99070-NU Completely natural form of energy — infrared waves Treat pain — occasional or chronic It’s painless, safe and simple — easy as pressing a button It needs no prescription, and it’s ready whenever you are, at home or 3:12 TIP: Click screen to play or pause away Offers distinct advantages over drugs or surgery and is also a quantum leap beyond primitive pain relievers To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  16. 16. Cetyl Myristoleate (CM) Arthritis Request a sample of the CM Complex Skin Cream There is a safe alternative to prescription drugs NIKKEN’s Joint nutrition is an easy-to- swallow softgel, proprietary formula that includes cetyl myristoleate, glucosamine and methyl sulfonyl methane One capsule is a proprietary blend of the highest concentration of cetyl myristoleate (30%) complex available to support joint and tissue health, and to help lubricate joints and surrounding tissues. NIKKEN’s CM Cream is a proprietary cetyl myristoleate blend formulated with pi water and exclusive liposomes, allowing them to be rapidly absorbed. “N” = Next
  17. 17. Magsteps®Diabetic Neuropathy The product that started it all in 1975 Historic research reports new hope for 80 million people with diabetes worldwide. Published in Archives of Physical Medicine: NIKKEN Magsteps® described as non-invasive and “cost effective with no side-effects.” “Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) is a common and often disabling complication of diabetes mellitus (DM) … As many as 8 million diabetics in the United States will experience neuropathic pain at some point in their lives. The present study provides convincing data confirming that the constant wearing of static, permanent, magnetic insoles produces statistically significant reduction of neuropathic pain.”For press release, click HERE. “N” = Next
  18. 18. Magnetic Biaxial Rotation Energy Magnetic Biaxial Rotation is the next level — a dimension that has never been seen until now from NIKKEN Target discomfort area with the PalmMag™ 1000 and Biaxial Super Mini The Biaxial Body Energizer™ will relax you after a hard day or energize you to 2:39 TIP: Click screen to play or pause take on the day Simply sit down, place your feet on the Energizer™ and feel the energy To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  19. 19. Kenko Dream™ Sleep System Rest Kenko means “health” The WFC has given an exclusive endorsement to the NIKKEN Sleep System Click banner for press release Comfortable, ideal spinal support and alignment to help prevent aches and discomfort TIP: Click screen 5:08 to play or pause The feel of a soothing, relaxing massage — after you sleep! Ventilation, natural temperature control to keep you from becoming hot or cold. To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  20. 20. ThalassoKea™ System Skin Therapy Kea means “care” One simple, 20 minute application of the Face Patch can give you the look and feel of a private spa A cooling sensation and then a feeling of gradual soothing resulting in silky- smooth skin Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 3:11 TIP: Click screen to play or pause NIKKEN also offers the PiMag™ Vitalizing Shower™ with Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine without using harsh chemicals to condition the water; perfect compliment for skin health To learn more, click HERE for website. “N” = Next
  21. 21. Finances How much does a Wellness Home cost? Having a NIKKEN wellness home is a lifestyle change — one of prevention and better health. Not having a wellness lifestyle will cost you more down the road in medical bills and higher health insurance premiums. What if NIKKEN paid you to have a wellness home and help offset the cost of the products? By sharing the “Wellness Home” lifestyle with your family and friends, NIKKEN pays you every time a product is purchased. You get paid directly on 1st level Wellness Homes and indirectly on the next 5 levels of Wellness Homes — each level being limitless in width. “N” = Next
  22. 22. Next Step Do you want a Wellness Home for your family? YES NO Sign me up for 20% product No thank you, but I am discount and the ability to also interested in ordering a have NIKKEN pay me. few products. Internet Application Shop Online Print Application Preferred Customer FormNOTE: If printing out application, please fill in the following information in thesponsor section: Your Name Here, ID# 555555555 I need more information on the business before I make a decision. Phone #: (555) 555-5555 E-mail: