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Videoconferencing for TeleAssistance and Monitoring

Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. ViTAMTele Assistance and Monitoring José Luis Marzo Víctor Torres Padrosa Communications and Distributed Systems, Universitat de Girona (Spain) May 2011
  2. 2. ViTAM Basic Functionality• Videoconferencing • For medical and social uses • For mobile and fixed devices • Non-traditional customised scenarios 1) Medical teleconsultation with waiting room 2) Call Center (with redirection to a professional) 3) Remote camera control and activation 4) Multiple videoconferencing
  3. 3. ViTAM - Related work• Videoconferencing solutions – Dedicated systems (e.g. Tandberg, Cisco, Polycom) • Equipment needed in each terminal, ↑cost • Difficult to customise – Specific devices (e.g. set-top box) • Not produced in mass, ↑cost – Internet –based tools (p.e. Skype, Facetime, Openmeetings) • Call-based workflow or complex interface • Openmeetings not suitable for smartphone/tablet
  4. 4. ViTAM - Benefits • Videoconferencing reduces social exclusion as it • Alleviates loneliness and depressive status of patients [1] • Improves patients emotional and social support [1] • Reduces transportation and time for people in isolated areas • Reinforces the feeling of belonging to a group thanks to group sessions • Eases access to health for people with mobility impairments • Videoconferencing • Reduces personnel costs and increases efficiency in monitoring • Enables a better and closer monitoring of patients [1] • Improves adherence to prescriptions [1][1] H. Tsai et al. Videoconference program enhances social support, loneliness, and depressive statusof elderly nursing home residents. Aging and Mental Health
  5. 5. ViTAM Showcases (I)• Teleconsultation with waiting room – Remote control of the patient’s camera – Online demo and tablet version
  6. 6. ViTAM Showcases (II)• Multivideoconferencing – Online demo and tablet version
  7. 7. ViTAM Showcases (III)• Videoconferencing on Android tablet
  8. 8. ViTAM Business Scenarios (I)• Teleconsultation with waiting room• 24h online assistance• Teleassistance for travellers• Teleassistance for long term patients
  9. 9. ViTAM Business Scenarios (II)• Patients with social needs• Visual monitoring of impaired people• Patients-nurses communication in hospital rooms or nursing homes• Training or rehabilitation group sessions
  10. 10. ViTAM Technologies
  11. 11. ViTAM Future Functionality (I)• Tablet app for iOS (Android covered)• Video recording• File transfer• Instant messaging and chat
  12. 12. ViTAM Future Functionality (II)• Calendar, messages & notifications• Contacts management• External SW & HW integration – Electronic health record – Wireless sensors
  13. 13. ViTAM Additional Information• Web • Online demos • Online videos • Papers and presentations– Contact • José Luis Marzo (joseluis.marzo at • Víctor Torres (victor.torres at • Eusebi Calle (eusebi.calle at