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Employee Engagement Activities

  1. 1. Summary of Group Discussion on the topic Employee Engagement Activities Hi all, The H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn has members from a wide array of industries and of various categories (Students to HR experts) spanning different experience levels (entry level to HR Heads) & spread across different geographies (all continents). The discussion here is a summary of all comments posted on the discussion along with links to profiles of the professionals who have posted them. (Encouraging Networking) Many thanks to all for participating and converting this discussion into an exhaustive learning experience on the topic of Employee Engagement Activities. The discussion is still open. Please feel free to add your comments as well. If you are not a member yet, join now to: Network | Build Contacts | Share Knowledge | Learn from each other's experiences Feel free to forward this document to your friends and colleagues in the HR community. ~ Knowledge Increases By Sharing. So, Pass It On. ~ Vishal Nagda ~ Vishal Nagda Founder at H. R. Professionals Group About Me Write To Me Call Me : www.linkedin.cominvicnagda : vishal.nagda@gmail.com : + 91 98 33 03 33 05 P.S. : Views expressed are of independent views of members & are collated here for knowledge sharing only.
  2. 2. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Sanju Yadav HR Student at PIMSR Hi Vishal, Employee engagement is a good topic for discussion as it has gained a lot of importance in this competitive environment. It reduces the attrition rate and increases the productivity, efficiency and profitability by motivating the employee. It creates a sense of loyalty towards the organization. An engaged employee is aware of business context and he works with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organization. Few of the employee engagement activities are as follows: > Good employee suggestion system > Picnics or movies after a regular interval > Fun @ work: decide a day in a week / month. Play a game (eg: quiz on intranet) for 10-15 mins. Give a small prize to the winner > Create a daily column on the intranet for company announcements or programs > Blog related to business issues (accessible to only employees) > Employee empowerment > Best performer awards (monthly / quarterly) Example: (Introduce this as a competition in your organization.) Ask every employee to contribute their innovative ideas to increase sales of your company. Collect every idea and then select the best ones out of them. Implement them. The idea generating highest sales wins the competition. Give an award or prize to the idea contributor. This will encourage other employees to contribute their ideas in such competitions which will help the organization to increase its profits. Monika Gupta at Wildnet Technologies HI very interesting topic. for employee engagement we can organise many events like antakshari sports festival celebration birthday, anniversary celebration organizational trip any many more... Regards, Monika www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  3. 3. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Aparna Sethi Alliance Business School- Lecturer Additions to above: Best Looser: Weight loss Dress Code Themes. Employee of the month Sports day Fun Friday CSR Family Day Children’s day Women’s day Reward and recognition Day Stars for the person Environment day Quality day Dance competition Regards, Prof. Aparna Sethi sethi.aparna@yahoo.com Ramakrishnan KR Student at Management Development Institute There are various initiatives that can be implemented 1. The Cute Child – Put the childhood picture of an employee, and let the employees guess who it is. After about a week, put the current photo of the employee; with a small prize for the winner. 2. Change – Yes, We can – For one day, one employee has to change something about him or her. It could be dress code, tone, walking style or accent. But some noticeable change. 3. Management Feedback Day – An evening is scheduled in which the employees can ask the management about the issues that they face, know about the company’s strategy; basically ask the management anything that they want to know about the company or convey their grievances. By the way, my article on Management Feedback Day was recently published in HRD Newsletter, so you can revert if more information is needed regarding the Management Feedback Day. These are some of the not-so-common employee engagement initiatives that I can remember. Will post more as and when I recall more. My email - krramakrishnan.mdi@rediffmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  4. 4. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Peter A Hunter Owner, Hunter Business Consultancies Ltd. Why not treat your employees with respect? That usually works. Peter A Hunter www.breakingthemould.co.uk Yogita Sharma HR Professional working with KPO HI All, 1.We can organise a Thank you program wherin everybody will vote thanks in secret ballot and person and the most thanked person can be nominated winner. 2.We can tell various departmental teams to name themselves(team itself) in funny way. This should be a collective effort. My email- yogita.sml@gmail.com Mritunjay Singh HR - Executive at honda siel cars india ltd. Hi All, There are many activities are available for employee engagement. It is depend on the company profile. You can not implement all activities in any organisation but according to me these are some of the activities which help employee engagement i.e. 1. Recognition as employee of the year / month 2. Communication meeting with Sr. Management 3. Work life balance programme 4. Fun at work, 5. Organise Competition in the organisation i.e. painting, safety, resource conservation, tournament of Cricket, football, badminton, etc. 6. Dinner with Boss (Team Lunch) 7. You can include some policy matter such as leave / cash gift / Dinner in hotel to employee on the occasion of birthday / marriage / anniversary / new born in the family. etc There are more practice which you can use for employee engagement. Regards, Mritunjay mritunjay_singh15@rediffmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  5. 5. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Kavita Nair Executive - HR & Admin at SEFORGE Ltd Hi All, 1. We can organize an Open House meeting every month. 2. Outbound training activity. 3. Family get together. 4. Various competition to be organised once a year for employees children. 5. Birthday / Anniversary celebration 6. Sports day 7. Best performer for the year. Regards, Kavita kavitas1@live.in Darryle Huffman Owner, DarryleHuffman,LLC All of the ideas presented are great. Here is some that I have been apart of: Dinner at a theme restaurant Skiing package for the most productive group Tickets to a sporting event An awards banquet I worked at one place where the owner gave an Alaskan Cruise Suryodaya Dubey AM at Jindal Steel & Power Limited Dear Vishal You may also add: 1) Employee Wellness Programs. 2) Weekly blog related to serious business issues and staff to read / comment. 3) Celebrations on significant business achievements. 4) Fun Games & Contests. Regards Suryodaya Dubey suryodaya.dubey@gmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  6. 6. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Ishi Tenguria Consultant at Nityo Infotech Hi Vishal, To add more for the discussion on Employee Engagement activities, I wud Suggest. 1.Regular entertainment package, as in Outing / Movies/ Picnics/ Team Lunch/ Quiz etc 2.Appreciation for Work , ( Documented impacts a lot) 3.Birthday Celebrations/ Family Day Celebrations. 4.Encouragement for interested skills as in Poetry, Painting, Singing etc. 5.Sports Day etc. Regards Ishi Tenguria ishihumanresource@gmail.com Amarjeet Labana Centre HCM, Quinnox 1) Birthday Celebrations in office 2) Employee speak sections on notice boards or newsletters, where employees can write somethingeither grievance, suggestion or appreciation 3) Appreciation corner for star performers- This board can have pics and appreciation notes written for star performers 4) Regular talk shops with seniors 5) Monthly competitions - theme days (traditional attire, mad-hatters day, hawaiin day, mix n Match day, national integration day where teams have to dress up and represent various states, cubicle decorations, festival celebrations 6) Rewards and Recognition programs 7) Sports events- cricket- T20 match, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball for girls, TT, Carrom, Chess 8) Various Quiz competitions There are many activities in EE that can be arranged but these mentioned above does not incur much costs. Regards Amarjeet Labana www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  7. 7. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Pallavi Chopra Executive- Human Resources at Hindustan Zinc Limited Recently we did interdepartmental Tug-of-war . It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the employees. Other activities1. Appreciation Day 2. Musical Chair 3. On the spot Quiz about company's business 4. Fun races like potato race, jalebi race, three legged race, sack race etc. These promote feel good factor and relax the executives from the routine workload. Regards, Pallavi Chopra Lili Zhou Human Resources Very interesting topic and lots of good comments. To make a topic a bit more difficult - how to involve as much as possible employees who do not work together with others? I have a team of 30, soon 50, half of them are based in diffferent places in China while I am based in Shanghai. There are 3 hours flight between us. The team meets once every second month, with some tele-conference in between. I have two major questions: one is how to engage them; the other to find 'high potentials' from them, apart from looking at figures. Gurudatta Jambhawadekar Asst. Manager - HR at NIM Hi all, Thanks Vishal for raising such interesting topic which has become need of the time to avoid high rate of attrition. Well my points for employee engagement are: 1. Publishing Monthly Magazine: We can encourage our employee to write articles, blogs, poems. Even they can also write on the latest trends in their respective areas of work, so others can also learn from that. Which can be published as a monthly magazine. 2. Knowledge Transfer: www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  8. 8. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  We can make small group of employees from different departments and organize their get-together on regular intervals, and make them discuss and explain their scope of work and how do they perform it. This will help to eliminate the inter-departmental conflict that exists between Sales and HR or HR and Finance etc. 3. Being a Part in Good and Bad Times of Employees: This will instill the sense of belongingness and loyalty in employee about the company, he will also fill that there is someone to take care of him in his bad times and share good time with him. These are my few suggestions Regards Gurudatta Jambhawadekar guruja@gmail.com 9892031055 Barbara Esau Vice President, Human Resources at Legal & General America Good topic for discussion especially as the economy starts to turn We have recently implemented bi-weekly lunches with the CEO (all questions welcome) - groups of 12 staff all levels, all departments. Additional activities include: two days off annually for charitable work; departmental cook off challenge; family picnic; company sponsored luncheons/breakfasts for reaching corporate milestones. Anoop Kumar Asst Manager - HR Employee engagement becomes one of the key element in this competitive era. In the present organizational atmosphere all the line managers are responsible for creating activities with in the team as well as the HR professionals are responsible for creating such an environment/culture in the organization. Best employee engagement practices should start from the selection or recruitment stage itself and HR has to develop for the good Induction & orientation program for the new joiners, regular updates and training for on job, certification program, In house Magazine, etc and also all the jobs demands in an increasingly competitive environment, can wear down the sense of connection, commitment and excitement about any job. Flexi working hours, Birthday party, sports day, quarterly employee recognition award, appreciation of the good job, CSR activities, cultural day, employee outing, etc will help to employee to engage always this would be result to retention of employees and reduce the attrition cost. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  9. 9. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  vivek devaraj HR A good topic is been selected. From my part, I prefer 1. Birthday celebration in office. 2. Star of the month. 3. Family day. 4. Picnic. 5. King of the department. 6. Employee recognition award with regards, Vivek Devaraj vivekbcomca@yahoo.co.in 97865 22334 Pamila Sharma HR-Generalist at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd I think holding department wise forums once in a month where in employees can raise their concerns and at the same time come up with a feasible solution to their grievance would work apart from the above mentioned ideas.. Here in this activity employees would work on a solution together with their bosses, they would be able to understand each others problems while arriving at a solution, thereby resulting in a better bonding and understanding between the team and the boss. Paul Gray Publisher at HRreview This event in London on Tuesday 27th April 2010 may be relevant to anyone following the post: http://www.symposium-events.co.uk/engagementsummit/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Employees can feel isolated and lack faith in their leaders after a year of short term “quick fixes” to fight for survival. This seminar offers expert guidance on fostering engagement in the aftermath of redundancies and structural change and implementing cost effective and sustainable engagement initiatives. It will also focus on how leading organisations are going forward: developing leaders and employer branding to cultivate engagement, as well as how to measure levels of engagement and use the results to formulate effective strategies. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  10. 10. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  A recent Watson Wyatt survey found that 58% of companies have frozen or reduced salaries in 2009 and that 56% will continue to make structural changes over the next half year. However, with many organisations failing to communicate pay strategies and define new roles and responsibilities it is not surprising that large numbers of employees are feeling un-connected with their organisations, leaving talented individuals ready to accept new opportunities as the jobs market recovers. Benefits of Attending •Discuss and debate the future of engagement •Overcome the barriers of engaging during structural change •Understand the importance of ‘ownership’ & how to achieve it •Develop innovative ways to measure engagement •Create cost-effective engagement strategies •Boost engagement through your employer brand -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------http://www.symposium-events.co.uk/engagementsummit/ Danielle Tuck Total Recognition Strategist at Michael C. Fina Company Excellent Topic! There is no better way to engage employess than through Recognition at work. You must tie the company's key corporate objectives to desired behaviors and reward employees for their actions. You then can achieve the engagement and loyalty that most companies are looking for from their employees. Recognition programs should really fall under a company-wide umbrella and budget and the platforms are endless that you can use. Points based systems are the hot trend today. They allow company's to pool their various programs together and house them under a single area. Employees can earn points for things like blood drives, surveys, service milestones, safety, performance and the list goes on. For more information - please feel free to reach out to me. Danielle Tuck Michael C. Fina Total Recognition Strategist dtuck@mcfina.com 630-789-9380 www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  11. 11. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  . Maha Lingam HR Generalist Hi Nishal, Happy to share about the employee engagement programmes which the organitations follow here in the south tamilnadu. 1.In festival occasion conducting the competetion (for the Adolesent employees) 2.Talent day 3.Sports day 4.Picnic & tour for every year. 5.Prize day (Annual day celebration) Regards, Mahalingam. Anika Agarwal Sr. Executive HR at Cherry Hill Interiors Ltd Really enjoyed reading all the postings. There is undoubtedly no dearth of ideas when it comes to employee engagement. THE APPRENTICE - One employee from each department can be randomly selected. He/She would be put as an apprentice under an employee from the department of his choice (other than his own) for two weeks. AS CRAZY AS IT GETS - Employees either individually or in groups would be required to come up with ideas pertaining to - new product or services that can be launched / method of carrying out a particular business activity. The whackier the idea, the better it is. Regards, Anika Agarwal anikaagarwal84@hotmail.com Sai Balaji Asst Manager at HSBC - Quality & Training Hi all, 1. In a team, everyone should share 1 new thing they have learned in this week. 2 .Pot lunch - every one in the team should prepare 1 special interesting dish from home and have lunch together. 3. Hall of Fame. With Regards, Sai Balaji www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  12. 12. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  John Holme SPHR Human Resources Professional Three faovorites: 1. Employees given a color coded note pad each month. Then they use their pad to thank other employees for their help, kind words, etc You can take this another step by having employees turn in their "thank you's at the end of the month and then the company can recognize the top recipients (1 or multiple) with announcements, luncheon, etc. 2. Have management send personalized thank you's to the home of an employee who did something special, who has been giving a special effort, etc. These will often end up being read by the rest of the family. My son called me long distance to read one he received. 3. A monthly surprise recognition calendar for your employees that is sponcored by the company (this may be a challenge for large multi - site companies. Such things as putting out candy for everyone one day, celebrating Cinco De mayo with special soft drinks or dishes from mexico, an ice cream social one day, serving ice cream floats another month, friendly March Madness competition with a trophy for the winner and a gag gift for the lowest total, etc. Any of these can have a dramatic affect on team moral. I always had the first 2 in place for only a specific time period. This prevented them from becoming yesterday's news. I have found that all three are better received by my employee groups than the more custumary Employee of the Month and Year Programs. One other point mentioned earlier in this discussion - Immediate, public, praise to an individual or a group, that is specific (recognizing a specific occurance) cost nothing and has a dramatic affect when delivered properly. Val Kinjerski, PhD Spirit at Work Consulting, Facilitating, and Speaking; Author of Rethinking Your Work Many of these great ideas contribute to a sense of community where we feel like we belong. Another important way to help employees be engaged in their work is to help them understand the meaning underlying their work. Why does what they do matter? How does it help others or a cause? Employees want to know that they are making a difference and when they can see that, they feel more engaged. How might HR managers help in this process? Val Kinjerski Kaizen Solutions Val@kaizensoluions.org www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  13. 13. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Sara Christiansen VP of Client Services, Ideation Consulting I have been researching "employee engagement and its impact on business results" for quite some time. I have found that systematic "programs" or "activities" rarely work, and often have a negative impact. Employee engagement is a completely individual thing. Our unique personality drives our preferences and motivators. The factor that has the greatest impact on engagement- and therefore business results- is the quality of the relationship between employee and supervisor. Companies that focus on the skills of their managers and allow for individualism in the workplace usually see significant returns. If you are serious about engaging your workforce, I highly suggest you re-read "First Break all The Rules" by Marcus Buckingham....it is still the best reference on employee engagement! Mritunjay Singh HR - Executive at honda siel cars india ltd. Hi, All above are great. Here i would say, employee engagement is very wide area. Its totely depend on nature of industry. Few industry are giving foreign tour, gift voucher, organising family party, family visit, pizza meeting, etc. Raj Kumar Team Lead - HR at PreludeSys India (P) Ltd Hi, Jus adding to all the above mentioned points on ER activities. In our organization with a strength of 240 employees, we organize a birthday function in the last week of every month for all the employees celebrating their B'day for that month, on the same occasion we introduce the new joinees, followed by cake cutting and give away gifts to the birthday buddies , this will be followed by few simple/jolly games and end the evening by giving some attractive prizes to those who win in the games and with some important announcements or ER realted info to all and then we go in for snacks, and this happens in a span of max 2 hrs. Regards, Rajkumar www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  14. 14. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Pallavi Mishra Asst Manager-HR at CyberMedia India Ltd employee engagement can be done through even small small thing like Best dress of the day quiz through intranet put a board at lunch room and ask employees to right their quotes may about life or attitute etc and award the best quote at the end of the day Employee of the month Deborah Ortega HR Generalist / Recruiter Wow!! Great ideas....I especially liked the Mad Hatter, and a box for telling someone thank you. I have worked in places where we had nutritious cooking demonstrations during the week of open enrollment. We gave out samples and recipes. For Cinco de Mayo, Halloween, Christmas and Valentines days we decorated our cubicles. We had a birthday squad who decorated cubicles for the people on their list. We sent out email blasters of new hires so that people could introduce themselves to the new person. Bruce Daeger SPHR at Starfish Project We have a birthday meal for everyone that has a birthday that month. With three shifts, this includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only the plant manager and the HR manager are the only two management involved. This makes it more intimate with the employees and they like the roundtable environment. All questions are recorded by HR and addressed. Feedback is given to the individual and is an enormous morale booster. bdaeger@gmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  15. 15. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Ronald Soans at Leadership Consulting Pvt Ltd One of the most challenging tasks for keeping people engaged lies with the leadership of the orgainsations begining with their immediate supervisor upwards. Reaseach has shown that almost 50 to 60% of the employees are disengaged and out of that about 10to 20% are actively disengaged. You know what actively disengaged people can do, don't you. They could destroy, everything you are working for and trying to create in terms of, a healthy work environment. I suggest you have a look at these you tube videos by pasting these links on your browser. please follow the sequence and it might help a little http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o-ssnoMyiU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF_Qg2o-VMY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M1uyU3YSqes my id. ronald@blanchardinternational.co.in Ronald Soans at Leadership Consulting Pvt Ltd Research by Ken Blanchard Companies on creating employee passion for engagement shows that the following 8 factors emerging as important. Eight Key Factors Influencing Employee Passion • Meaningful work—Employees perceive the organization’s larger purpose through products or services produced, consider their work to be worthwhile, and are proud of their individual actions and contributions that help the organization serve its customer. • Collaboration—Employees perceive an organizational environment and culture that enhances collaboration, cooperation, and encouragement between all organizational members. • Fairness—Employees perceive an environment where pay, benefits, resources and workload are fair and balanced and equitable, people treat each other with respect, and leaders act in an ethical manner. • Autonomy—Employees perceive an environment where people have the tools, training, support, and authority to make decisions. • Recognition—Employees perceive an environment where they are praised, recognized, and appreciated by colleagues and their leader for their accomplishments, where they receive monetary compensation for those accomplishments, and where they are contributing to positive relationships with others. • Growth—Employees perceive an environment where people have opportunities to learn, grow professionally, and develop skills that lead to advancement and career growth. • Connectedness with leader—Employees perceive an environment where they trust their leader and where the leader makes an effort to form an interpersonal connection with them. • Connectedness with Colleagues—Employees perceive an environment where they trust their colleagues and where their colleagues make an effort to form an interpersonal connection with them. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  16. 16. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Peter A Hunter Owner, Hunter Business Consultancies Ltd. Hooray, All of the above suggested activities are symptoms of an engaged workforce and will occur without anyone having the specific task of planning engagement activities. If the workforce is not engaged then it is unlikely that planning this list of activities will make any difference. Whether the workforce is engaged or not is their response to the environment in which they spend their working life, not to a series of planned events. Ronald Soans has described exactly the environment that will allow the workforce to engage. The responsibility for creating this environment lies with management and they can create it by changing the way that they behave towards the workforce. Peter A Hunter www.breakingthemould.co.uk Kim Keough Benefits Professional. I educate employees on how to understand their benefits & save companies money in doing so. Hi Vishal I have done some creative employee engagement activities in my prior jobs that the employee's really enjoyed: Executives cook breakfast for the manufacturing and Corporate group with a theme that is picked by each division. This was done quarterly. Themed Friday's - wildest shirt, best HI shirt, goofy shoes, funniest T-shirt saying, most colorful, etc... I have many more that I could share with you. Kim Keough - keoughkim@yhaoo.com Benefits Professional in Ffd Cty, CT venkatesan s ZONAL HEAD I would like the HR to talk to each employee in every department, to take a feedback like ... if they want one single change in their current role & responsibility what is it? This has to be personal meeting, which has to be recorded in their employee record. So that good or bad the higher ups are aware of the person's thoughts. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  17. 17. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Jenilee Deal Human Resources Associate at Bailard, Inc. We have an annual employee recognition dinner and awards ceremony hosted by the company. It's a pretty big deal and the employees are in the limelight. The award recipients are nominated by employees (according to certain rules) and evaluated by a committee. This fairly inclusive and democratic process reminds everyone of how they fit into the "big picture" and how vital they are to the company's overarching goals, objectives and success. This connection, in turn, fuels employee engagement. Mrunmayi Vasa Executive (Human Resource) at Patni Computer Systems Ltd. Thanks Vishal for the opportunity to post on an interesting topic. I am glad to see the enthusiatic responses. In my opinion, Emp Engagement Activities differ from domain to domain, company to company. What is really important before arriving at the list of activities is arriving at the focus areas for your company. These focus areas could range from communication, management approachability, grievance handling, transparency & culture, Growth opportunities, Reward & Recognition, policies, Work life balance, etc. The employee needs to be engaged and involved at all stages of employee lifecycle. This implies: PREHIRING: Value Proposition and Employer Branding HIRING: Interesting Recruitment procedures (management games, conversation on coffee, etc.), Regular updates and involvement in team meetings much before joining. JOINING: Welcoming, Connect, Buddy assignment, regular feedback, concern handling, approprtiate training STINT: Employer Branding (pride in employer), communication, Skip Level Meets, Management meets, Grievance Handling, Transparent Performance management, Reward & Recognition, Mentoring & Coaching, Growth opportunities, Feeback and satisfaction surveys, Corporate Social Responsibilty, Green and comfortable environment and faicilities, Medical support, Physical & Psychological well being, Counseling services, Work life balance/ Family involvement, Fun @ work and festival celebrations. Info & knowledge sharing, Policies. Thanks & Regards, Mrunmayi Vasa missvasa@yahoo.co.in www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  18. 18. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Soni Sharma AVP - at Planman Consulting Hi, Vishal its a Great discussion.... EE is very essential for an healthy environment at work.. We had introduced online Housie which gained a lot of enthusiasm among people across 7 locations in India and good interaction increased across offices it helped engaging other locations.. please do send me the final list on emailsoni@rediffmail.com Jim Abraham at The best way to engage employees in my opinion is to sincerely thank them for their efforts. Make them feel they are integral part of the team no matter what their responsibilities happen to be. The thank you should be specific not just you're doing a good job but that you appreciated the work they did on a project; it can even be thanking the average employee who shows up for work every day on time so you can count her/his job getting done. The activities mentioned above are all good and should be used, but the best way to when the hearts of people is let them know that they are valued and important to the success of the organization. Suzanne Mountain Head of People & Organisation Development at Manpower Uk Ltd Hi One that always goes down well is a half day holiday for your birthday, also feedback blogs for employees. Allowing employees to give back to the community by volunteering and get an allowance of 2 or 3 days per year. Local managment empowerment of iniatives often helps ensure it is relevant to that sector of the company. Why not create an art area where employees can display their art work and photos. I'd like to see the list suzanne.mountain@manpower.co.uk John Nicholson Leadership & Management Development, Coaching and behavioural change specialist Here lies the problem! What does Employee Engagement mean? The lists above are great and I am sure much fun will be had , but they are Employee Events. They have a place, but should not be confused with the broader concept. Rather than witter on about it here, I would commend a quick look at the following website: www.ghost-partnership.com or a read of the Macleod report on the subject of Employee Engagement Kind regards, John www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  19. 19. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Tim Quinn Human Resources Manager at Republic Waste Services, Inc At a previous job we used the FISH! Philosophy: Be There is being emotionally present for people. It’s a powerful message of respect that improves communication and strengthens relationships. Play taps into your natural way of being creative, enthusiastic and having fun. Play is the spirit that drives the curious mind, as in “Let’s play with that idea!” It’s a mindset you can bring to everything you do. Make Their Day is finding simple ways to serve or delight people in a meaningful, memorable way. It’s about contributing to someone else’s life, not because you want something out of it, but because that’s the person you want to be. Choose Your Attitude means taking responsibility for how you respond to what life throws at you. Once you are aware that your choice impacts everyone around you, you can ask yourself, “Is my attitude helping my team or my customers? Is it helping me to be the person I want to be?” Through The FISH! Philosophy, we build stronger relationships with the team members we work with, the customers we serve, the students we teach and the people we love. Be prepared to be step out of your box when you roll it out. tquinn@republicservices.com Vagner Duarte Analista de Endomarketing II at Instituto Beleza Natural Hi, I work in a company in Brazil (so it means, units are very distant from each other). I had to gather them in the same event. But how? I decided to plan a Wii championship. We have huge tv sets and wi-fi. OK. I'll rent 13 Wiis and.... play! It gathers, promote fun and its remote. Wii is basic for anyone (depending on the game), and I think it will work. Try to get in touch w/ teenagers that promotes championships for Wii. They will help. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  20. 20. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Vagner Duarte Analista de Endomarketing II at Instituto Beleza Natural Oh, besides magazines, murals and birthday party, I think one of the most important things in the company I work is: EVERYBODY SAYS "HELLO/GOOD MORNING" when they arrive at office. We are 60 people in 3 rooms. At least we open each door and say hello. For me its VERY meaningful. Actually, its comes with some good taste joke a 5 minute chat and.. lets go work. But its not necessary to be like that in every corporate culture. Cheers from Rio de Janeiro, Vagner. Wissam Shaaban Site HR Manager at DSM Anti infectives Egypt very good topic. knowledge is the best tool. when employees can see and understand what is going on around them, and how their actions affect their organization. second to this is clear and concret response to good performance and to bad performance. that response should be immediate , on the spot, even if it will be with a 'good job' comment, this will clarifiy that every one is moving in the same direction. Divya Premkumar HR Executive at Crossdomain Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Hi, Few of the engagement activities that we follow are: Fun Fridays - Each friday has a variety of activities/games organised by the fun club committee members (mix of HR and operations) Z Cube - This stands for Zeal Zest and Zing which is a team building activity every quarter. The team goes for an outing where the theme is to have team building acitivies Regards, Divya premkumar, divya_premkumar@cross-domain.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  21. 21. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Mercy Kesiena Clement-Okooboh Human Resources Professional @Dalkia Limited Anoop has a very good point there, Employee Engagement practices must commence from the recruitment and selection stage moving down to the induction and orientation process. Also an intranet where employeees from their own personalized home page can be kept updated on the latest news, share ideas, join forums and read and contribute to blogs will make networking with colleagues easier and better. Anna Golawski Executive Coach with The Results Centre I work with companies to offer work life balance coaching programmes for their employees to help them manage the busy demands of being a working parent. The programme broadly covers understanding & managing childrens behaviours, communication, responsibility and coaching skills. Employees feel valued by their employer and this results in increased engagement and advocacy. anna@stratuscoaching.co.uk Rosella Colombo hr director at IMS Health from my side, we had several ways to engage people such us: 1- awards, individual or team 2- children party 3- staff meeting with lunch together 4- social event, like a run 5- newletter from some dept 6- lunch time workshop to be an expert of the other department but the most important, in my opinion, is to do what you like in a good relationship with your boss regards rosella colombo.rosella@googlemail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  22. 22. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Rob Harris Human Resources Manager at Penn State University Wonderful and creative suggestions. Many of which I'll be using -thanks. But I have to agree with the gentleman who posted about respect. Activities are fun, but they are the icing on the cake. The meat of the issue (pardon the mixed metaphor) is treating people fairly, with respect, compensating them appropriately, and genuinely caring. Kathryn Vines, PHR HR VP Director-Expertise in Employee Relations Recruitment Retention Benefits Payroll Training Management Culture Legal Employee engagement directly impacts the bottom line. Some additional ideas are 5k runs, family events, like a picnic at a local park, book readings on professional topics, guest speakers - perhaps up and coming middle managers who need additional practice presenting in front of groups. You can also take part in community projects, like a reading program at local children's schools or hospital or a soup kitchen activity. One of my favorite engaging activities is holding a regular town hall meeting and sharing corporate info that is of interest to generally everyone. But once you start those, you don't want to stop. You can host an "Idol" type contest b/w the employees and let the finalists compete during the company picnic or holiday event. Ensure mgmt participates to increase the positive impact. And last but not least, ensure HR maintains the Open Door policy. Albert Dagnalan HR-Admin & Training Manager at I-Elev8 Contact Solutions We've been doing employment engagement activities in my company pretty much similar to those given or suggested here, such as: 1. Company Events (birthday and theme parties, team building outings, sports fests, etc.) where our employees get the opportunity to join the organizing commitees 2. Tea Time with the General Manager where our employees get to say what they feel or think about goings on in the office, work issues, etc. They also get the chance to quiz the General Manager about stuff they'd like to know about the company like where the company is going in the next few months, or explanations regarding certain rules or regulations 3. Recognition Days where we recognize performers during the past month. We also have annual awarding ceremonies for the company's best employees for the year. 4. Games which we do on certain days to liven up the production floor www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  23. 23. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  As Management, we recognize how important it is for our employees to be "engaged" or feel they are an active contributor to the life and success of the company and not just some part of a faceless, insensitive machine. I recommend that companies should readily employ such activities to drive their organization forward. Employee participation is a must to get things done, and having the sense of appreciation or recognition empowers them to do more. But there is also the other side of this that management has to prepare for. For most employees, it's really great to be doing this the first few times, but as we've noticed, there are some employees who fall out or become disenchanted with such activities, especially when it becomes so routine. Perhaps there may be cultural influences and personal differences that are causes for this, but besides having a list of what activities you can do for employee engagement, can we also mention what H.R. Professionals or the company management can do as a follow through to SUSTAIN employee engagement for the long run and KEEP the employees "engaged". albert.dagnalan@gmail.com Angela Harvey, SPHR Trusted Advisor, Passionate Leader and Owner of HR Revelations I agree that "events" and "activities" have their place. However, I believe it's the actual culture of the organization and how employees are included (or excluded) that makes the real difference. Ask questions and listen to their answers. Use employees' feedback to make changes and improvements and let them know you are making the changes based on their feedback. If you can't implement a suggestion, explain why. Why should employees bother to be engaged if they feel unappreciated or unheard? What's going well? What's not? What's making their jobs unnecessarily difficult? Work with them to understand the issues and find solutions. Set clear goals and expectations. Provide regular feedback. Listen to feedback. Allow employees control and job autonomy where possible. Create an environment of ownership. Open communication. Consistently communicate the great things accomplished by your company and individual employees or teams. Share how employees make a difference. Share organizational challenges and problems. Ask for their ideas. Make sure the employee understands how their performance impacts the organization. In short, create an environment of shared respect and appreciation, and show genuine interest in the employee as an individual. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  24. 24. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  khushboo tak Assistant Manager HR @ IndiGo Airlines Talent Management should be viewed as a stand alone disciple focusing on hiring, nurturing and retaining the best talent to meet an organisation’s needs, and truly effective Talent Management only arises when an organisation has clarity around which aspects of Talent to focus on. The key to talent management in times of cutbacks is, unsurprisingly, ensuring talented members of staff are kept within the organisation if at all possible. This may mean moving staff around departments or even changing their job specifications if necessary, but with communication from managers to talented staff explaining why specific actions are being taken, these are likely to be better received in periods of economic downturn than at other times. Kenny Zail I create TV-Style Game Shows - Making Teams Rock I see employee engagement to be interactive. Therefore the activities also need to be interactive. These activities will include a purpose, for example, training reinforcement, informational, relational, educational, or entertaining. Finally, to understand your ROI, there needs to be a measurable goal. Ask these two questions, "Why are we doing this? And, How will we know if we are successful? Kenny Zail Kenny@MakingTeamsRock.com Sam Lloyd President at SuccessSystems, Inc. — "Training & Coaching People To Excel". Cheers for Pamila! Many of the suggestions have been focused on various forms of recognition, which I agree are very important. People need attention frequently and consistently to feel valued. The ultimate level of engagement is even more important and possibly the most significant recognition and demonstration that the employee is valued — involving employees in goal-setting, decision making, problem solving, creative and innovative discussion & projects,and implementation of decisions and plans followed by recognition. To accomplish this level of engagement the organization must invest some time and money in training managers at all levels to think this way, delegate more responsibility and do it skillfully, give frequent skillful performance feedback, coach people through mistakes (rather than blaming & shaming), confront in a caring, concerned manner when performance does not meet expectations or behavior is unacceptable and get a commitment for change, follow-up to assure the change occurs and reward it with recognition and gratitude when it does occur or confront again if it does not occur, agree upon what will happen and the consequences if it does not. Managers need to develop relationships with each employee to learn each person's values, goals, passions, etc. and work with them to assure that their motivational needs are met! This is truly engaging people! www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  25. 25. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Amit Paropkari Manager - Human Resource Hi Vishal, You have given really a nice topic for the discussion. As an true HR leader one must understand the difference between the retention and engagement. With the help of fun at work and enjoyment we can keep employees happy , but a happy employee is engaged ? Various studies and research on the employee engagement shows that the factors contributing to the employee engagement are, 1.Senior Management interest in the employees, 2.Challenging Work 3.Authority of decison making 4.Career development 5.Company reputation 6.Customer focus 7.Resources availability 8.Vision of the Company / Organisation. Amit Paropkari amit_paropkari@yahoo.co.in Hussain Muthalif HR Supervisor at Geant Dear All, I like to share employee engagement activities we had recently introduced in our Organization: 1.Suggestion box - at cafeteria - only the suggestions for improvement of internal procedures(with or without name) & gossips,personal comments are discouraged).New ideas are encouraged by displaying their names & ideas in company notice board. 2.Sports club - Cricket & Basket ball teams are formed among employees and matches are conducted & winning team is awarded. 3.Newsletter - all the new happenings among our various branches & articles from the employees are made as Company newsletter & it improves the unity among the employees. 4.Department wise Tour - one day - once in three month an recreational tour for employees(Department wise). 5.New year, christmas & natioanl day celeberation with different cultural programmes by different national employees. Hussain Muthalif. amhussain111@gmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  26. 26. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Inez Elliott Experienced Human Resources Professional Monthly roundtable sessions with different folks from the workforce and a few members of the leadership team is a good way to gauge the atmosphere and hear questions that you might not know that employees have. There are some great ideas around recognition. One that I've seen be very successful was a thank you coupon that anyone could complete and hand to the person they were thanking for "going above and beyond". In our situation, they could be handed in once a month for a token prize. They were awarded by associates to their peers, supervisors, and from supervisors to peers, managers, and employees. They were appreciated for their heartfelt appreciation. Serena Robecchi HR Specialist at IMS Health Here some ideas: - mother day (every mother can bring her children to office for one day) - organize some events (e.g marathon for fund rising) - email box to collect suggestions from employees - best performers awards - sports events (football world cup on TV) - breakfast with the boss - CRAL (in italy there is a free time organization team composed by employees and funded also by the company that organize events for free time r during lunch break: table football competition, picnic, dart competition, etc.) regards, Serena Robecchi sere.robe@libero.it Dilip Naidu Visiting Faculty at Symbiosis Centre for Management And Human Resource Communicate the vision and mission in an inspiring way. Make employees believe they are valued such employees share ideas, work harder and relate better to customers. A focus on the intrinsic factors results in engaged employees with deep commitment. www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  27. 27. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Donna Garcia, MSHR, SPHR Director, Human Resource Services at National Association of Realtors Vishal: Attached is a podcast from a panel discussion recently held by the University of Chicago. It includes some very important statistics and information. I hope everyone finds this useful! https://grahamschool.uchicago.edu/general/podcasts/bpprebuildingmorale.mp3 . Samir Dawoodani Training Advisor at Shell Pakistan Happy Employees = Happy Customers! I would suggest: - Away Day (in the outskirts, may be a rural area / sea side) - De-stress Time can include a good movie at Cineplex (In a weekday) - Sports related tournaments (Cricket, Badminton etc) - Boating / Crabbing - Monthly Chai n Paratha / Coffee n Donuts parties (Economcial as well) - Special Recognition Award i.e. Gift Vouchers etc I am also aware that some organisations also provide official holiday on the employee's birthday (to the birthday boy/girl not the whole company) with a company paid dinner (with immediate family) at a 5star restaurant in town. Please make sure that your bosses read this blog too! :) Cheers, Samir RoseMarie Couture DeSaro Fun Broker Take care of your employees and they will take care of the customers and the business. Offer the employees the ability to vacation more by allowing them to travel for less $$. A vacation employee benefit is smart for the company and a breath of fresh air for the employees. Help the employees actually de-stress, refuel, regenerate and reinvigorate while on vacation. See it for yourself out at www.FunBrokerBenefits.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  28. 28. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Vedashree Deodhar Human Resources Professional Hi vishal, Very nice discussion started by you. I would like to add few things. They are as follows 1) Celebrating National days and festivals like Diwali,Independence day, New Year etc at the workplace. 2) Giving a greeting card to an employee by HR on the behalf of the company for special events like Birthdays,any special achievements etc which will give personal Touch. 3) Conducting outbound programs for training as well as refreshments 4) Undertaking annual programs and making employees to show their talents. Paula Peacher, CCP Senior Consultant - Human Capital at SilverStone Group I might suggest as recommended reading related to employee engagement, a book co-authored by one of my work colleagues, entitled "How America's Best Places to Work Inspire Extra Effort in Extraordinary Times - Re-Engage." More information can be found at re-engagebook.com. Enjoy! Shirley Hawkins Self employed HR Interim Professional I can see all the exciting of topics above, but key to allowing them to work is to ensure that the right people are appointed as team leaders, managers, etc. So that they are involving, communicating with, and motivating the groups of employees and allowing them the control over their workload as much as possible. Anoop you are right, it all starts at the selection stage, however skilled the new person, if they are from a completely different sort of industry and forward thinking environment, it can be hard for them to adapt. I am enjoying reading some of the innovative ideas... ! www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  29. 29. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Amol Nakve Recruitment Executive. at Mimo Finance Pvt Ltd. Dehradun. Birthday celebration. should be place in the engagement program. Amol nakveamol1@gmail.com Mittal Patel Sr. executive (HR) at Haria Group Of Companies HI All.... Kindly accept Season's Greetings from Me. Gone through all the posts which are unique and useful in their own ways...Stating herewith my ideas of employee engagement activities... 1) Most of us as a human being have some hidden talent, which some time comes out in one or another way and most of the times remains untouch in the deep dark corner of one's own world... Activities to nurture that talent will be acknowldge as the good way to engage employee. 2) An employee (at any level) can have the better understanding to solve the issue. Theer could be an open court of all employees where they discuss the their issues and come up with the best solution to management. By doing this an employee will have the feeling that their views and thinkings have importance in organisation. 3) There could be the facility rather opportunity naming CHANGING ROLE at par levels in organisation that e.g a person in production department can switch over in purchase department (Ofcourse after analysation) if he or she thinks or deserve to be more productive in new area rather thn in existing one. 4) The family members (Spouse / children & parents) could receive the token of their birthdays or wedding anniversaries of an employee. 5) If an employee has done a remarkable work resulting benefits to an organisation than the momento to be given to him/her through the hands of the person having the special place in their respective life. 6) Employees can asked to write their daily or weekly or monthly report in a way that the best written gets the acknowledgement os REPORT OF THE MONTH 7) If any celebration is being done in the office for any holy days... like diwali or dashahara in india or good fridays etc... few of the employees can deliver the actual meaning and worth or importance of the day.. 8) Recognisation to all level of employees from cleaning person to CEO of the company given good employee engagement. Hope the above can work for employee engagement activities... Mittal 03mittal07@gmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  30. 30. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Sumiksha Koul Assistant Manager-HR in Kwality Dairy India Ltd. Hi Vishal, Nice to see all the members active bcoz of the interesting topic suggested by you. I have always followed up the practice of employee engagement in my organizations & have contributed to it too. Some of the activities which come to my mind are: 1. Best Employee Award 2. Best workstation award (Quarterly)- this serves as a good tool to keep our organization clean n healthy. 3. Departmental lunch(Half-Yearly) 4. Suggestion Box 5. Movie of the year 6. All festival celebration 7. B'day wishing mails to employees 8. B'day celebration 9. Long service award 10. Best dress award( Generally organized on some occassion like holi/diwali/karvachauth) etc. Hope these activities may seem meaningful to all you guyz. Do send me your responses at sumi_21_10@yahoo.co.in Warm Regards Sumiksha Sanoj Kumar Senior Consultant Hi All, I have been following this space since sometime now and its really great to see all responses pouring in.. Thanks to Vishal for initiating this. I would like to know how each of yours opinion in terms of measuring the effectiveness of these engagement activities. How do we measure if a particular activity was better than the other? I am sure in a long term basis attrition could be a good indicator to understand the effectiveness but on an ongoing basis how do we measure the effectiveness? Also how to encourage employees to participate in these kind of activities? Do give your valuable insights. Best Regards Sanoj Email: sanojpillai@gmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  31. 31. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Shweta Mohanty An innovative HR Professional Hi Sanoj, The way to measure the effectiveness of the engagement activites is through feedback mechanism. Form an informal cross functional group in the organization by asking for the mandatory volunteers from each function. Once you have the representatives from cross functions, name the group like "Josh" or any other motivating name you want to give. Involve them for each activity planning & implementation and form a consensus for organizing the activity. Ask them to maintian the secrecy for the activity. Later on, you can have the feedback directly from them on how the activity is being received by employees in the respective function. Donna Garcia, MSHR, SPHR Director, Human Resource Services at National Association of Realtors Employee engagement is much more than activities. It's part of the work culture as a whole and driven by the CEO and upper management. Richard Axelrod's "Terms of Engagement" is an excellent resource which discusses the importance of employee engagement and the positive impact it can have on your organization. Neha Hamilton Nodal officer at Essar Hi, Employee Engagement is Imperative in today’s Scenario, wherein there is cutthroat competition in acquiring great talent from the Market. In my Opinion an individual is governed by its Emotions, so why not focus on Emotional Engagement. By creating a Friendly & Light Environment even outside office This can be done by involving their near & dear ones in family functions & small informal gatherings, Various other creative Ideas are already presented above by all members .which are really great & a great Help. Theoretically, there are 6 factors of Engagement, these are• People • Work • Quality of Life • Opportunities • Company Practices • Rewards. We conducted a training Program in Essar for all Leaders to encourage Employee Engagement & in a group Exercise we received highest action Points on Quality of Life, Which again shows that On this factor maximum efforts can be planned & executed,& this is highly Influential Factor as well www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  32. 32. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264    group Exercise we received highest action Points on Quality of Life, Which again shows that On this factor maximum efforts can be planned & executed,& this is highly Influential Factor as well     Vivek Mishra   Asst. Manager‐ HR at Kohinoor Food Ltd. (Food Division)  Diagnostic tool for Employee engagement include the following - training - development - career - performance appraisals - performance management - communication - equal opportunity - fair treatment - pay - benefits - health - safety - cooperation - family orientation - friendliness - job satisfaction which helps to create - feeling valued and involved which is - ENGAGEMENT.   Vikas Ranjan Lt Col in Indian Army Hi All Employee engagement is the most important aspect in today's time as it helps in increasing the productivity with the same manpower. Some of the activities are: Publish a quarterly newsletter and send it to all employees www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  33. 33. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264  Birthday celebrationa and small gifts like a silver coin etc. Common Canten for staff and workers including the top management and a common menu therein. Celebration of various days like Safety Day, Environment Day, Int'l Women's Day to name a few Social Activities involving both workers and staff. Celebration of different religious functions with the employees. Ensuring timely promotions, annaul increments and instituting incentives like employee of the month and Employee of the quarter etc. Having a sound Grievance Redressal System Thanks Vikas( vikas_65@yahoo.co.in) Amrita Jaiswal HR Executive Hi All, I would suggest 1. A small get together. 2.Birthday Celebrations. 3.Regular Entertainment packages like office tour , movies..... 4.Best performer of the year. 5.Contest to achieve target to give recognition through which employees get more motivated......... 6. Festival Celebrations.........   Julie Paimpare-Taylor EMEA HR Business Partner Lead at Concur Technologies I like this topic Here's my contribution, there's already great contributions 1. Employee Brown bag lunches 2. Create " a day in the life of..." articles 3. Open, transparent communication... 4. Career Development Regards Julie julespompom@hotmail.com www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05 
  34. 34. For more interesting discussions and knowledge sharing on topics related to Human Resources  Join the H.R. Professionals Group on LinkedIn     http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=52264    Vijaya Sen   Dy. General Manager ‐ Human Resources at Super Religare Laboratories Ltd.  Indeed the topic is engaging by itself. I would like to write about few suggestions which are not mentioned in the discussions: Employee engagement initiative can be driven by introducing some practices in the organization like: - New employee orientation program to be supported by Buddy program wherein the new employee gets a colleague/ peer from day 1 - Mentorship program for experienced & potential resources can be a good channel of bridging the gap between the Leadership team and others - Web T-conference from the CEO / Leadership team on any given topic can generate good enthusiasm as well keep employees engaged. Let me know how you find the ideas shared by me. Regards, Vijaya Sen   Sunil Subbramaniyam   Senior Manager‐ HR at Symphony Services  Some of the engagement activities that i can think about. 1. Counsellor/ mentor/ coaching program 2. Top Talent programs 3. Orientation programs 4. Buddy Program 5. Employee groups According to me engagement involves right from when an employee actually carries on his joining formalities in the organization he has joined. we need to map him on the employee life cycle and need to carry out engagement activities.       www.linkedin.cominvicnagda | vishal.nagda@gmail.com | + 91 98 33 03 33 05