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Guia de Medios 2014c


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Guia de Medios 2014c

  2. 2. Official Marks 215 Official Emblem The inspiration for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ official emblem comes from the iconic photograph of three victorious hands together raising the world’s most famous trophy. As well as depicting the uplifting humanitarian notion of hands interlinking, the portrayal of the hands is symbolic of the yellow and green hands of Brazil warmly welcoming the world to Brazilian shores. Victory and union are the two key emotive elements which are vividly depicted through the hands featured in the design. Whilst forming a clear link to the colours of the Brazilian national flag, the green and yellow colours also allude to two of the strongest features of life in Brazil – the golden beaches and beautiful sun reflected in the yellow tones, with green representing the strong tropical interior that Brazil is so famous for. The combination of the strong image, the contemporary typography and striking colours are extremely effective in depicting a modern and diverse host nation. The vivid representation of the trophy in the emblem is extremely fitting, given Brazil’s outstanding achievements in having won the FIFA World Cup™ on five separate occasions, more than any other nation. The message that is clear from this emblem is the idea of the unique bond between FIFA, the FIFA World Cup™ and Brazil, the host nation of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.
  3. 3. Official Marks 216 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Official Mascot the 3-Banded Armadillo, symbolises Brazil through his innovative defence skills, his diverse ancestry, his passion for football and his love of life, and brings with him the important message to take care of Brazil’s natural beauty. The choice of colours provides a clear link to the Brazilian national flag and refers to three of the strongest features of the life in Brazil. The green shorts represent the lush tropical landscape, the yellow body tones illustrate the sunny climate and beautiful beaches, and the blue tints in the shell portray the sky and clear waters. The Brazilian 3-Banded Armadillo is one of only two species of Armadillo with the ability to roll up into a tight, almost impenetrable ball. The loose shell of the 3-Banded Armadillo creates a layer of air between the shell and the body, which insulates the animal and allows him to travel to parts of Brazil considered too dry for other animals. Fuleco is a mix of the Portuguese words ‘futebol’ and ‘ecologia’, two integral components of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. The Official Mascot’s name perfectly represents the way in which the two can be combined to encourage people to behave in an environmentally-friendly way.
  4. 4. Official Marks 217 Official Poster The Official poster depicts the beauty and diversity of Brazil through a colourful, emotional and vibrant design. The creative concept at the heart of the poster is “An entire country at football’s service – Brazil and football: one shared identity”. This is evident throughout the poster, particularly where the players’ legs challenging for the ball reveal the map of Brazil.
  5. 5. Official Marks 218 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Official Trophy Designer Silvio Gazzaniga, Italy Manufacturer Bertoni GDE Srl, Italy Description Year of design 1973 Material gold, two rings of malachite stones adorn the base Weight 6.175 kg Height 36.8 cm Base diameter 12 cm The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy has become the most sought after and recog- nised sports prize in the world, representing the FIFA values of unity, integrity, authenticity and performance. The current Trophy was commissioned by FIFA ahead of the 1974 FIFA World Cup™, with the final choice from Italian artist Sil- vio Gazzaniga selected ahead of 53 submissions from seven countries. Gazzaniga described his creation as: "The lines spring out from the base, rising in spirals, stretching out to receive the world. From the remarkable dynamic tensions of the compact body of the sculpture rise the figures of two athletes at the stirring moment of victory." Unlike the first Trophy – the Jules Rimet Cup – the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy cannot be won outright anymore, with regulations stating that it shall remain FIFA's own possession. Instead, the FIFA World Cup™ Champions are awarded a replica which they get to keep as a permanent reminder of their great triumph. These gold-plated replicas are referred to as the FIFA World Cup™ Winners' Trophies. The authentic, one-of-a-kind FIFA World Cup™ Trophy is 36.8cm (14.5 inches) high, 6,175g (13.61 pounds) heavy, and made of 18-carat gold. The base contains two layers of semi-precious malachite while the bottom side of the Trophy bears the engraved year and name of each FIFA World Cup™ winner since 1974.
  6. 6. Official Marks 219 adidas brazuca Official Match Ball The adidas brazuca is the Official Match Ball for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. The name brazuca means 'Brazilian' and refers to the Brazilian way of life, while the colours and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolise the traditional multi- coloured wish bracelets worn in the country, in addition to reflecting the ‘vibrancy’ and fun associated with football in the South American country. The adidas brazuca has a new structural innovation, with a unique symmetry of six identical panels alongside a different surface structure will provide improved grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch. brazuca went through a thorough testing process over a two and a half year period involving more than 600 of the world’s top players and 30 teams in 10 countries across three continents, making it the most tested ball ever by adidas and ensuring that it is suited to all conditions.
  7. 7. Official Marks 220 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Official Music Continuing the tradition that began at the 1966 FIFA World Cup™ in England, the beat of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ will once again be set through the Official Music Programme. With a thoroughly Brazilian flavor, the Official Song “We Are One (Ole Ola)” includes Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, alongside the international artists Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. The Song, co-written by Pitbull, has parts in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and will be performed for the first time at the FIFA World Cup™ Opening Ceremony in São Paulo. The Official Anthem “Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)” will mark the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ when Carlos Santana, Wyclef, Avicii and Alexandre Pires perform at the closing ceremony. Some of the other music you can expect to hear leading up to and during the event is the Official Mascot Song, “Tatu Bom de Bola”, released in 2012 by Brazilian singer Arlindo Cruz and the song “Vida”, recorded by Ricky Martin as the winning track from Sony’s Global Music contest “SuperSong”. “Vida” will also be featured on the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Official Album, released by Sony Music.
  8. 8. FIFA Fan Fest™ 221 The FIFA Fan Fest™ – the place to be. Few places on earth host a party quite like Brazil. Add in the world’s greatest sporting event and a selection of the Host Country’s most iconic locations, and the FIFA Fan Fest™ promises to be a legendary ‘I was there’ moment at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. A perfect solution for fans looking to experience the magic of a FIFA World Cup™ together in a live setting, FIFA Fan Fests™ have exploded in popularity since their official introduction at the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany™. During the 2006 and 2010 editions of the FIFA World Cup™, 24 million football fans gathered together at FIFA Fan Fest™ sites to watch matches on huge state-of-the art screens, while simultaneously revelling in a party atmosphere. In Brazil, FIFA Fan Fests™ will offer free admission to secure, family-friendly loca- tions where both local and international fans can watch FIFA World Cup™ matches in a unique FIFA World Cup™ environment. The success of the FIFA Fan Fest™ concept has been built upon the huge support of the event stakeholders, including the Host Cities, TV Globo and the 7 FIFA Fan Fest™ Sponsors. FIFA’s coordination role in the event includes the provision of quality infra- structure at every site, with the Host Cities playing an integral role in securing the locations, developing an event concept and operating the day-to-day management of the event. TV Globo provides huge promotional support to the event and contribute significantly to the onsite experience through the provision of a glittering array of musical and cultural entertainment aimed at delivering a true entertainment extravaganza for visitors. In between matches and live music, revellers can enjoy a selection of inter- national food and drinks, get involved in the activities offered onsite by FIFA’s Commercial Affiliates and check out a wide range of onsite merchandise. Already something of a cultural phenomenon in their relatively short history, the FIFA Fan Fest™ in Brazil will quickly become the place to see and be seen. Visit for more information.
  9. 9. Commercial Affiliates 222 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Our Commercial Affiliates No FIFA event would be possible without the commitment and hard work of FIFA’s Commercial Affiliates, a group of companies who are investing significantly in making the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ a memorable experience for all who witness it. The dedication of our stalwart FIFA Partners adidas, Coca-Cola, Emirates, Hyundai/Kia, Sony and Visa remains a vital ingredient in everything we accomplish. They are instrumental in our success and help ensure that, together, we can use the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ as a stepping stone to build a legacy that endures long after the final whistle is blown. FIFA’s impressive team of FIFA World Cup™ Sponsors, consisting of Budweiser, Castrol, Continental, Johnson&Johnson, McDonald’s, Marfrig, Oi and Yingli, play and equally crucial role in Brazil, underpinning the global image of a tournament that represents the most effective global marketing platform in existence. We have also been inspired by the passion and commitment demonstrated by our National Supporters for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, Apex-Brazil, Centauro, Garoto, Itaú, Liberty Seguros and Wise Up are playing a significant role in promoting the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in the Host Market.
  10. 10. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 223 adidas History of relationship with FIFA FIFA and adidas have been partners since 1970, making this one of the longest and most successful partnerships in modern sports marketing history. FIFA and adidas recently announced an extension of their long-term partnership agreement granting adidas the Official Partner, Supplier and Licensee rights for the FIFA World Cup™ and all FIFA events until 2030. adidas will continue to supply the Official Match Ball of the FIFA World Cup™ and provide unique uniforms for thousands of volunteers. In addition, a wide range of adidas/FIFA World Cup™ licensed products will be on sale worldwide. adidas also secured similar rights to all other FIFA tournaments during this time period, including the FIFA Women's World Cup™ and the FIFA U-20 World Cup. Product Category Sporting & athletic footwear, sports apparel/hardware and bags; football equipment Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s "all in or nothing" is the adidas campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. "all in or nothing" is an attitude, the only choice you have to make to achieve greatness and lift the cup. There is no option. To win the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ you have to give it eve- rything, be the best you can be in that one moment. But "all in or nothing" is not only about the final victory, it can also be failure, it’s the taking part and every moment it took to get there. All the elements of the adidas marketing campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ will aim to declare, demonstrate and celebrate this unique attitude with a wide variety of content, both planned and reactive, across all media. No team has ever won the FIFA World Cup™ without giving it their all. It‘s about team work, togetherness, passion and whole nations uniting and coming together for a common cause. The FIFA World Cup™ is the pinnacle of any player’s career, it‘s where the best meet the very best and where icons are made. It‘s about pure devotion knowing that your actions will define history. And there is only one way to approach it – either you go hard or you go home. You stand or you fall. You unite or divide. It‘s "all in or nothing". On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ As Official Partner, Supplier and Licensee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, adidas have additional sole and exclusive rights to activate certain initiatives on-site in Brazil. These rights include: adidas Golden Boot Award: The adidas Golden Boot Award is given to the top goalscorer of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. adidas Golden Ball Award: The adidas Golden Ball Award is given to the best player of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. adidas Golden Glove Award: The adidas Golden Glove Award™ is given to the player who makes the best goalkeeping performance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Used Match Balls: Fans will have the chance to win used brazuca Official Match Balls from each of the 64 games during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ FIFA Fair Play Flag Carriers: Children from throughout the World will have the opportunity to participate in carrying the official FIFA Fair Play banner on pitch ahead of each game. Stadium Captains: Each stadium during the tournament will be assigned a "Stadium Captain", where a lucky individual will be invited to place the brazuca Official Match Ball on the plinth ahead of kick off. Key Contact Media Contact Robin McCAMMON Senior Manager FIFA +49 160 884 2327 Rob HUGHES Adidas Global PR Manager +49 160 884 6856
  11. 11. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 224 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Coca-Cola History of relationship with FIFA The Coca-Cola Company has had a long-standing relationship with FIFA since 1974 and has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™ since 1978. Coca-Cola has had stadium advertising at every FIFA World Cup™ since 1950 and is a long-time supporter of football at all levels. Product Category NARTD Beverages Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Everyone joins together to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. It belongs to everyone wherever you are, whoever you support. “The World’s Cup” celebrates the power of football to bring the world together. Through “The World’s Cup” campaign, Coca-Cola will create unrivalled access, participation, empowerment and conversation with the goal of delivering the most accessible and inclusive FIFA World Cup™ ever. The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ brings people together like no other event – Brazil is everyone’s country, football is everyone’s sport and Coca-Cola is everyone’s drink. “The World’s Cup” will be brought to life through a number of key elements: “One World, One Game” television and digital film “Where Will Happiness Strike Next” documentary-style short films “The World is Ours” – The official music anthem of Coca-Cola’s 2014 FIFA World Cup™ campaign featuring David Correy and Monobloco The Happiness Flag – the largest flag mosaic ever created featuring fan faces and messages FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola A uniquely Brazilian visual identity On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Fan Fest by Coca-Cola activated in all host cities Coca-Cola House across from Maracanã stadium – a destination for real time marketing, social media activation and media opportunites Flag bearer program in all host cities Global Hospitality Program at Sheraton Rio de Janeiro from July 2 - 14 Happiness Flag unveiling on-pitch in São Paolo on June 12 Copa Coca-Cola Camp outside São Paolo from June 10 - 15 Key Contact Media Contact Amber STEELE Director, Football and NBA Mgmt. +1 404 676 2659 Alison BRUBAKER Sr. Manager, Global Communications +1 404 304 0398
  12. 12. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 225 Emirates History of relationship with FIFA At the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Germany, Emirates became the first airline to be an Official Sponsor of the world's most celebrated football tournament. This partnership continued with the airline becoming an Official FIFA Partner in 2007 and participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ South Africa. We are looking forward to once again being part of the football festival at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Brazil. Product Category Air passenger (and cargo) transportation services Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s To celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil, Emirates, a global connector of people and passions, has brought two of the greatest footballers of all-time together on our flagship A380 aircraft. Acting as Global Ambassadors for the airline, Brazilian legend, Pelé and Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo have come together in the new Emirates advertising campaign spanning digital and print. Bringing the two heroes together sparked a global conversation regarding who is the all-time greatest footballer, with different generations and nationalities having different views. We are hoping the conversation will continue through the summer as this year’s FIFA World Cup™ creates even more greatest moments. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Our activity in Brazil will centre around two events we are holding with our Global Ambassador, Pelé. Key Contact Media Contact Louise MATHIS Sponsorship Manager +971 0 4 7083946 Hannah BURDEN HAMER Public Relations Controller +971 0 4 7083872
  13. 13. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 226 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Hyundai History of relationship with FIFA Hyundai Motor Company began its alliance with FIFA in 1999, when it signed the agree- ment to sponsor the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™. Our FIFA sponsorship contin- ues until 2022 as a FIFA Partner in the automobile and ground transportation category. Product Category Automotive Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Hyundai Motor Company has begun its "Glorious Journey" to provide worldwide football fans with new experiences of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. The “Glorious Journey” signals our goal to accompany fans & customers in their enjoyment of football. Fan Park - Hyundai Motor Company continues its legacy of Hyundai Fan Parks around the world. This public viewing platform will bring the FIFA World Cup™ atmosphere closer to worldwide fans. Social Fan Park - Hyundai Motor Company will build a microsite where fans share in the fun of the FIFA World Cup. Fans can upload images, videos and music using SNS accounts and hashtags - and use the digital “Pin"! Test Drive - Among fans who have test driven a Hyundai in their local dealership, selected winners will win an exclusive hospitality package to Manaus. VIK - Hyundai Motor Company will provide more than 1'000 passenger vehicles; ensuring that comfortable and reliable vehicles are available for the event delegation. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ FIFA Fan Fest - Hyundai Motor Company is sharing the atmosphere of FIFA World Cup™ by participating in the FIFA Fan Fests providing public viewing opportunities to fans. Team Bus Escort - Hyundai Motor Company is providing a Team Bus Escort for all teams as they travel in Brazil. Be There With Hyundai - By having fan slogans attached to the team buses, Hyundai Motor Company believes these buses are not just carrying teams, but are a symbol of the teams’ passionate supporters. Hyundai Young Player Award - Since 2006, the “Hyundai Young Player Award” has recognised the event's best U-21 player. Hyundai Meeting Point - Hyundai Motor Company is placing the “Hyundai Meeting Point” in stadia so that fans can easliy meet with friends and family. Commercial Display - Hyundai Motor Company will set commercial displays in stadia where visiting fans will experience interactive programmes. Key Contact Media Contact Jihoon LEE Manager +82 10 3247 0847 Meeyoung SONG Deputy General Manager +82 2 3464 2156
  14. 14. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 227 KIA History of relationship with FIFA Kia Motors took a giant step into the international football spotlight through its long-term partnership agreement with FIFA to become one of the six top FIFA Partners for FIFA competitions from 2007 until 2022 including the FIFA World Cup™ and FIFA Confederations Cup. Kia sees the FIFA World Cup™ and the game of football itself as an effective platform to further reinforce its presence as a world-class sports marketer while elevating its brand image in the eyes of the world’s football fans. Product Category Automotive Partner Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s As a FIFA Partner in the automotive category, Kia has taken a key role in supporting the successful staging of FIFA competitions by providing reliable and high-quality cars from its wide range of models as official tournament vehicles. Kia is providing a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity for football fans to express their enthusiasm for the FIFA World Cup™ through innovative and interactive programs, such as Kia’s sole & exclusive Mascot Friend program, Kia World Cup Road Show (customer invitation program), Kia Champ into the Arena program (5-a-side world amateur football championship) and Kia Fest (public match viewing). On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Kia Motors is providing attractive and enjoyable opporutities for footabll fans to enjoy the festive atmosphere of the event hand-in-hand with Kia through interactive events at Kia booth at the stadium and FIFA Fan Fest™ Sponsorship. Key Contact Media Contact Tommy KIM Manager +82 2 3464 5747 +82 10 9353 7101 Michael CHOO General Manager +82 2 3464 5663 +82 10 6373 8469
  15. 15. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 228 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE SONY History of relationship with FIFA Sony has an eight-year agreement with FIFA giving it worldwide marketing and promotional tie-ins for events between January 1, 2007 and December 31, 2014 including the flagship FIFA World Cup™ in 2010 and 2014. It is an official FIFA Partner in the new "Digital Life" category, which covers a wide range of business areas from electronics to entertainment. Sony is embarking on a series of strategic initiatives focused on its 4K technology, Network, Entertainment, and CSR programs, all connected to its sponsorship of FIFA. Product Category Digital Life Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Sony’s ONE STADIUM is a special portal showcasing Sony’s activities around the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, designed to be an interactive site for football fans around the world. ONE STADIUM is based on an entirely new and original concept: that our whole world is a one, huge stadium. The portal can be accessed from a computer, tablet or smartphone, and is offered in six different languages (Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and French). Through ONE STADIUM, Sony is offering football fans exciting opportunities to join in the excitement and emotion of this once in a lifetime sporting event, as well as introducing the latest news and topics related to Sony's products and entertainment. One example is “SuperSong”, a world- wide music contest featuring global music superstar Ricky Martin. Sony’s regional campaigns, such as "Campo Sony" in Brazil and "La Ola Mas Grande Del Mundo" in Central/South America, can also be accessed via the ONE STADIUM site. Sony is also engaging in a range of CSR activities to coincide with the tournament, including the "Dream Goal 2014" initiative taking place in Brazil, Latin America and other regions, which aims to provide support for underprivileged communities by leveraging the power of football for social development. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Sony and FIFA are collaborating on a range of 4K initiatives at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, including production of the Official 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Film in 4K Ultra HD, and the production of three full matches, including the final, in 4K using Sony's professional 4K equipment. FIFA and Sony Music Entertainment will also be presenting Pitbull’s “We Are One (Ole Ola), the Official Song of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ featuring Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian artist Claudia Leitte, to be performed live by the artists at the Opening Ceremony on June 12 at the Arena de Sao Paulo. In addition, the Official Anthem of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, entitled “Dar um Jeito (We Will Find A Way),” featuring a global superstar line-up including Carlos Santana, Wyclef, Avicii and Alexandre Pires, will be performed at the Closing Ceremony on July 13 at the Maracana Stadium. Sony will also be extending over 350 FIFA Flag Bearer invitations to children in Brazil, providing each with an unforgettable 2014 FIFA World Cup™ experience. Furthermore, Sony’s “Fan Photographer” initiative will offer selected football/camera fans from around the world with thrilling pitch-side access during team warm-ups prior to the matches themselves. Key Contact Media Contact Hiroko SAITO Brand Straregy Department Misato SUZUKI Corporate Communications
  16. 16. Commercial Affiliates FIFA Partners 229 Visa History of relationship with FIFA Visa initially signed up as a FIFA Partner in 2007 and activated its first global sponsor- ship rights at the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. Those rights allow Visa to build its business and extend value and benefits to various stakeholders around the globe through marketing programmes that drive brand preference and product usage. Visa’s FIFA sponsorship runs through 2022 and includes the rights to the upcoming 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. As a FIFA Partner, Visa receives worldwide exclusive access to the FIFA World Cup™ and more than 40 other FIFA competitions, providing opportunities to tap into the passions and reach of the world’s favorite sport. Product Category Financial Services Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s No matter who or where you are, Visa helps people be where they want to be – to be a part of the FIFA World Cup™ celebration. At FIFA World Cup™ time, we all share the same aspiration to be part of the collective and communal energy of FIFA World Cup™. This June and July the world will change, FIFA World Cup™ and football celebrations seep into every facet of life, including style, music, dance, food, art and entertainment from every nation. By shining a raw and authentic light on the FIFA World Cup™ cele- brations around the world, Visa will help every fan be they want to be – part of the of FIFA World Cup™. Visa’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign spans over 100 countries and includes partnerships with Visa’s clients (e.g. banks, retailers), innovative digital and social components as well as landmark film and images that capture the world’s imagination. Visa. Everywhere you want to be. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ On the ground in Brasil, Visa is welcoming over 6000 guests from around the world. In the stadiums, Visa’s infrastructure will enable fans to pay for food, drinks and merchandise using their Visa cards during FIFA World Cup™ matches. This infrastructure will remain after the FIFA World Cup™, enabling electronic payments for fans in the future – a legacy for the stadium owners and Brazilian futebol. The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ accepts only Visa-branded credit, debit, and pre-paid cards, along with cash, in all 2014 FWC stadiums and locations to pay for food and beverages, retail goods, services and to obtain cash at ATMs while attending the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. For the convenience of all fans, separate kiosks to purchase Visa Itau prepaid cards will be located in all FIFA venues. Visa cardholders are reminded to contact their issuing banks before leaving for Brazil to alert them of their travel plans and purchases in another country. Cardholders should also ask about daily withdrawal limits, ATM fees and other fees. The key to accessing Visa services at ATMs in Brazil, and for some debit cards at the point of sale, is your Personal Identification Number or PIN. If you do not know your PIN, contact your bank to obtain a new one before traveling to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. For inquiries related to Visa products and services, please contact Visa’s Global Customer Care Services toll-free from Brazil at 0800 891 3680. Key Contact Media Contact Dan GRIFFIN Senior Director, Global Football Sponsorship Marketing +1 650 703 4280 Sabrina SCIAMA Corporate Relations Director +55 11 999 300 170
  17. 17. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 230 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE AB InBev History of relationship with FIFA Budweiser first served as Official Beer of the 1986 FIFA World Cup™ Mexico. Over the course of our more than 25 year relationship with FIFA, the brand has grown globally, and expanded its activations around the tournament. In 2010, following the combination between Anheuser-Busch and InBev, the company extended local spon- sorship rights to its leading brands in selected football markets, including, but not limited to Brahma (Brazil), Hasseröder (Germany), Jupiler (Belgium and the Netherlands), Quilmes (Argentina) and Harbin (China). The company will do so again for this year's tournament, as the beautiful game returns to Brazil. Product Category Official Beer Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s As the official beer sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, Budweiser shares the great passion that football fans across the globe have for the beautiful game. Rise As One is Budweiser’s global creative campaign to honor the universally shared emotions, experiences and moments of the FIFA World Cup™ tournament that unify football fans globally. Our Rise as one platform celebrates the fact that, while football brings out regional pride and fierce rivalries, the FIFA World Cup™ brings the world together once every four years. Through the Rise as one campaign, Budweiser will celebrate the world’s most loved game and its role in inspiring fans to celebrate the moments that unite us as a global football community. In Brazil, Brahma is also providing fans with the best place to watch a match outside of the stadium. With mobile road shows, bar takeovers and custom built structures, no fan will be left out of the FIFA World Cup™ experience. As official beer sponsor of the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™, Budweiser will once again bring fans around the world together to Rise as one in the spirit of celebration as the eyes of the world turn to Brazil for this year’s tournament On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Both the Budweiser and Brahma brands will have a strong presence in Brazil through- out the tournament, connecting with football fans from around the world as they expe- rience all the country has to offer. At every FIFA World Cup™ stadium, the Budweiser Beer Gardens are the place to be before each match. With music, drinks and unqiue experiences for fans, these locations provide a great environment in which fans can enjoy a beer before the match. Once fans enter the gates, Budweiser, along with Brahma, will be sold at all concession points, once again providing fans with a first class customer experience. Key Contact Media Contact Eelco VAN DER NOLL Global Partnerships & Experiential Marketing +55 21 999 354832 +1 212 573 6507 Laura VALLIS Director, Global External Communications +55 21 999 352099 +1 917 386 821
  18. 18. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 231 Castrol History of relationship with FIFA Since the birth of the brand over 100 years ago Castrol has been integral to some of the greatest performances on earth, supporting the spectacular feats of early pioneers and record breakers. We've continued this approach in the world of football with the creation of the innovative Castrol Index, which was used at both FIFA events in South Africa and in last year's FIFA Confederations Cup. At Castrol we understand what it takes to create a winning performance and through our football sponsorships we have always looked to provide fans with a new perspective on football performance. Product Category Lubricants & Oils Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s To celebrate our sponsorship of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, we have brought together the pioneers from the worlds of football and motorsport to create Castrol Footkhana; an innovative experiment that sees Brazilian star Neymar Jr take on fellow Castrol Ambassador and global rally icon Ken Block. An unexpected series of events unfold, as they push the boundaries of performance and attempt ground-breaking new skills. The film launched on the Castrol YouTube channel in April 2014 and became our most successful YouTube film ever. Heading into the tournament, we will be running the Castrol Index once again. The Castrol Index has become synonymous with Castrol's football sponsorships and uses state-of-the-art technology and data analysis techniques to monitor every single touch of the ball, in every match, to objectively analyse and then rank every players’ performances at the tournament. The Castrol Index will be updated throughout the tournament on We will also be giving fans the chance to enter the Castrol FIFA World Cup™ Predictor Challenge on Fronted by Castrol Ambassador Cafu, fans will be able to predict who will win matches and score the goals to win great prizes. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ N/A Key Contact Media Contact Toby HESTER & Andrea DINIZ Head of Tournament Operations – Dep. Head of Tournament Operations +44 7958 239246 +55 11 96442 0489 Paul GOODMAKER Global Sponsorship Communications Manager +44 7884 111780
  19. 19. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 232 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Continental History of relationship with FIFA Since 2003 Continental is an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™ in the category Tires. The leading tire manufacturer and automotive supplier has chosen football as THE strategic communications platform and has connected its premium Continental tyre brand consequently with the 2006, 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cup™. This investment helped to continuously increase the brand awareness on a global scale and to connect Continental with the most attractive football events worldwide. Product Category Tires Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s As an Official Sponsor for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, tire manufacturer Continental rans a drawing of travel packages for two, to watch the final match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Rio de Janeiro's famous Maracana. Within `The Road to Rio` Tour that ran from March 11 until May 11, 2014, Continental invited football fans under to answer a football related question per week and to upload images from themselves standing infront of the official mascot Fuleco that was carried on a truck throughout the UK. Marketing Campaigns - Continental Brazil As an official sponsor for the FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil™, Continental announced in Jan- uary 2014 the launch of the promotion “Esse Lugar É Meu” [“This Seat is Mine”]. Until April 30th , it awarded consumers who purchases four car, pickup truck or van tires – from 14” rim – at one of the official Continental dealers participating in the promotion with a FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil™ ball and an adidas gym bag. On Social Media, Continental is engaging its 320,000 followers on Twitter and Facebook on three campaigns which will distribute 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ tickets to fans that send the best story on each campaign. "Gathering of Superstars", "Greatest Amulet" and "Continental Crowd" invited customers to interact with Continental through a range of activities to win match tickets. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ The Continental Corporation is one of the world's leading suppliers to the automotive industry with comprehensive know-how in the field of tire and braking technology, vehicle dynamics control, electronics and sensors. In Brazil, Continental started the operations in 1998 and installed its factory plant in Camaçari, Bahia, in 2006 producing tires for buses, trucks, passenger, vans, pick-ups and SUVs vehicles. To reforce its brand in the country, supported by a new institutional campaign, Continental will have Commercial Displays at FIFA Fan Zone in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Salvador. The exhibit booth will be an inflated tire-shaped tunnel, where the fans can walk by and read Continental's history worldwide plus Brazil’s history in FIFA World Cups™. At the end of the tunnel, they will be invited to sign on its walls and check-in on the available Wi-Fi zone. FIFA World Cup Brazil™ ticket holders will also win a Continental’s color ribbon that can be exchanged for a souvenir/discount at their local Continental dealer. Key Contact Media Contact Clarice BASSANESI Hospiitality & Ticketing 2014 FIFA World Cup™ +49 511 938 28054 Alexander BAHLMANN Head of Media & Public Relations PLT Tires +49 511 938 2615
  20. 20. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 233 Johnson & Johnson History of relationship with FIFA As the Official Healthcare Sponsor of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, Johnson & Johnson brings more than 125 years of expertise in caring and its expansive portfolio of products, services and innovative solutions to enhance the medical presence at the tournament. Johnson & Johnson is proud to support FIFA in the shared mission to provide health and safety support to fans and players, shine a spotlight on Volunteers, promote fair play and sportsmanship and improve the health and well-being of children in the world. Johnson & Johnson and FIFA also share the common goal of leaving a legacy of health and well-being in Brazil. Product Category Official Healthcare Sponsor Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Johnson & Johnson believes everyone has the power to do extraordinary things in caring for the health and well-being of others, especially when leading with their hearts. Based on the philosophy that one act of care can inspire another and ultimately, create a more caring world, Johnson & Johnson has developed the CARE INSPIRES CARE™ platform. The concept of CARE INSPIRES CARE™ is the consistent theme throughout the Johnson & Johnson 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ sponsorship activation. Through the CARE INSPIRES CARE™ platform, Johnson & Johnson will work to foster the spirit of caring among everyday people and their families, provide resources to help care for and enable a healthier future for the families and communities in Brazil and ultimately support and care for those who care for others at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, including medical staff, the Volunteers, players and fans. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, Johnson & Johnson will enhance the visibility of medical presence at the 12 stadiums and FIFA Fan Fests to care for teams, players and fans. Johnson & Johnson will support FIFA’s efforts to raise the standard of care by providing the medical teams with a standardized emergency medical bag that will be used on the pitch. Johnson & Johnson will care for the 14,000 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Volunteers by creating a space inside the Volunteer Centers in the stadiums where Volunteers can take advantage of free health screenings and take a break from their duties. Johnson & Johnson will also provide products for medical areas, medical uniforms, medical signage which provide increased visibility of medical services in stadiums to ensure a safe fan experience. Fans attending the matches will learn how Johnson & Johnson aspires to make the world a more caring place, and be able to join the movement by writing a caring message and adding it to a Johnson & Johnson care package that will be shared with children throughout Brazil. Johnson & Johnson will also activate at the FIFA Fan Fest™ in host cities, creating a Family Area where children will receive Child ID bracelets to aid in reconnecting lost children with their families. Key Contact Media Contact Lynda BENTON Director, Corporate Equity 732 524 3782 Elisabete LIMA In-House Editor +55 11 3060 3144 / +55 11 98212 3799 Flavia BONFÁ Senior Media Lead +55 11 3060 3163 / +55 11 94250 0087
  21. 21. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 234 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE McDonald’s History of relationship with FIFA McDonald’s has served as an Official Sponsor and the Official Restaurant of FIFA World Cup™ since 1994 and is proud to bring the passion of the sport to life for millions of customers and fans in more than 100 countries around the world through special promotions, contests, advertisements and in-store merchandising. The centerpiece of McDonald's FIFA World Cup™ spon- sorship is the McDonald’s Player Escort program which began at the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™. Since then, the Company has provided more than 10,000 children with the unique experience of being a McDonald’s Player Escort in FIFA-sanctioned Tournaments like the FIFA World Cup™. Product Category Official Restaurant Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s McDonald’s Fry Box and GOL! Program: For the first time ever, McDonald’s is changing their iconic fry box design globally to celebrate the spirit of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. This program brings the Tournament to life visually through unique packaging that features artwork by 12 artists from around the world. McDonald's GOL! Is a new, high-tech mobile application that uses cutting-edge technology to entertain fans across the globe via engaging Augmented Reality (AR) gameplay when used with the fry boxes, and allowing them to share their own in-app trick-shots via social media. The app also contains a feature which lets the users capture an AR photo with the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy McDonald’s Player Escort Program: As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to children’s well-being, 1,408 children ages 6-10 and representing 70 countries will receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to proudly walk hand-in-hand onto the pitch with their football heroes at all 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup™. McDonald’s Ultimate Fan of the FIFA World Cup™: McDonald’s is bringing together almost 200 of the most passionate fans from 20 countries to give them the “ultimate” trip to the FIFA World Cup™ and have an experience of a lifetime. McDonald’s Crew World Cup – McDonald’s Crew members representing Brazil, Europe, and Asia will come to Rio to attend a FIFA World Cup™ match and compete in their own football tournament. McDonald’s Training of the FIFA World Cup™ Volunteers – As a worldwide leader in the training and development of employees, McDonald’s partnered with FIFA and the Local Organising Committee (LOC) to train the volunteer force for the FIFA World Cup Brazil™. McCafé™ at the IBC: Special for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, a pop-up 24-hour McCafé and Dessert Center operation is located inside the International Broadcast Center (IBC) at the RioCentro Convention Center. McDonald’s FIFA World Cup™ Fantasy Football Game: Since 2006 McDonald’s has been the title sponsor of this exciting game, held on online and on mobile, which for 2014 is projected to attract over 1.25 million fans. Key Contact Media Contact Brian GOLDSTEIN Global Head of FIFA World Cup™ +1 312 543 2414 Melissa LAYTON Global Communications Director +1 314 914 1397
  22. 22. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 235 Mafrig History of relationship with FIFA FIFA World Cup™ Sponsor since the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa, Marfrif also has 2 other subsitiary brands that are FWC sponsors – Moy Park (UK) and Hamby (Uruguay). Product Category Non ready to eat products Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s The Campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ will be the Official Churrasco (Barbecue) with Marfrig meat products. The campaign targets company's clients (foodservice and retail), consumers and employees. Moy Park is activating a comprehensive FWC campaign which includes a full multi- media brand campaign in Ireland and the UK; bespoke retailer activation programmes; exciting FIFA World Cup™ Parties in Belfast, London and Paris targeting employees, farmers, customers, suppliers and local stakeholders as well a full Brazilian Hospitality programme. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Marfrig has two programms, Taste of the Field and Taste the Arrival, where Marfrig guests will be able to go down to the pitch after the match ends as well as having the opportunity to watch the Teams buses arrive and see the players as close as being part of it. Key Contact Media Contact Francisco Abi SABER CYPRIANI Corporate MKT Coordinator +55 11 988 2626 28 Fabio LOPES Corporate Communications Manager +55 11 994 3173 71
  23. 23. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 236 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Oi History of relationship with FIFA As a telecommunications and IT services provider, Oi has been strenghthening its expertise in major national and international events. Oi, an expert in the field, offers fixed and mobile communications, including voice, data, internet, 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, cloud services and entertainment services.. Product Category Telecom Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s The campaign "Oi, eu to na Copa" introduces the concept that "Oi takes you to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ and brings the FIFA World Cup™ to you" by offering a complete range of experiences during the matches for consumers through Oi’s services. The concept is built around the idea that the company provides their customers with not just tickets, but rather the opportunity to take full advantage of the event from all angles. This includes access to content and information about the biggest football event in the world, broadband, 3G or 4G internet for mobile and the chance to follow all matches on Oi HD TV. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ No activations on-site. Key Contact Media Contact Bruno CREMONA Sponsorship and Events Manager +55 21 98906 0392 +55 21 3131 2325 Ronaldo SOARES Communications Manager +55 21 98635 9291
  24. 24. Commercial Affiliates FIFA World Cup Sponsors 237 Yingli Green Energy History of relationship with FIFA In 2010, Yingli Green Energy (also known as Yingli Solar) became the first renewable energy and the first Chinese company in history to sponsor the FIFA World Cup™. By becoming a sponsor, we answered FIFA’s call to make the world’s most popular sport not only a celebration of the game, but also a sign of respect for the planet that we inhabit. In June 2011, we announced the continuation of our partnership with FIFA for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. We are excited to once again join with FIFA in using clean and affordable solar energy to create a more sustainable future. Product Category Renewable Energy Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Yingli Green Energy’s campaign for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, “All Under One Sun,” is designed to increase solar energy awareness and adoption among consumers. We are promoting the message that “solar energy is abundant, affordable, and accessible” across all FIFA marketing channels, and especially through our digital properties. Just as football is a sport enjoyed on every continent, and by athletes from all walks of life, the sun shines down on all the world’s communities – and every community should be able to enjoy affordable green energy. To activate our sponsorship, Yingli Green Energy’s subsidiaries across the globe have developed diverse sweepstakes and ticket contests that are unique to their markets, but are unified by the message of “All Under One Sun.” They are also unfied by their emphasis on consumer education and solar energy awareness. In China, we are also using Fuleco, the FIFA World Cup™ Mascot to bring the message of “All Under One Sun” to football fans. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Yingli Green Energy is bringing the power of solar to the FIFA World Cup™. In addition to powering FIFA World Cup™ stadiums Arena Pernambuco and Estadio Maracanã with clean solar energy, we are giving football fans an opportunity to personally experience the power of solar electricity through our on-site activations. Our goal is to enhance fans’ in-stadium experiences and promote sustainable practices by providing charging stations where media and fans can plug in their mobile devices, as well as supplying FIFA with off-grid solar energy kits that will power information towers located throughout the stadiums. Yingli Green Energy has also partnered with Budweiser to increase awareness about solar energy and promote the concept of sustainability in Budweiser Beer Gardens. We at Yingli are thrilled to be able to offer these valuable services for fans while simultaneously demonstrating the incredible power of the sun. By demonstrating the power of solar energy to fans in stadiums, we are bringing solar power and sustainability into the mainstream. Key Contact Media Contact Judy Tzeng LEE Vice President of Global Marketing +86 159 0312 6863 Tori CLIFFORD Marketing and Communications Manager 301 717 6796 On-Site Media Contact: Julian ITAGAKI Marketing Director +81 80 4836 8609
  25. 25. Commercial Affiliates National Supporters 238 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Apex-Brasil History of relationship with FIFA The Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) signed an agreement with FIFA in November 2012, becoming a National Supporter and thus being able to perform trade promotion activities during the matches of the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. In 2013, Apex-Brasil brought 903 entrepreneurs from 70 countries for business meetings with 500 Brazilian representatives from sectors such as healthcare and technology, home and construction, agribusiness, food and beverages, fashion, machines and equipment, creative economy and services. The guests could watch matches from the Apex-Brasil hospitality areas in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. The initiative generated business around USD 3 billion, between exports and foreign investment attraction. Product Category Promotion of Brazilian Companies Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s For the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, Apex-Brasil focuses again on relationship marketing. In partnership with almost 25 companies and sector associations, the Agency will bring 2,300 international buyers, investors and opinion formers to Brazil to perform business agendas and attend the games. During the months of June and July, Apex-Brasil will develop trade promotion and investment attraction activities that aim to foster Brazilian exports, foreign investment to the country, as well as promoting the commer- cial image of Brazil abroad. A hospitality area will be available for 12 games, at the Host Cities of Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte. Guests will also have the opportunity of tasting Brazilian food products and getting to know the productive structure of approximately 60 sectors of the Brazilian economy. The business agendas for entrepreneurs from 100 countries include visits to productive plants, farms, laboratories and other productive facilities, as well as business meetings, lectures and seminars with representatives from more than 180 Brazilian companies. The expectation is to exceed the results of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ For the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, Apex-Brasil will have its guests experience the new business country brand concept the agency has been working on, named "Brazil Beyond Football", which aims to have inter- national companies and visitors to have an immersion in a nation that is more than footbal. This concept will Be used on every aspect of the Apex-Brasil experience during the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, such as the Hospitality Village and the Fan Zone on the stadiums of Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Fortaleza, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Key Contact Media Contact Marcello MARTINS +55 61 3426 0202 +55 61 9153 7565 Thiago VITALLE JAYME +55 61 3426 0231 +55 61 9213 3350
  26. 26. Commercial Affiliates National Supporters 239 Centauro History of relationship with FIFA Centauro company has a deal with FIFA since May 2013, when it was announced that they would be a National Supporter of FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and 2014 FIFA World Cup™. Founded in 1981, Centauro is the largest retailer of sports in Latin America, with a big presence in e-commerce ( and is part of the SBF Group, which has over 230 stores in almost every state of Brazil. With a mission to democratize the sport in the country, Centauro invests in sponsoring events in different modalities, such as soccer, tennis, street running, basketball, among others. Product Category Sports Goods Retail Chain Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s The marketing activations are being worked since last year, all focused on draw tickets for the FIFA World Cup™ in all our platforms, in stores, e-commerce and social media. Moreover, the campaigns of the company to the FIFA World Cup™ have the participation of Rodrigo Faro, one of the greatest communicators in the country. In December 2013, Centauro held a draw of 200 tickets for the opening match of the FIFA World Cup™ in Sao Paulo. It currently has the action that will draw more than two thousand tickets for the best games and the best places. Finally, the company will start in the next month an activation that will draw 100 tickets for final match. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ no on-site activations Key Contact Media Contact Ana GRIMALDI Marketing Director +55 11 97674 6789 Carolina YADA PR Manager +55 11 98393 0654
  27. 27. Commercial Affiliates National Supporters 240 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Garoto History of relationship with FIFA Happiness, Talent and Brazilianness are words that define Chocolates Garoto. And don’t they have everything to do with football? That is why our brand combines the two major Brazilian passions, football and chocolate, bringing all the joy of the FIFA World Cup™, inviting people to open up their ‘Garoto’ (boyish) side and cheer together. Garoto reinforces its commitment to Brazilians as the national sponsor of the most major football event in the world, the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. It is the only chocolate and ice cream company to sponsor the event, representing the happiness of a whole nation passionate about football. Product Category Chocolate and pre packed ice cream Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s In 2013 Garoto invited Brazilians to co-create the official chocolate of the FIFA World Cup™: featuring Fuleco in fun poses, the recipe and package had over 200,000 participants choosing their favorite options using an app created for Facebook. The brand also brought together two of the most popular Brazilian artists, Claudia Leitte and Michel Teló, to sing Garoto's Cheering Song, created in a contest that engaged over 700 songs and over 200.000 voters. Every product in Garoto's portfolio was 'dressed' with the FIFA World Cup™ theme, increasing the awareness of Garoto's role as national supporter to every consumer, from a single tablet to the most iconic product of the brand, the yellow assorted bonbons box. Last but not least, Garoto, one of the most traditional chocolate brands in Brazil, entered into a license agreement with FIFA and brought, exclusively, the Official Chocolate Trophy of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™: a delicious reproduction of the most coveted football trophy in the world, made with 300g of milk chocolate. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ As national supporter of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, Garoto presents their brand to billions of spectators and as a result of the various engagement actions promoted by the brand, has already reached more than 13 million fans on Facebook becoming the number one food fanpage in Brazil. Key Contact Media Contact David PINSKI Sports Marketing Manager +55 11 5508 7798 +55 11 94160 7901 Anahí GUEDES Corp Communication Manager +55 11 5508 9395 +55 11 5508 9395
  28. 28. Commercial Affiliates National Supporters 241 Itaú History of relationship with FIFA Itaú is the Official Bank for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil. The bank supported the country as a host for the tournament from the first moment and signed the sponsorship agreement with FIFA in 2009. The relationship Itaú has with football is long term, being the sponsor for TV matches broadcasting for more than 25 years and also a major sponsor of the Brazilian National Team. Itaú believes football has the power to unite people and holds Sports as one of its main values as it contributes for a better society Product Category Financial Services / Banking Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Since 2007, when Brazil was announced the host for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, Itaú started its campaigns showing the long term relationship with football and the relevance of hosting such a tournament in Brazil. During the coming years, Itaú continued its campaigns always showing the power football has in uniting people and working as an agent of transformation in society. During 2013 this movement got even stronger with blockbuster productions and in the end of the year Itaú launched a campaign called "Grande Transformação", where Brazilian fans are called to get together and join in support for this great event and for the Brazilian Team. Another important moment was the launch of the "Cidades Viajando" campaign in 2014, in which Itaú launches its fans' music to stimulate the Brazilian crowd. Until the end of the FIFA World Cup™, Itaú will continue to launch some other features always with objective to gather and unite people around football. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ During the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, Itaú, as the Official Bank, will have ATMs at all 12 stadiums as well as pre-paid cards kiosks, together with Visa, offering fans a safe and practical way to buy food, beverage and official items inside the venues. In the Commercial Display, Itaú will have a very special and fun booth where fans will be able to characterize themselves with the colors and items making reference to both teams playing each match. Itaú is also a sponsor for the FIFA Fan Fests and will offer some cool activities for fans in those areas. Key Contact Media Contact Caroline CAEVALHO Sponsorships and Institutional Events Manager +55 11 99576 4568 caroline.carvalho@itau- Guilherme MAGALHAES Corporate Communications Coordinator +55 11 5019 8880 +55 11 97959 0219 99983 1634 guilherme.a.magalhaes@
  29. 29. Commercial Affiliates National Supporters 242 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Liberty Seguros History of relationship with FIFA Liberty Seguros signed up as a national supporter of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ on May 2011. As part of the agreement, Liberty Seguros receives extensive national marketing rights for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, allowing us to directly associate the Liberty Seguros brand with the event in our promotion and advertising in the host nation as well as being granted the designation of “Official Insurance Provider of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™”. Liberty Seguros also has the 2002 FIFA World Cup™ winner Cafu as star of the last 3 campaigns featuring films, prints, OOH and online media, and actions to employees and brokers. Product Category Insurance Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s For the 2014 campaign, Liberty Seguros wants to inspire, recognize and appreciate the good examples that all Brazilians demonstrate every day. The campaign concept is "this is #myexample", and presents in all advertisements the star Cafu as an example for thousands of Brazilians because he had the honor and privilege of representing an entire nation in the last cup when Brazil won the 2002 FIFA World Cup™. With this campaign, Liberty Seguros wants to cultivate and stimulate positive ideas and responsible actions that will make this FIFA World Cup™ the best of all times. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Liberty Seguros will be present in all the 12 FIFA World Cup™ host cities with different brand activations that will go from a stand on the commercial display area in 9 cities, an electric cart service that will help to transport disable people from the parking lots to the stadiums entrance in all the 12 cities, tow trucks that will be driving along the 9 cities and also some out of home media with our 2014 campaign. Key Contact Media Contact Manuela MORTON Marketing and Sponsorships Manager +55 11 99697 2223 +55 11 96642 9153 +55 11 2663 4031 Karina LOUZADA PR Superintendent +55 11 98962 8872 +55 11 2663 4321
  30. 30. Commercial Affiliates National Supporters 243 WISE UP History of relationship with FIFA Football is the game of the world. English is the language of the world. Both are universal languages that bring cultures together, spark passions, transform lives and open doors on all five continents – be it on a professional or personal level. Wise Up, the leading English school for adults in Latin America, is proud to be the first company in the Education sector to support the FIFA World Cup™. Wise Up has revolutionized the language education market in Brazil by creating a reduced 18-month English course which has allowed thousands of people to make major changes in their lives, getting better jobs and salaries due to their improved command of the English language. Wise Up’s ultimate goal is to get thousands of Brazilians ready to welcome and embrace tourists, supporters, journalists, investors, managers, and players that will land in Brazil to experience the world’s greatest sport event. Product Category Language School Overview of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ marketing campaign/s Wise Up wants to leave a legacy to all Brazilians, teaching English through a rapid and free online course. The main objective of the online classes is to teach Brazilian citizens English expressions that will help them to be good hosts during the event. The course consists of eight modules, each one with three video classes in which the student learns useful phrases that will help him to interact with tourists in common day-to-day situations. The course is available at: Wise Up is also helping FIFA and the LOC to evaluate the English language proficiency of the FIFA World Cup™ volunteers who will work during the tournament, so that those who are able to speak the language can be deployed in areas where their English language skills are needed the most. On-site activations during 2014 FIFA World Cup™ No activations on-site. Key Contact Media Contact Mariana KUCHNIR Account Manager +55 41 9996 3772 Luana PESSOA RAGGIO Journalist +55 11 3643 2821
  31. 31. Official Merchandising 244 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Merchandising Programme In order to provide fans a piece of the action, Globo Marcas (GM) – Master Licensee of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in the Brazilian territory – has appointed a number of sub-licensees for the production and distribution of Official Licensed Products which will be available throughout the country via the official channels as well as at main retailers. Fans have the opportunity to choose around 2,000 Official Licensed Products Designs. Official Licensed Products Examples On-site Operations Globo Marcas have appointed Dufry as the on-site operator the FIFA World Cup™. Dufry will set up and operate superstores in the Fan Zone and a number of merchandise booths across all stadiums at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™. All merchandise concessions will have a mix of Official Licensed Products, as well as products related to the FIFA’s Official Partners. GM / Dufry Name Title Mobile E-mail Gustato FONSECA Operations Manager (GM) +55 21 99897 8634 gustavo.fonseca@ Marcio QUIEROZ Operations Manager (Dufry) +55 21 96709 3309 marcio.queiroz@
  32. 32. Official Merchandising 245 Example of merchandise booths Merchandising outside the FIFA World Cup™ stadiums To bring the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Official Licensed Products to everybody in Brazil, besides the on-site operations at the stadium, Globo Marcas has set up an extensive retail programme focusing but not limited to the Host Cities. Official Online Store Extensive range of Official Licensed Products available at Official FIFA TV Shopping A range of Official Licensed Products are at Shoptime channel Official Fan Shops – Airports & Shopping Malls & FIFA Fan Fest Official Fan Shops will be located at selected airports, key shopping malls and at the FIFA Fan Fest not only at the Host Cities but also in other cities in Brazil.
  33. 33. Official Merchandising 246 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Airport Stores City Location Salvador Airport Rio de Janeiro Galeão Airport Rio de Janeiro Santos Dumont Airport Brasilia Airport São Paulo Guarulhos Airport São Paulo Guarulhos Airport Fortaleza Airport Curitiba Airport Recife Airport Porto Alegre Airport Natal Airport Belo Horizonte Confins Airport Campinas Airport Kiosks City Location Rio de Janeiro Rodoviária Novo Rio Curitiba Shopping Curitiba São Paulo Shopping Eldorado Campinas Shopping Campinas Balneário Camboriú Shopping Atlântico Recife Shopping Rio Mar São Paulo Tatuapé Rio de Janeiro Barra Shopping Campinas Dom Pedro Recife Shopping Recife Suzano Shopping Suzano FIFA Fan Fests™ City Location Rio de Janeiro FIFA Fan Fest™ Fortaleza FIFA Fan Fest™
  34. 34. Volunteers 247 A workforce to be reckoned with The FIFA World Cup™ is built around a complex network of facilities that includes 12 stadiums, hotels, National Team Training Centres, the IBC (International Broadcast Centre) and the SMCs (Stadium Media Centres). None of this infrastructure would function properly without the contribution of the tournament volunteers. And just as importantly as making sure everything works, the volunteers give their heart and soul to create the incredible atmosphere of the tournament. The Local Organising Committee (LOC) believes that the volunteers at the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ reflect the personality of the Brazilian people: joyful and welcoming. It is also a unique opportunity to train and involve millions of Brazilians in the tournament. It is hoped that people from all across the world will also participate and take home a positive image of Brazil and the organisation. The cultural exchange between different nationalities is one of the most attractive aspects of being a volunteer. The LOC expects 14,000 volunteers to take part in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. During the two application phases (between August and September 2012 and September and October 2013) 152,101 candidates applied. This was a World Cup record, representing more than double the number who applied to help at South Africa (70,000) and more than triple the amount for Germany (45,000). Taking into account the total number of candidates from the two application phases, the top five Brazilian states were Sao Paulo (35,738), Rio de Janeiro (21,785), Minas Gerais (14,492), the Federal District (9,706) and Bahia (8,741). With 2,139 candidates, Goias was top of the list of states that will not host Brazil 2014 matches. There were a total of 11,430 foreign volunteer candidates from 158 countries. The ten countries who supplied the most candidates were Colombia (1,427), USA (772), Spain (760), Mexico (742), Argentina (731), Poland (495), Peru (481), Germany (352), China (335) and Russia (314). The volunteers will work in areas such as Transport, Media, Safety, Protocol, the Medical Department, Language Services, and Fan Services. The LOC had 5,652 volunteers working during the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. The LOC and FIFA believe that the FIFA World Cup™ Volunteer Program will train thousands of people for future events and in many cases have a positive impact on the professional lives of the participants. Additionally, now that Brazil is playing a major role in the hosting of large-scale international events, we are sure that the FIFA World Cup™ will help increase the popularity of volunteering in the country, making this the first of many such experiences to come for thousands of Brazilians. Uniforms
  35. 35. FIFA´s Social Responsibility 248 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Sustainability at the FIFA World Cup™ Photo: Getty Images The FIFA World Cup™ is the largest individual sporting competition in the world. Staging a tournament of this scale inevitably has an impact on society and the environment and requires careful consideration of all aspects to ensure a balanced approach and sustainable outcome. FIFA and the LOC take this responsibility very seriously and are committed to delivering a sustainable event in Brazil in 2014. Since the announcement of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Sustainability Strategy at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro (Rio+20) in June 2012, FIFA and the LOC have worked intensively on a number of measures to make the event more sustainable. Please find below an update on various issues and projects implemented since: The Summary of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Carbon Footprint was published in June 2013. In January 2014, FIFA announced the 108 organisations which will receive financial support from its Football for Hope initiative in 2014, including 25 organisations in Brazil. In March 2013, FIFA and the LOC announced that the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ will be smoke-free. The Football for Hope Forum 2013 took place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil from 26 to 29 June 2013. For more information and a short video clip, see also and In an effort to improve the sustainability of the football stadiums at the tournaments and afterwards, FIFA and the LOC organised a sustainability training programme for all 2014 FIFA World Cup™ stadium operators. In April 2014, FIFA launched a programme encouraging successful ticket applicants to offset the emissions resulting from their travel to the tournament for free, no matter where in the world they are travelling from ( FIFA and the Local Organising Committee will offset 100% of their own operational emissions with carbon offsetting projects in Brazil Update on FIFA’s commitment at the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™: report and video clip on FIFA’s “20 Centres for 2010” campaign, the official social campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa
  36. 36. FIFA´s Social Responsibility 249 What is still to come during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Football for Hope Festival 2014 – 32 delegations from social projects around the world will come to Rio from July 7 to 10 to meet, exchange and play football. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact the FIFA CSR Department. The quarter-finals on July 4 and 5 will be dedicated to FIFA’s Anti-Discrimination campaign. Captains will read a message and teams will gather behind the banner “Say No to Racism”. Waste management FIFA, the LOC and Coca-Cola have developed a waste management system for the stadiums to ensure that waste is handled properly and recycled where necessary. With the support of 2014 FIFA World Cup™ mascot Fuleco, signage has been developed to inform spectators about what to do and how to discard their waste in the two-bin system. At the FIFA Confederations Cup, volunteers and local waste cooperatives collected 70 tonnes of waste for recycling. Disabled People and People with Limited Mobility The FIFA World Cup stadiums have been adapted to cater to disabled people and people with limited mobility. Bathrooms, seats, and sidewalks have been made accessible. Audio-descriptive commentary Aimed at enhancing the experience of attending matches for partially-sighted and blind fans, FIFA and the LOC are providing a pioneering audio match commentary service in Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo. You too can contribute! Below are some practical ways how. Recycling: make it your goal You can also contribute by recycling the waste generated by disposing it according to the labels on the bins. Use the green bin for plastic cups, PET bottles, and any other recyclable packaging. For all other non-recyclable or organic items, use the grey bin. With your collaboration we will reduce our environmental footprint! Print sustainably and reduce waste Print only what is absolutely necessary, always print using both sides of the paper, print in black and white instead of in colour, dispose of used paper correctly by placing it in the recycling bin. The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ is a tobacco-free event The IBC and all stadia will have clearly signed designated smoking areas for media & broadcasting services, FIFA/LOC staff, and for the security team. More information available on and the FIFA Media Channel.
  37. 37. Medical Information 250 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Football for Health The main objectives of the FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Centre (F-MARC) and the Local Organising Committee’s Medical Services Department are to protect the health of players, delegations and fans, ensure the respect of the FIFA Anti-Doping Regulations and use the potential of the game to improve public health. Pre-competition medical assessment and FIFA Medical Emergency Bag FIFA engages with participating teams to ensure that players are not subjected to any avoidable medical risks, such as the most dreaded sudden cardiac death. F-MARC has developed a standardised pre-competition medical assessment (PCMA), which is mandatory prior to all competitions. Nevertheless, given that even the most thorough battery of tests cannot guarantee 100% that a medical ailment is detected, F-MARC has developed a standard emergency medical bag containing an automatic external defibrillator and a set of apparatus used in the resuscitation procedure. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ each team doctor will receive upon arrival a Medical Emergency Bag provided by FIFA World Cup™ sponsor Johnson & Johnson. Medical services at the competition The Local Organising Committee’s Medical Services Department is responsible to provide medical healthcare to all parties involved in staging the FIFA World Cup™. This encompasses the competing teams, referees, FIFA and LOC staff, Executive Committee members, VIP guests, members of the press and spectators.
  38. 38. Medical Information 251 To make sure emergency medical attention is administered immediately if need be, medical posts will be set up in FIFA offices and hotels accommodating the teams and refereeing officials and at the training complexes throughout the duration of the tournament. As soon as the Exclusive Period for FIFA Use begins at the 12 venues hosting the World Cup matches, they will also be furnished with medical posts to provide support to all people involved in the assembly, broadcasting and organising operations. The same goes for the Stadium Media Centres (SMCs) and the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC). During the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ the medical services set up to attend the spectators will also contain automatic defibrillators. The standard procedure will be implemented in all the host cities. As such, the first-aid team can administer medical care in any situation within three minutes of becoming aware of it. In order to minimise any further potential risks, FIFA has also issued several recommendations with regard to environmental factors such as heat. Fight against doping More doping controls are carried out in football than in any other sport. In 2012, more than 28,000 doping controls were performed in football worldwide. Controls performed on behalf of FIFA are analysed using state-of-the-art methods in WADA-accredited laboratories. On the occasion of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™, following the decision by WADA to revoke the accreditation of the LADETEC laboratory in Rio de Janeiro, the analysis of the samples will be done at the WADA accredited laboratory in Lausanne, Switzerland, FIFA will, on top of the routine anti-doping programme during the competition, implement the so-called biological profile. All players of all participating teams will be examined in unannounced controls prior to the competition providing blood and urine samples for the biological profile. Football-based health education initiative The “FIFA 11 for Health” programme is a series of football-based sessions aimed at encouraging physical activity while educating children aged 11-12 years about healthy behaviour. It consists of 11 simple messages to reduce communicable and non-communicable diseases, all supported by prominent footballers working as one team. The programme, which started in Africa in 2009, is now spreading its positive message around the globe and being implemented in the 12 Host Cities in Brazil reaching out to 4,000 children prior to the FIFA World Cup™.
  39. 39. FIFA World Cup™ Facts and figures 252 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Facts about the FIFA World Cup™ The 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ will be the 20th time the event has been held. It first took place in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, in 1930 and included 13 countries from three continents. The decision to create the tournament had been taken just two years before in Amsterdam on 26 May 1928. The first FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil in 1950 was an unrivalled success, with nearly three times as many spectators as the FIFA World Cup™ in France in 1938. A total of 1,045,246 people watched the games in Brazil – a record that would stand until England 1966. All six cities that hosted the 1950 FIFA World Cup™ – Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo – will do so again in 2014, but only Rio’s Maracanã stadium will have been used for both events. In the 19 FIFA World Cups™ so far, six host countries have been crowned champions: Uruguay (1930), Italy (1934), England (1966), Germany FR (1974), Argentina (1978) and France (1998), much to the delight of their home fans. Meanwhile, Brazil (1950) and Sweden (1958) both finished as runners-up. Chile (1962), Italy (1990) and Germany (2006) all finished in third place. A national team with a foreign coach has never won the FIFA World Cup™. The 18 winning coaches to date have all been in charge of their home nation. Of these, Italy’s Vittorio Pozzo is the only coach to have won the trophy twice, guiding the Italians to the title in both 1934 and 1938. Photo: Andrew Boyers
  40. 40. FIFA World Cup™ Facts and figures 253 Only once in FIFA World Cup™ history has there been no European team in the final: in 1930 when neighbours Argentina and Uruguay battled it out for glory in Montevideo. Since then, there has always been a European representative in the deciding game, including the last two which were both all-European affairs: Italy against France in 2006, and Spain versus the Netherlands in 2010. In the 1950 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil, the final was not held as a single game, but as four-way final round between Brazil, Uruguay, Spain and Sweden. France has left its own marks on the history of the FIFA World Cup™. The French were involved in the first FIFA World Cup™ match, against Mexico in 1930; France’s Lucien Laurent scored the first FIFA World Cup™ goal; Les Bleus took part in the first match to go to extra time, against Austria in 1934; France’s Laurent Blanc scored the competition’s first golden goal in 1998; and Les Bleus were also in the first game to be decided on penalties, against Germany FR in the semi-finals of Spain 1982. The 1998 FIFA World Cup™ in France also broke new ground as it featured 32 countries for the first time. Chosen to host the final of Brazil 2014, the Maracanã will be only the second stadium to have staged the final twice together with Mexico’s Estádio Azteca. Photo: Matthew Childs
  41. 41. FIFA World Cup™ Facts and figures 254 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Brazil were involved in the three FIFA World Cup™ finals with the biggest winning margin, taking the trophy in two of them. In 1958, they defeated Sweden 5-2 before beating Italy 4-1 in 1970 at the Estádio Azteca. However, in 1998, A Selecão were on the flipside of the coin when they fell to a 3-0 defeat to a Zinédine Zidane inspired France. Fifteen goals across three FIFA World Cups™ make Ronaldo the top scorer in the competition’s history. Still active, Miroslav Klose has hit the back of the net 14 times, equalling the number scored by German compatriot Gerd Müller. France 1998 holds the record for the most goals scored in a single tournament with 171 goals in 64 games. But in terms of averages, Switzerland 1954 still leads the way with 140 goals in just 26 matches: an impressive average of 5.38 per game. To this day, 76 national sides have taken part in at least one FIFA World Cup. Brazil™ is the only country to have been present at every edition, followed by Germany and Italy – both of whom have taken part in 17 out of a possible 19 final tournaments. Photo: Matthew Childs
  42. 42. FIFA World Cup™ Milestones & Superlatives 255 FIFA World Cup™ in numbers 19 competitions 76teams 8champions 772 matches 2,208goals 6,598players 16 hosts over 34 million spectators #1-biggestsingle sports event *figures not including the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™
  43. 43. FIFA World Cup™ Milestones & Superlatives 256 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE FIFA World Cup™ first ever… … Trophy Coupe Jules Rimet created 1930 by Abel Lafleur, France … match 13.07.1930 Uruguay / Montevideo France – Mexico 4-1 (3-0) … goal 13.07.1930 Uruguay / Montevideo Lucien Laurent, FRA France – Mexico 4-1 … extra-time match 27.05.1934 Italy / Turin Austria – France 3-2 AET (1-1, 1-1) Preliminary round … Golden Goal 28.06.1998 France / Lens Laurent Blanc, FRA France – Paraguay 1-0 AET (round of 16) … penalty-shoot-out 08.07.1982 Spain / Seville Semi-finals Germany FR – France 3-3 AET (1-1, 1-1) 5-4 ... penalty to be scored 19.7.1930 Uruguay / Montevideo Manuel ROSAS, MEX Mexico – Argentina … expulsion of a player 14.7.1930 Uruguay / Montevideo Placido GALINDO, PER (70’) Romania – Peru … expulsion of a goalkeeper 23.06.1994 USA / New Jersey Gianluca PAGLIUCA, ITA (21’) Italy – Norway … yellow card shown 31.5.1970 Mexico / Mexico City Kakhi ASATIANI, URS (30’) Mexico – Soviet Union … substitution 31.5.1970 Mexico – Soviet Union Anatoli PUZACH, URS in for Viktor SEREBRYANIKOV, URS (46’) … live television transmission Switzerland 1954
  44. 44. FIFA World Cup™ 257 Final competition format for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ 32 finalists - Host automatically qualified - 31 teams qualify by preliminary competition Group Stage Eight groups of four teams (top two in each group qualify for the knock-out stage in the 2nd round, the final matches in each group are played simultaneously) Round of 16 (knock-out stage, winners proceed to quarter-finals – in a case of a draw after extra time penalty shoot-outs will be used to decide) Quarter-finals (knock-out stage) Semi-finals Third-place play-off Final
  45. 45. FIFA World Cup™ Milestones & Superlatives 258 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Final Matches – Summary of the final matches since 1930 Match date Host / City Match Venue 13.07.2014 Brazil / Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 11.07.2010 South Africa / Johannesburg Netherlands – Spain 0-1 AET Soccer City 09.07.2006 Germany / Berlin Italy – France 1-1 AET (1-1, 1-1) 5-3 PSO Olympia- stadion 30.06.2002 Korea/Japan / Yokohama Germany – Brazil 0-2 (0-0) International Stadium 12.07.1998 France / Saint-Denis Brazil – France 0-3 (0-2) Stade de France 17.07.1994 USA / Los Angeles Brazil – Italy 0-0 AET 3-2 PSO Rose Bowl 08.07.1990 Italy / Rome Germany FR – Argentina 1-0 (0-0) Olimpico 29.06.1986 Mexico / Mexico City Argentina – Germany FR 3-2 (1-0) Azteca 11.07.1982 Spain / Madrid Italy – Germany FR 3-1 (0-0) Santiago Bernabeu 25.06.1978 Argentina / Buenos Aires Argentina – Netherlands 3-1 AET (1-1, 1-0) Monumental 07.07.1974 Germany / Munich Netherlands – Germany FR 1-2 (1-2) Olympia- stadion 21.06.1970 Mexico / Mexico City Brazil – Italy 4-1 (1-1) Azteca 30.07.1966 England / London England – Germany FR 4-2 AET (2-2, 1-1) Wembley 17.06.1962 Chile / Santiago de Chile Brazil – Czechoslovakia 3-1 (1-1) Nacional 29.06.1958 Sweden / Solna Brazil – Sweden 5-2 (2-1) Rasunda 04.07.1954 Switzerland / Berne Germany FR – Hungary 3-2 (2-2) Wankdorf 09.- 16.07.1950 Brazil / Rio de Janeiro Final round: 1. Uruguay, 2. Brazil, 3. Sweden Maracana 19.06.1938 France / Paris-Colombes Italy – Hungary 4-2 (3-1) Olympique 10.06.1934 Italy / Rome Italy – Czechoslovakia 2-1 AET (1-1, 0-0) Nazionale del PNF 30.07.1930 Uruguay / Montevideo Uruguay – Argentina 4-2 (1-2) Centenario The most goals ever scored in a final is seven, in the 1958 match between Brazil and Sweden, which ended 5-2
  46. 46. FIFA World Cup™ Milestones & Superlatives 259 Nutshell – Overview since 1930 Year Host country Teams Matches Goals Ø Spectators Ø 2014 Brazil 32 64 2010 South Africa 32 64 145 2.27 3,178,856 49,670 2006 Germany 32 64 147 2.30 3,359,439 52,491 2002 Korea/Japan 32 64 161 2.52 2,705,197 42,269 1998 France 32 64 171 2.67 2,785,100 43,517 1994 USA 24 52 141 2.71 3,587,538 68,991 1990 Italy 24 52 115 2.21 2,516,215 48,389 1986 Mexico 24 52 132 2.54 2,394,031 46,039 1982 Spain 24 52 146 2.81 2,109,723 40,572 1978 Argentina 16 38 102 2.68 1,545,791 40,679 1974 Germany FR 16 38 97 2.55 1,865,753 49,099 1970 Mexico 16 32 95 2.97 1,603,975 50,124 1966 England 16 32 89 2.78 1,563,135 48,848 1962 Chile 16 32 89 2.78 893,172 27,912 1958 Sweden 16 35 126 3.60 819,810 23,423 1954 Switzerland 16 26 140 5.38 768,607 29,562 1950 Brazil 13 22 88 4.00 1,045,246 47,511 1938 France 15 18 84 4.67 375,700 20,872 1934 Italy 16 17 70 4.12 363,000 21,353 1930 Uruguay 13 18 70 3.89 590,549 32,808 TOTAL 772 2,208 2.86 34,070,837 44,133 The 1994 FIFA World Cup USA™ set an attendance record that still stands today – a total of 3,587,538 spectators watched the 52 matches, an average of almost 69,000 per game
  47. 47. FIFA World Cup™ Milestones & Superlatives 260 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE Newcomers – Overview since 1930 Year # Newcomers Best newcomerStage reached 2014 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010 1 Slovakia (the former Czechoslovakia played in eight FIFA World Cups™ and were runners-up in 1934 and 1962) Slovakia round of 16 2006 6 Angola, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Ukraine Ukraine quarter-finals 2002 4 China PR, Ecuador, Senegal, Slovenia Senegal quarter-finals 1998 4 Croatia, Jamaica, Japan, South Africa Croatia 3rd place 1994 3 Greece, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria Saudi Arabia, Nigeria round of 16 1990 3 Costa Rica, Republic of Ireland, United Arab Emirates Republic of Ireland quarter-finals 1986 3 Canada, Denmark, Iraq Denmark round of 16 1982 5 Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait, New Zealand Algeria, Cameroon 3rd of 4 in group stage 1978 2 Iran, Tunisia Tunisia 3rd of 4 in group stage 1974 4 Australia, German DR, Haiti, Zaire German DR 3rd of 4 in second round 1970 3 El Salvador, Israel, Morocco All 4th of 4 in group stage 1966 2 Portugal, Korea DPR Portugal 3rd place 1962 2 Bulgaria, Columbia All 4th of 4 in group stage 1958 3 Northern Ireland, Soviet Union, Wales All quarter-finals 1954 3 Korea Republic, Scotland, Turkey Turkey group phase play-off 1950 1 England England 2nd of 4 in group stage 1938 4 Cuba, Dutch East Indies, Norway, PolandCuba quarter-finals 1934 10 Austria, Egypt, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Czechoslovakia Italy winners 1930 all Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, France, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Romania, Uruguay, USA, Yugoslavia – – The only debutants at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ are Bosnia-Herzegovina
  48. 48. FIFA World Cup™ Milestones & Superlatives 261 Positioning of the participating teams of the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Participations Uruguay Italy France Brazil Switzerland Sweden Chile England Mexico GermanyFR Argentina Spain Mexico Italy USA France Korea/Japan Germany SouthAfrica Rank Team 1930 1934 1938 1950 1954 1958 1962 1966 1970 1974 1978 1982 1986 1990 1994 1998 2002 2006 2010 1 Brazil 19 6 14 3 2 5 1 1 11 1 4 3 5 5 9 1 2 1 5 6 2 Germany 17 3 10 1 4 7 2 3 1 6 2 2 1 5 7 2 3 3 3 Italy 17 1 1 7 10 9 9 2 10 4 1 12 3 2 5 15 1 26 4 Argentina 15 2 9 13 10 5 8 1 11 1 2 10 6 18 6 5 5 England 13 8 6 11 8 1 8 6 8 4 9 6 7 13 6 Spain 13 5 4 13 10 10 12 7 10 8 17 5 9 1 7 France 13 7 9 6 11 3 13 12 4 3 1 28 2 29 8 Netherlands 9 9 14 2 2 15 7 4 11 2 9 Uruguay 11 1 1 4 12 7 4 13 16 16 26 4 10 Russia 9 7 6 4 5 7 10 17 18 22 11 Mexico 14 13 12 13 16 11 12 6 16 6 13 13 11 15 14 12 Portugal 5 3 17 21 4 11 13 Belgium 11 11 15 13 12 10 10 4 11 11 19 14 14 Chile 8 5 9 3 13 11 22 16 10 15 Switzerland 9 7 7 6 8 16 16 15 10 19 16 USA 9 3 16 10 23 14 32 8 25 12 17 Korea Repub. 8 16 20 22 20 30 4 17 15 18 Croatia 3 3 23 22 19 Cameroon 6 17 7 22 25 20 31 20 Japan 4 31 9 28 9 21 Ghana 2 13 7 22 Nigeria 4 9 12 27 27 23 Colombia 4 14 14 19 21 24 Costa Rica 3 13 19 31 25 Ecuador 2 24 12 26 Australia 3 14 16 21 27 Algeria 3 13 22 28 28 Cote d Ivoire 2 19 17 29 Iran 3 14 20 25 30 Honduras 2 18 30 31 Greece 2 24 25 32 Bosnia-Herz. 0
  49. 49. FIFA World Cup™ Awards 262 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE adidas Golden Ball The award for the best player of the tour- nament, the adidas Golden Ball award, would be based on the vote taken by the media accredited for the event (50%) an the FIFA Technical Study Group (50%). Year Host country Presented by Winner 2010 South Africa adidas Diego FORLAN (URU) 2006 Germany adidas Zinedine ZIDANE (FRA) 2002 Korea/Japan adidas Oliver KAHN (GER) 1998 France adidas RONALDO (BRA) 1994 USA adidas ROMARIO (BRA) 1990 Italy adidas Salvatore SCHILLACI (ITA) 1986 Mexico adidas Diego MARADONA (ARG) 1982 Spain adidas Paolo ROSSI (ITA)
  50. 50. FIFA World Cup™ Awards 263 adidas Golden Boot The Golden Boot Award goes to the top goalscorer of the FIFA World Cup™. Assists serve as a tie-breaker with the FIFA Technical Study Group deciding whether an assist is to be counted as such. The assists will only be counted if two or more players are equal on goals scored. A Silver Boot and a Bronze Boot for the second and third highest goalscorers is also be awarded. Year Host country Presented by Winner Goals scored 2010 South Africa adidas Thomas MUELLER (GER) 5 2006 Germany adidas Miroslav KLOSE (GER) 5 2002 Korea/Japan adidas RONALDO (BRA) 8 1998 France adidas Davor SUKER (CRO) 6 1994 USA adidas Hristo STOICHKOV (BUL), Oleg SALENKO (RUS) 6 1990 Italy adidas Salvatore SCHILLACI (ITA) 6 1986 Mexico adidas Gary LINEKER (ENG) 6 1982 Spain adidas Paolo ROSSI (ITA) 6 1978 Argentina adidas Mario KEMPES (ARG) 6 Top goalscorers before 1982 Year Host country Top goalscorer Goals scored 1974 Germany FR Grzegorz LATO (POL) 7 1970 Mexico Gerd MULLER (FRG) 10 1966 England EUSEBIO (POR) 9 1962 Chile Florian ALBERT (HUN), GARRINCHA (BRA),Valentin IVANOV (URS), Drazen JERKOVIC (YUG), Leonel SANCHEZ (CHI), VAVA (BRA) 4 1958 Sweden Just FONTAINE (FRA) 13 1954 Switzerland Sandor KOCSIS (HUN) 11 1950 Brazil ADEMIR (BRA) 8 1938 France LEONIDAS (BRA) 7 1934 Italy Oldrich NEJEDLY (TCH) 5 1930 Uruguay Guillermo STABILE (ARG) 8
  51. 51. FIFA World Cup™ Awards 264 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE adidas Golden Glove The FIFA Technical Study Group selects the top goalkeeper based on his perfor- mance throughout the final competition. Year Host country Presented by Winner 2010 South Africa adidas Iker CASILLAS (ESP) 2006* Germany – Gianluigi BUFFON (ITA) 2002* Korea/Japan – Oliver KAHN (GER) 1998* France – Fabien BARTHEZ (FRA) 1994* USA – Michel PREUD’HOMME (BEL) *Yashin Award
  52. 52. FIFA World Cup™ Awards 265 FIFA Fair Play Award The FIFA Fair Play Award is awarded to the team with the best fair play record according to a points system and criteria established by the FIFA Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility. Year Host country Winner 2010 South Africa Spain 2006 Germany Brazil / Spain 2002 Korea/Japan Belgium 1998 France England / France 1994 USA Brazil 1990 Italy England 1986 Mexico Brazil 1982 Spain Brazil 1978 Argentina Argentina 1974 Germany FR Germany FR 1970 Mexico Peru Best Young Player The award will be presented to the player who creates the biggest impact in the FIFA World Cup™. Judges will be looking for certain technical qualities such as skill, style and charisma but also other important facets such as a sense of fair play and a genuine impression that they are playing merely for the love of the game. The final decision for this award is taken by the FIFA Technical Study Group a FIFA-appointed group of top football coaches and analysts. Year Host country Presented by Winner 2010 South Africa Hyundai Thomas MUELLER (GER) 2006 Germany Gilette Lukas PODOLSKI (GER)
  53. 53. FIFA World Cup™ Official Match Balls over the years 266 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE FIFA World Ball name Manufacturer Material/notes South Africa 2010 Jabulani adidas Eight 3-D spherically formed EVA and TPU panels were moulded together, harmoniously enveloping the inner carcass Germany 2006 +Teamgeist™ adidas Revolutionary 14-panel ball configuration Korea/Japan 2002 Fevernova™ adidas Syntactic foam layer with gas filled micro-balloons. 3 layer knitted chassis France 1998 Tricolore adidas Syntactic foam USA 1994 Questra adidas Hi-Tech PU foam Italy 1990 Etrusco Unico adidas Fully synthetic and water resistant. Black polyurethane foam internal layer Mexico 1986 Azteca adidas Fully synthetic Spain 1982 Tango España adidas Leather with waterproof sealed seems Argentina 1978 Tango Riverplate adidas Leather Germany 1974 Telstar / Chile adidas Leather Mexico 1970 Telstar adidas Leather England 1966 25 Challenge Slazenger Leather Uruguay 1930 - Chile 1962 - various Leather
  54. 54. FIFA World Cup™ Summary of the number of venues 267 Year FIFA World Cup™ Cities Stadiums 2014 Brazil 12 12 2010 South Africa 9 10 2006 Germany 12 12 2002 Korea/Japan 20 (10/10) 20 (10/10) 1998 France 10 10 1994 USA 9 9 1990 Italy 12 12 1986 Mexico 9 12 1982 Spain 14 17 1978 Argentina 5 6 1974 Germany FR 9 9 1970 Mexico 5 5 1966 England 7 8 1962 Chile 4 4 1958 Sweden 12 12 1954 Switzerland 6 6 1950 Brazil 6 6 1938 France 9 10 1934 Italy 8 8 1930 Uruguay 1 3 Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro during the 1950 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil, (Photo: FIFA Archive)
  55. 55. FIFA World Cup™ Finals history 268 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE
  56. 56. Calendar Match pairings 269 12 June Opening 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ 17:00 1 Group A Sao Paulo Arena de Sao Paulo 13 June 13:00 2 Group A Natal Estadio das Dunas 16:00 3 Group B Salvador Arena Fonte Nova 18:00 4 Group B Cuiaba Arena Pantanal 14 June 13:00 5 Group C Belo Horizonte Estadio Mineirao 14:00 6 Group C Recife Arena Pernambuco 16:00 7 Group D Fortaleza Estadio Castelao 18:00 8 Group D Manaus Arena Amazonia 15 June 13:00 9 Group E Brasilia Estadio Nacional 16:00 10 Group E Porto Alegre Estadio Beira-Rio 19:00 11 Group F Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 16 June 13:00 13 Group G Salvador Arena Fonte Nova 16:00 12 Group F Curitiba Arena da Baixada 19:00 14 Group G Natal Estadio das Dunas 17 June 13:00 15 Group H Belo Horizonte Estadio Mineirao 16:00 17 Group A Fortaleza Estadio Castelao 18:00 16 Group H Cuiaba Arena Pantanal 18 June 13:00 20 Group B Porto Alegre Estadio Beira-Rio 16:00 19 Group B Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 18:00 18 Group A Manaus Arena Amazonia 19 June 13:00 21 Group C Brasilia Estadio Nacional 19:00 22 Group C Natal Estadio das Dunas 16:00 23 Group D Sao Paulo Arena de Sao Paulo
  57. 57. Calendar Match pairings 270 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ – MEDIA GUIDE 20 June 13:00 24 Group D Recife Arena Pernambuco 16:00 25 Group E Salvador Arena Fonte Nova 19:00 26 Group E Curitiba Arena da Baixada 21 June 13:00 27 Group F Belo Horizonte Estadio Mineirao 16:00 29 Group G Fortaleza Estadio Castelao 18:00 28 Group F Cuiaba Arena Pantanal 22 June 13:00 31 Group H Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 16:00 32 Group H Porto Alegre Estadio Beira-Rio 18:00 30 Group G Manaus Arena Amazonia 23 June 13:00 35 Group B Curitiba Arena da Baixada 13:00 36 Group B Sao Paulo Arena de Sao Paulo 17:00 33 Group A Brasilia Estadio Nacional 17:00 34 Group A Recife Arena Pernambuco 24 June 16:00 37 Group C Cuiaba Arena Pantanal 17:00 38 Group C Fortaleza Estadio Castelao 13:00 39 Group D Natal Estadio das Dunas 13:00 40 Group D Belo Horizonte Estadio Mineirao 25 June 13:00 43 Group F Porto Alegre Estadio Beira-Rio 13:00 44 Group F Salvador Arena Fonte Nova 16:00 41 Group E Manaus Arena Amazonia 17:00 42 Group E Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 26 June 13:00 45 Group G Recife Arena Pernambuco 13:00 46 Group G Brasilia Estadio Nacional 17:00 47 Group H Sao Paulo Arena de Sao Paulo 17:00 48 Group H Curitiba Arena da Baixada
  58. 58. Calendar Match pairings 271 27 June Rest Day Round of 16 28 June 13:00 49 Belo Horizonte Estadio Mineirao 17:00 50 Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 29 June 13:00 51 Fortaleza Estadio Castelao 17:00 52 Recife Arena Pernambuco 30 June 13:00 53 Brasilia Estadio Nacional 17:00 54 Porto Alegre Estadio Beira-Rio 1 July 13:00 55 Sao Paulo Arena de Sao Paulo 17:00 56 Salvador Arena Fonte Nova 2 July Rest Day 3 July Rest Day Quarter-Finals 4 July 13:00 58 Rio de Janeiro Estadio do Maracana 17:00 57 Fortaleza Estadio Castelao 5 July 13:00 60 Brasilia Estadio Nacional 17:00 59 Salvador Arena Fonte Nova