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HTML Prototyping


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Talk given at Super Mondays November 2013 based on the night's theme of HTML. I shared some of the available options, and my thoughts on using some of them (Axure, Bootstrap, handcoding)

Published in: Design, Technology
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HTML Prototyping

  1. 1. HTML prototyping Vicky Teinaki @vickytnz Super Mondays 25 November 2013
  2. 2. What is a prototype?
  3. 3. HTML prototying can mean…
  4. 4. …making dev that bit less fugly
  5. 5. also Foundation, Skeleton, other HTML starter kits, good old YUI framework….
  6. 6. …pushing design and wireframing towards production
  7. 7. (from 2009, but still interesting)
  8. 8. Web is the new print! (Again…)
  9. 9. …documenting in HTML
  10. 10. powerful, but f**king expensive (though there’s a free beta version)
  11. 11. …HTML prototyping all the way down (HTML in HTML )
  12. 12. Gotchas
  13. 13. For devs (and designers): the Malkovich effect
  14. 14. Polish your Bootstrap, it has good LESS rules!
  15. 15. For designers: the ‘let’s party like it’s the dot-com era again!’ effect
  16. 16. <should designers code argument />
  17. 17. Be clear as to your prototypes’ purpose and watch the weight and files!
  18. 18. For UXers: not-quiteWYSIWYG prototypes
  19. 19. Be aware of restrictions and be prepared to change
  20. 20. Interesting things that are happening
  21. 21. Democratising making
  22. 22. More UX HTML prototyping Lisa Bonet
  23. 23. Tips from the floor
  24. 24. “Any tips for HTML prototyping?”
  25. 25. Push the boundaries!