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A brief look at a few sites I've been involved in, and one in particular that I was involved in from start to finish (Get Sorted Storage).

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DIY Drupal

  1. DIY Vicky Teinaki Drupal North East 30 November 2011* Old Drupal icon as all of my projects so far have been in Drupal 6!
  2. I’ve been working (on and off) with Drupal since 2008 Delicious Mint 2008– Themer & apprentice (everything I learned, I learned from @katiebot) Locus Research 2008-10 (Drupal work from 2009 on) Interaction Designer/Front End Developer (seeing projects right through)
  3. Some pretty sites ….
  4. The French Cafe
  5. Some big sites ….
  6. Mazda X3 (not the whole site, that’d be huge!)
  7. Some useful sites ….
  8. Formway Distribution (site now down)
  9. But were I to choose one to talk about, it’d be …
  10. Get Sorted Storage
  11. It was one I did from start to finish (brief to pushing live to server).
  12. Available In: Mix, Match ‘n’ Stack with ® ® Maple White Base Base Towers Accessories Wall Mounted BA1-M/W WOODEN DRAWER W: 300mm BT1-M/W BT2-M/W BT4-M/W BT5KIT-M/W BT6KIT-M/W BASE TOWER BASE TOWER BASE TOWER BASE TOWER KIT BASE TOWER KIT BA2-M/W H: 1032mm H: 1032mm H: 1032mm H: 2064mm H: 2064mm W: 316mm W: 632mm W: 732mm W: 316mm W: 632mm WOODEN DRAWER D: 400mm D: 400mm D: 400mm D: 400mm D: 400mm W: 600mm LRG Wall Mounted Example BA3-M/W WOODEN DRAWER W: 600mm SLIM x2 BT6KIT-M/W BA8 BA2-M/W BA4-M/W WOODEN DOOR W: 300mm BA5-M/W WOODEN SHELVES W: 300mm Base Cabinets BA6-M/W Free Standing Base Cabinet Combination Examples WOODEN SHELVES W: 600mm BC10-M/W BA5-M/W BA7 WIRE BASKET W: 300mm BC10-M/WYour Home Life BASE CABINET H: 1032mm W: 316mm D: 400mm BC10-M/W BA5-M/W BA4-M/W BA8Safe,Clean & Organised WIRE BASKET W: 600mm x4 BC10-M/W BA1-M/WGetsorted is a storage system built for your home life, keeping So convenient to use, the floor will no longer be option numberyour belongings safe, clean and organised. one for discarded garments. Transform your home’s space for BA9-B/G FABRIC BASKETFresher Clothes more room to do all those things that the family loves to do. W: 300mmGetsorted storage systems are ventilated so air can move, Make it easier BC11-M/W BC11-M/W BA6-M/Wkeeping your clothes cleaner and fresher for longer. Through Designed to make life easier, Getsorted has adjustable feet, BASE CABINETour innovative new ventilated cabinets and drawers. BA10-B/G H: 1032mm W: 632mm shelves that lock in place, secure wall fasteners and deep FABRIC BASKET D: 400mm x2Safe for your Home drawers with high backs, so no clothes can fall out the back. W: 600mmAll cabinets are manufactured from environmentally certified BC11-M/W BA6-M/W BA4-M/W Mix, Match & StackE-zero PB particle board panels – this ensures your storage is All storage Towers, Cabinets and Accessories are built to mix, BA11safe in your home environment. ADJ HANGING ROD match and stack with one another, allowing you to get what ADJ: 625-1000mm x2Organised you need, and set things up your way.The practical composition of the getsorted product range will BC12-M/W BA2-M/Wconvert even the messiest member of the family’s living space. BA12 ADJ HANGING SHELF BC12-M/W x2 BASE CABINET ADJ: 605-1000mm H: 516mm Mix, Match ‘n’ Stack W: 632mm D: 400mm BC12-M/W BA3-M/W BA2-M/W BA13 SHOE SHELVES W: 600mm BC12-M/W BA13 BC10-M/W BA5-M/W OverleafFor more information: www.getsortedstorage.comPh: AU 1-800-010252 Copyright 2010 Getsorted. ® Denotes Trademarks owned by Getsorted. Our consultancy were closely involved with the whole process
  13. Key points/learning from it all:
  14. God (or the devil) is in the taxonomy views…
  15. Taxonomy + views are a powerfulway of organising a project, but have key limitations.It helps if your designer/IA is awareof these limitations (e.g. limited data that can be added to terms).
  16. Field overrides! (though not so bad for D7, I hear)…
  17. Theming individual fields is far morepowerful (and cleaner) than doing it from CCK could ever be. Though it’ll also make you take a crash course in PHP.
  18. Node references can also be a nightmare, or incredibly useful….
  19. Knowing how the content is going tobe interacting with different sections plays a huge role in setup (or, plan twice, cut once).
  20. Thanks.You can see some of my other work on