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Interior Redesign and Home Staging

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Bd staging presentation

  1. 1. becoming.Designs Interior Redesign & Home StagingEmploying the concept of redesign & staging as featured on HGTV
  2. 2. About Becoming Designs:• An Interior Design Consulting Company specializing in:• +Home Staging• +Interior Redesign• +Professional Organizing• +Color Consultations• +Art & Accessory placement• +Move-in & relocation services•
  3. 3. Ab!t Home Staging• Home Staging is the visual art of preparing a home to sell. It helps a potential buyer to visualize the space as if they could live in the home themselves.• First impressions are made within the first 30 seconds!• Statistics have shown that staged homes typically sell quicker & for closer to the asking price than non-staged homes.
  4. 4. According to this study, had Vacant and Occupied Homes those homeowners staged their Previously on the Market house first before placing on Listed Those same the market, they could have cut 126 Vacant and Un-Staged homes were their time on the market on Not Sold Staged, Listed, SOLD Occupied SOLD average by 7 months, saving Homes them over $14,700 worth of 2009 Study 263 Average 60 Average 78% Less time 01-09 to 12-09 DOM DOM on market expenses such as: mortgage, utility expenses, etc.Our study includes 126 vacant and occupied homes (not staged) previouslyon the market an average of 263 days unsold. Those same homes werestaged and sold in 60 days on average after staging.This is 78% less time on the market.
  5. 5. How to increase the value of a home’s potential:• The process: First assessment, then de- cluttering, de-personalizing, room editing & space planning• Becoming Designs helps the homeowner by offering an analysis of the home through both a verbal & a written assessment as well as hands-on labor support to make the changes.• The end result should remove the personal elements but never the personality!• The goal is to take the focus off of personal belongings & directed to the architecture
  6. 6. Setting the Stage• Buying a home is partially psychological. The feeling and emotion that are evoked in a house will determine if a home owner can envision living there themselves.• Visual clutter is a distraction. If the furniture is not placed properly, the artwork is all hung too high, accessories have no common thread, then the feel of the house will not appeal & therefore the architecture will be overlooked!
  7. 7. When selling a car, we first clean it, remove trash and personal belongings and often even detail it. This is for the sale of an $8,000 used car so that we get the best value for it. Yet, when selling the biggest purchase of most people’s lives, little to no investment on improvements and upgrades are made. Why is this? The return of your investment with home staging is far less than your first markdown!
  8. 8. Becoming Designs Goal:*To become an asset that enhances your clients home by partnering inexpediting the selling process.*I believe in honoring & validating your sellers by adding value to theirhome.*Remember! Once a house is on the market, it becomes a piece ofmerchandise sitting on shelf with a lot of other products just like it.
  9. 9. becoming.Designs Before & After Re-designs...
  10. 10. Before After!
  11. 11. After!Before
  12. 12. After!Before
  13. 13. Before Move-in & Relocation Services After!
  14. 14. Wood versus Paint?
  15. 15. Every home has a story.What is your home...becoming?